Posted by William Charles on November 27, 2017

Published on November 27th, 2017 | by William Charles


Drop: Spend $40 On Giftagram & Get 20,000 Points ($20), Stacks With $20 Giftagram Referral Bonus

Update: 11/28/17. Looks like bonus is now 20,000 points again and extra 20% off is gone.

Reposting again on 11/27/17 because they are offering an extra 20% off for Cyber Monday. Hat tip to Travel In Points.

Reposting again on 11/2/17 because the referral bonus is now $20.

Originally posted on 09/25/17. Reposting on 10/31/17 because the offer has been increased to 30,000 points.

The Offer

  • Drop is offering 20,000 points when you spend at least $40 with Giftagram.

Referral Program

Giftagram also has a referral program. When you use a referral code you’ll receive a $20 free credit. Feel free to share your referral codes in the comments, but you must also share what you’re purchasing.

Our Verdict

Seems like this means you can spend $60, save $20 instantly and then get another $30 back in Drop points. This means it’s basically a $60 item for $10, shipping is free when you spend $50+ as well. If you’re new to Drop you can also get a $5 sign up bonus as well.

To make this extremely clear when Drop first launched they had a lot of problems, they added terms to exclude manufactured spending and then applied those terms retroactively. This meant people’s accounts were shut down or they lost points they previously earned. Since adding an earning cap things seem to have been running more smoothly. If you’re new to Drop I’d recommend reading some of the comments on our other Drop posts to get a feel for readers thoughts. When we post a deal we’re not endorsing that deal or company, I believe our readers are smart enough to decide what deals they want to participate in.

As I mentioned above, feel free to share your giftagram referral codes in the comments. But please also share what items you’re going to buy/look like are a good deal.

Hat tip to SJ0

261 Responses to Drop: Spend $40 On Giftagram & Get 20,000 Points ($20), Stacks With $20 Giftagram Referral Bonus

  1. Nancy says:

    I think I’ll buy Bouqs bouquet for my mom’s birthday. I was planning to buy them on their website but with this discount it will be even better!

    My referral code: mc248366

  2. K says:

    Bought 24 Macaroon box for $60

    Refer code: KW248370

    • Vlad says:

      They are charging $15 for liquor delivery. I got some macaroons as well. Wondering if they would be delivered okay in the heat.

      Referral code: VV248205

    • K says:

      You can get $20 now.

      • K says:

        If you are looking for purchase wine/alcoholic item.

        Please note: Alcoholic item has tax and $15 minimum shipping cost. And they do NOT delivery to AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MI, MS, OK, RI, SD, and UT.

        Black Friday deal:
        -Drop is now offering 1.5x boost on the offer(maybe 45,000pts back?)
        -Receive a $15 Giftagram credit toward future purchases when you make a purchase of $50 or more before taxes and shipping. Offer ends at midnight PST on November 26, 2017. All credits earned during this promotional period will be applied to your account and will be available for spending on November 27th.

  3. Roger B says:

    This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

  4. Oliver says:

    Going to buy some tequila for my parents anniversary

    My referral code: TX248425

  5. sunny says:

    keeping the conga line going. code SN248016

  6. Dillon says:

    Going to get some Chocolates for the SO!

    Referral Code: DW248460

    FYI: You enter the code after you sign up under More > My Credits/Promo Code!

  7. Tao says:

    Keep sharing. Thanks for using!


  8. Kalina says:

    KL248443 I also plan to buy the tequila set

  9. mastervk says:

    I am buying The best man groomsman essential kit for my friend .

    promo code : va248521

  10. JordanE says:

    Thanks DoC! Getting my girlfriend some wine for her upcoming birthday!

    promo code:

  11. alexa says:


    Thanks for using! Gonna buy some sugarfina candy

  12. Aditya Shrivastava says:

    Got some macaroon as well.

    Promo/referral code

  13. Diane says:


    Find your own promo code at “Free Gifts” at the bottom of the screen in the app.

