Posted by William Charles on February 23, 2018

Published on February 23rd, 2018 | by William Charles


Drop: Spend $40 On Giftagram & Get 20,000 Points ($20) – Stack To Get $75 For $20


New code GIFTERS20 gives $20 off $50. Hat tip to Travel In Points

The Offers

  • Drop is offering 20,000 points when you spend at least $40 with Giftagram.
  • If you use a referral code you’ll also get a $15 credit. Feel free to share your code in the comments, just follow the rules of also sharing what items you go for.
  • If you use GIFTERS20 promo code you’ll get $20 off $50.


Our Verdict

Basically to optimize the deal you’ll want to spend $75, you’ll get $15 off from the referral and another $20 off from the promo code. Meaning you’ll pay $40 in total, you’ll then get another $20 from drop. So basically spend $75 and pay $20. Shipping is free when you spend $50+ as well.

To make this extremely clear when Drop first launched they had a lot of problems, they added terms to exclude manufactured spending and then applied those terms retroactively. This meant people’s accounts were shut down or they lost points they previously earned. Since adding an earning cap things seem to have been running more smoothly. If you’re new to Drop I’d recommend reading some of the comments on our other Drop posts to get a feel for readers thoughts. When we post a deal we’re not endorsing that deal or company, I believe our readers are smart enough to decide what deals they want to participate in.

As I mentioned above, feel free to share your giftagram referral codes in the comments. But please also share what items you’re going to buy/look like are a good deal.

Hat tip to SJ0

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I think I’ll buy Bouqs bouquet for my mom’s birthday. I was planning to buy them on their website but with this discount it will be even better!

My referral code: mc248366

I ended up buying a diptyque candle and selling it on eBay for $50. The candles hold value pretty well especially the Baies scent.

Thank you for the candle tip! Used your code (which is now $20!) and bought one of the diptyque candles. My referral code (currently worth $20) is:


Thank you for sharing. I used your code. Mine is KQ260819

Suddenly the market becomes saturated with diptyque candles and their value drops to $10 lol.

Thanks Nancy! Mine is DH259015

My Referral code: KQ260819

My Code AC247706

I use your code to buy a holiday jewel garden. My code is LM270916

Thanks to all who help me save $$$ on here every day. I bought the macaroons. Never used gotta grab before, so we’ll see if I did this right.
My code. JR271058

Autocorrect error…***Never used giftagram before**

I’m going to buy the Cross Back Apron ($80) for my wife.

Unfortunately, the GIFTERS20 promo code doesn’t work anymore, so I’m hoping someone will use my referral code.

Use my referral code TH303802 for $15 towards your first gift.

Bought 24 Macaroon box for $60

Refer code: KW248370

They are charging $15 for liquor delivery. I got some macaroons as well. Wondering if they would be delivered okay in the heat.

Referral code: VV248205

You can get $20 now.

If you are looking for purchase wine/alcoholic item.

Please note: Alcoholic item has tax and $15 minimum shipping cost. And they do NOT delivery to AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MI, MS, OK, RI, SD, and UT.

Black Friday deal:
-Drop is now offering 1.5x boost on the offer(maybe 45,000pts back?)
-Receive a $15 Giftagram credit toward future purchases when you make a purchase of $50 or more before taxes and shipping. Offer ends at midnight PST on November 26, 2017. All credits earned during this promotional period will be applied to your account and will be available for spending on November 27th.

Used your code! Picked up some caymus for about $40. Here’s mine JP295252

Going to buy some tequila for my parents anniversary

My referral code: TX248425

keeping the conga line going. code SN248016

Going to get some Chocolates for the SO!

Referral Code: DW248460

FYI: You enter the code after you sign up under More > My Credits/Promo Code!

Keep sharing. Thanks for using!


KL248443 I also plan to buy the tequila set

I just got an email from Giftagram that they have increased the sign up bonus to $20 and offer free shipping on everything over $25 (except for alcohol of course). My code is:


Thank you.

Just used yours! Mine is AD256383. 🙂

I am buying The best man groomsman essential kit for my friend .

promo code : va248521

Thanks DoC! Getting my girlfriend some wine for her upcoming birthday!

promo code:


Thanks for using! Gonna buy some sugarfina candy

Aditya Shrivastava
Aditya Shrivastava

Got some macaroon as well.

Promo/referral code


Find your own promo code at “Free Gifts” at the bottom of the screen in the app.

Lula’s Garden Deluxe Succulent Garden is exactly $55!

Update: my code is now worth $20! I got a notification today. Check yours, maybe they’re worth more now too.


Used your code! CAUTION: The above is not true. This is only worth $15.


In the Filter area, you can drop the filter down to $0-$100, then sort from Low to High. You’ll quickly come upon all the $55 items!

Am I the only one noticing that Drop hasn’t picked up any transactions in the last week? I use amazon quite a bit, and for the last week none of the transaction are showing up on Drop. Kind of making me nervous about doing any more spend influenced by Drop incentives.

Same. Drop has not honored any of their offers for me, despite several support tickets. Use at your own risk.

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