Posted by William Charles on September 25, 2017

Published on September 25th, 2017 | by William Charles


Drop: Spend $40 On Giftagram & Get 20,000 Points ($20), Stacks With $15 Giftagram Referral Bonus ($55 Item For $20)

The Offer

  • Drop is offering 20,000 points when you spend at least $40 with Giftagram.

Referral Program

Giftagram also has a referral program. When you use a referral code you’ll receive a $15 free credit. Feel free to share your referral codes in the comments, but you must also share what you’re purchasing.

Our Verdict

Seems like this means you can spend $55, save $15 instantly and then get another $20 back in Drop points. This means it’s basically a $55 item for $20, shipping is free when you spend $50+ as well. If you’re new to Drop you can also get a $5 sign up bonus as well.

To make this extremely clear when Drop first launched they had a lot of problems, they added terms to exclude manufactured spending and then applied those terms retroactively. This meant people’s accounts were shut down or they lost points they previously earned. Since adding an earning cap things seem to have been running more smoothly. If you’re new to Drop I’d recommend reading some of the comments on our other Drop posts to get a feel for readers thoughts. When we post a deal we’re not endorsing that deal or company, I believe our readers are smart enough to decide what deals they want to participate in.

As I mentioned above, feel free to share your giftagram referral codes in the comments. But please also share what items you’re going to buy/look like are a good deal.

Hat tip to SJ0

43 Responses to Drop: Spend $40 On Giftagram & Get 20,000 Points ($20), Stacks With $15 Giftagram Referral Bonus ($55 Item For $20)

  1. Nancy says:

    I think I’ll buy Bouqs bouquet for my mom’s birthday. I was planning to buy them on their website but with this discount it will be even better!

    My referral code: mc248366

  2. K says:

    Bought 24 Macaroon box for $60

    Refer code: KW248370

    • Vlad says:

      They are charging $15 for liquor delivery. I got some macaroons as well. Wondering if they would be delivered okay in the heat.

      Referral code: VV248205

  3. Roger B says:

    This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

  4. Oliver says:

    Going to buy some tequila for my parents anniversary

    My referral code: TX248425

  5. sunny says:

    keeping the conga line going. code SN248016

  6. Dillon says:

    Going to get some Chocolates for the SO!

    Referral Code: DW248460

    FYI: You enter the code after you sign up under More > My Credits/Promo Code!

  7. Tao says:

    Keep sharing. Thanks for using!


  8. Kalina says:

    KL248443 I also plan to buy the tequila set

  9. mastervk says:

    I am buying The best man groomsman essential kit for my friend .

    promo code : va248521

  10. JordanE says:

    Thanks DoC! Getting my girlfriend some wine for her upcoming birthday!

    promo code:

  11. alexa says:


    Thanks for using! Gonna buy some sugarfina candy

  12. Aditya Shrivastava says:

    Got some macaroon as well.

    Promo/referral code

  13. Diane says:


    Find your own promo code at “Free Gifts” at the bottom of the screen in the app.

    Lula’s Garden Deluxe Succulent Garden is exactly $55!

  14. Richard says:


    In the Filter area, you can drop the filter down to $0-$100, then sort from Low to High. You’ll quickly come upon all the $55 items!

  15. Ernie says:

    Am I the only one noticing that Drop hasn’t picked up any transactions in the last week? I use amazon quite a bit, and for the last week none of the transaction are showing up on Drop. Kind of making me nervous about doing any more spend influenced by Drop incentives.

  16. sunny says:

    turns out that you can’t enter a code unless you turn off “limit ad tracking” in your iphone’s privacy settings. first app I’ve ever encountered with that limitation. code SN248016

  17. CK says:

    Got a bottle of Macallan for the SO! There is a delivery charge ($16 in NYC) for liquor, though.


  18. John says:


    Promo codes are entered after you sign up by selecting “more” on the bottom of the screen and then “Enter your promo or gift card code.”

    After you sign up your code is found by selecting “Free Gifts” on the bottom of the screen.

  19. CongestionCharge says:

    Gonna buy a gift set for my buddy as he’s having his first child next month.



  20. sunny says:

    e-mail I received from the company about the “limit ad tracking”:

    Hi [sunny] thanks for getting in touch with us. I have checked into your account and we are missing certain information that will allow you to be able to redeem a promo code within our app. Giftagram has a security feature that records users’ unique advertising identifier on their device and you currently have your IDFA protection on which limits our ability to track you as a user.

    I am happy to walk you through how to disable this function which will then allow you to redeem your promo code. Go into ‘Settings’ on your phone and select ‘Privacy,’ and then scroll down to ‘Advertising’ and disable your ‘Limit Ad Tracking.’ Once this has been disabled log out of and then back into the app and you should have no issues redeeming your promo code.

  21. Nikita says:

    Get on board with NK248754

    Bought a bottle of fine champagne for my hub 🙂

  22. docm says:

    Thanks for this DoC

    My promo/referral code is – MP248768

    Promo codes to be entered only after signing up .

    Your referral/promo code is under the “Free Gifts” section.

  23. Chris says:

    Lula’s Garden Deluxe Succulent Garden at $55 for my wife works perfectly for me.
    My code is CK248813

  24. Cory says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been loving drop. I’m going with the succulent plants for my wife.

    Referral Code is CS248198

    Thanks DoC

  25. Tony says:

    Used it for towels. Code: TN248834.

  26. U says:

    Going to get some champagne for my friend’s birthday!!


  27. Kid says:

    Thank you. I had the problem with the privacy settings too and the fix they had didn’t work initially but I finally figured it out. I purchased some tea towels for a gift.

    Referral code is BL248402


  28. sunny says:

    Ended up using my non-work phone that allows “limit add tracking” to be turned off. Planning on purchasing the succulent plants. thanks.

    ref code SN248016

  29. BBQ says:

    ref code CI248909

    Also going to get the succulent plants, thanks for the heads up sunny 🙂

  30. Richard says:

    RK248925 – Bought the Deluxe Succulent Garden! ($55)

  31. Kl says:

    The one thing I saw about this offer is this language in the offer:

    Offer cannot be combined with any other offers with Giftagram.

    Wondering if the credit for the referrals is considered another offer.

  32. Hoai Thuong Nguyen says:

    I bought the Carnivore Club gift Box. Yum!

    please use my code


  33. Amy says:

    Going to get a shaving kit for my SO’s upcoming birthday.

    My referral code: YW248155. Thanks for using!

  34. Mitchell says:

    VSOP for Bday.

    Thanks for using code:


  35. Becca says:

    A savory box for my aunt– yum, yum.


  36. Nicole says:

    got a Diptyque candle because I LOVE them but refuse to pay full price 🙂

    NB248626 – thanks!!

  37. steve says:

    getting a nice candle, love freebies please use my code next


  38. Heather says:

    Please think about using mine..


  39. Pat says:

    I used your code, Mike!

    Got a baby garment for a gift.


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