    Lula’s Garden Deluxe Succulent Garden is exactly $55!

  14. Richard says:


    In the Filter area, you can drop the filter down to $0-$100, then sort from Low to High. You’ll quickly come upon all the $55 items!

  15. Ernie says:

    Am I the only one noticing that Drop hasn’t picked up any transactions in the last week? I use amazon quite a bit, and for the last week none of the transaction are showing up on Drop. Kind of making me nervous about doing any more spend influenced by Drop incentives.

  16. sunny says:

    turns out that you can’t enter a code unless you turn off “limit ad tracking” in your iphone’s privacy settings. first app I’ve ever encountered with that limitation. code SN248016

  17. CK says:

    Got a bottle of Macallan for the SO! There is a delivery charge ($16 in NYC) for liquor, though.


  18. John says:


    Promo codes are entered after you sign up by selecting “more” on the bottom of the screen and then “Enter your promo or gift card code.”

    After you sign up your code is found by selecting “Free Gifts” on the bottom of the screen.

  19. CongestionCharge says:

    Gonna buy a gift set for my buddy as he’s having his first child next month.



    • Information Booth says:

      Used your code. One of your posts helped me recently. To be honest, I don’t even remember what the comment said… just that it was useful. I ordered vodka scull thing. I don’t even drink… it will just be a cool decoration. I’ll leave my code for anybody that I may have helped in the past…but honestly, I don’t care if it gets used or not. I don’t help others for any monetary gain anyway…so here it is…TB264371. Love in Christ.

  20. sunny says:

    e-mail I received from the company about the “limit ad tracking”:

    Hi [sunny] thanks for getting in touch with us. I have checked into your account and we are missing certain information that will allow you to be able to redeem a promo code within our app. Giftagram has a security feature that records users’ unique advertising identifier on their device and you currently have your IDFA protection on which limits our ability to track you as a user.

    I am happy to walk you through how to disable this function which will then allow you to redeem your promo code. Go into ‘Settings’ on your phone and select ‘Privacy,’ and then scroll down to ‘Advertising’ and disable your ‘Limit Ad Tracking.’ Once this has been disabled log out of and then back into the app and you should have no issues redeeming your promo code.

  21. docm says:

    Thanks for this DoC

    My promo/referral code is – MP248768

    Promo codes to be entered only after signing up .

    Your referral/promo code is under the “Free Gifts” section.

  22. Chris says:

    Lula’s Garden Deluxe Succulent Garden at $55 for my wife works perfectly for me.
    My code is CK248813

  23. Cory says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been loving drop. I’m going with the succulent plants for my wife.

    Referral Code is CS248198

    Thanks DoC

  24. Tony says:

    Used it for towels. Code: TN248834.

  25. U says:

    Going to get some champagne for my friend’s birthday!!


  26. Kid says:

    Thank you. I had the problem with the privacy settings too and the fix they had didn’t work initially but I finally figured it out. I purchased some tea towels for a gift.

    Referral code is BL248402


  27. sunny says:

    Ended up using my non-work phone that allows “limit add tracking” to be turned off. Planning on purchasing the succulent plants. thanks.

    ref code SN248016

  28. BBQ says:

    ref code CI248909

    Also going to get the succulent plants, thanks for the heads up sunny 🙂

  29. Richard says:

    RK248925 – Bought the Deluxe Succulent Garden! ($55)

  30. Kl says:

    The one thing I saw about this offer is this language in the offer:

    Offer cannot be combined with any other offers with Giftagram.

    Wondering if the credit for the referrals is considered another offer.

  31. Hoai Thuong Nguyen says:

    I bought the Carnivore Club gift Box. Yum!

    please use my code


  32. Amy says:

    Going to get a shaving kit for my SO’s upcoming birthday.

    My referral code: YW248155. Thanks for using!

  33. Mitchell says:

    VSOP for Bday.

    Thanks for using code:


  34. Becca says:

    A savory box for my aunt– yum, yum.


  35. Nicole says:

    got a Diptyque candle because I LOVE them but refuse to pay full price 🙂

    NB248626 – thanks!!

  36. steve says:

    getting a nice candle, love freebies please use my code next


  37. Heather says:

    Please think about using mine..


  38. Pat says:

    I used your code, Mike!

    Got a baby garment for a gift.


  39. steven says:

    got flowers at a great price for granda!!


  40. sunny says:


    previously ordered the succulent box. adds a little life to the house!

  41. Lucy says:

    Can anyone share this offer? I can’t get this offer in my drop App.

  42. CongestionCharge says:


    Ordered an umbrella last week.

  43. victor says:


    bought the macallen 12

  44. Dustin says:


    Bought the Macallan 12

  45. Pat S says:


    I used one thanks for spreading the love!

  46. Jess says:

    Note this error under Our Verdict:

    “This means it’s basically a $55 item for 120”

  47. Jim says:


    Ordered the succulent trio!

  48. Hoai Thuong Nguyen says:

    Got the Carnivore Club Gift box. Please use my referral!!!!! Thank you

    My code is HN248504

  49. Mauricio says:

    Bought some cured meat MG256420

  50. Justin Pan says:

    I got the sugarfina gummy love bento box for $72. For some reason I got a “Sweet Treats” 15% discount in my cart so my total after tax $43.

    Referral code: JP256397

  51. Daniel says:

    Picked up the cured meats.

    Referral code : DG256492

  52. Alisa says:

    Got a diptyque candle. Referral code: AN256500

  53. Jimmy says:

    Bough wine.
    My code is Jd256503

  54. sa13doc says:

    Picked up Misc Goods Co wallet..

    $13 for leather wallet is good deal…

    SA256413 thanks in advance folks…


  55. Stevil says:

    Anybody else get an IDFA transparency error when trying to redeem a referral code? Any work around? AFAIK, IDFA is purely iOS. Not sure how this would even apply to my Android device.

    • K says:

      Are you using a iOS? I had a trouble the first time when I tried to enter referral code. I contacted them and was able to apply the credit after changed the setting.

      Settings -> Advertising -> disable Limit Ad Tracking

      If you want, try my refer code: KW248370

  56. ivy says:


    Used the last one to buy some flowers for my mom

    Thank you so much for using mine.

  57. Jesse says:

    SA I used your code!

    Heres mine: JK256529

    I went for the macallan

  58. Vadim says:

    Jesse, I used you code.

    Bought some flowers as well

    my code: VK256534

    thanks for using it.

  59. James says:

    Thanks just used your code

    My code is JW256557


  60. Will says:

    Vadim, used your code to get the lady a birthday gift set of birthday cake themed things…very fun.

    My code for anyone: WL256562

    Treat yourself on this Halloween

  61. gary says:

    my code is be63o

    got the macaroons too

  62. Raj says:

    Is anyone seeing this error?

    “Sorry because you have another account on this device, you can’t redeem this code. Email for help”

    I tried lot of codes from here but none worked and also disabled the ad tracking.

  63. Spencer says:

    Got the Carnivore Box. Gary, your code didn’t work (too short) so I used Will’s

    My code is SF256592

  64. The Man says:

    My code for anyone: PRS17

    Thank you in advance for using my referral code!

  65. Kim says:

    Used gary’s Code.

    Mine is tl9oj

    I got the macaroon

    Thanks for using the code

  66. Aditya Shrivastava says:

    Dang! I wish I had waited. My referral code AS248593

  67. Terry says:

    Got macaroons.
    Referral Code 057sf

  68. Alex says:

    I’m going to buy some flowers for my mom’s birthday!

    Referral code: ac248871

    Much appreciated!!!

  69. Jude says:

    Cannot apply the referral code. An error window pops up. Anyone have the same issue?

    My code: JZ256634

  70. Michael Nelson says:


    My code : MN256632

    Thanks =D

  71. denise says:

    I have this offer in my Drop account. I’m wondering do I need to make the purchase on my phone? Or can I simply make the purchase on the Giftagram web site used a linked card? I hate making purchases from my phone.

    Also, I see a lot of people doing this deal… but has anyone gotten the 30,000 points? I read all the comments in their thread, but didn’t see anyone write that they have actually gotten the points. I too am a bit concerned by the terms and conditions saying that offers cannot be combined (the referral bonus + the 30,000 points)

  72. wii says:

    Baby hotdog suit
    My code: PW256670

  73. Pag says:

    Same, macaroons!

    • Pag says:

      I just received an email from Drop mentioning that I activated the offer. However, there are additional conditions listed to complete the offer:

      Here’s how to complete the offer:
      For a limited time, earn 30,000 Drop points for spending at least $40 on Giftagram
      Sign up with Giftagram through this link or through the link in the offer page
      You MUST sign up with Giftagram using the same email as your Drop account

      It would be good to add this in the post.

      • denise says:

        but did you just download the Giftagram app? That’s the only thing that happens when I click on the link in the Drop app… I am brought to the Play Store to download the Giftagram app…

  74. denise says:

    I mean, how do you know if you get credited or not? For me, this would be a waste of $55 without the $30 cashback from

    my two questions are..
    1) Has anyone received the 30,000 points yet?
    2) Are we basically sure that the $15 referral bonus works with the 30,000 Drop cashback points?

    Thanks for any clarification :p I’ve never even dreamed of spending $55 on caramels or a candle until now lol

    • CongestionCharge says:

      I bought a $70 umbrella last week. The $15 credit was applied and the 20,000 drop points (offer at the time) posted a day or so later.

  75. B&p lian says:

    thanks DOC.
    Got myself some candy.
    My refer code lj256744

  76. dizzy says:


    Macaroons for my new airbnb guests, yay!

    • Mark says:

      Used your code!
      Someone uses mine please. The promo code is MW256762

      I bought the Related Garments Socks and Undies Weekend Package. 30 bucks for 3 underwear, 6 pairs of socks are good deals to me 🙂

  77. XH says:

    XH256749, Got baby garment as a gift

  78. Sparky says:

    I bought the 12 year macallan. ($54) I’m guessing its either the 370 mL or 750 mL. $16 delivery charge for VA.
    referral code: JK256529

  79. Nick says:

    Keeping the chain rolling…

    Referral Code – NH256759

    Bought one month of the carnivore club, which is $55 exactly!

  80. Mike says:

    Keeping it going…

    My code – MO256809

    • Sarah says:

      Guys, can we please read the post before commenting?

      “Feel free to share your referral codes in the comments, but you must also share what you’re purchasing”

  81. Mike says:

    Referral code: MP247966


  82. Neb says:

    Got the Succulent Garden. Thx for the heads up.
    My code: gG256782

  83. Amachurner says:

    used your code nick, think i will go for the same

    here’s my code if someone needs one: GD256638

  84. SBR says:

    Free $15 with my code


  85. ATang says:

    After turning off limit ad tracking, you need to log out and then back into the app to be able to apply a referral code.
    I’m going to get “Carnivore club gift box”, which is exactly $55.
    My code: LT256934. Thx!

  86. HL says:

    Bought the Moscow Mule Mug for 59


  87. greg z says:

    Used HL256890, got the carnivore giftset as well!

    My code is gz257033

  88. Brandon says:

    Bought those macaroons!


  89. FM says:

    Bought the macaroons with Brandon’s code!


  90. jordan c says:

    used the code above mine to buy the recommended baies candle


  91. J. says:

    I just bought the succulent plants.
    They look nice.
    Hope someone can use my code.


  92. Liz says:

    I got succulents for my mom’s birthday.

    My referral code is: ID252609

  93. Jonathan says:

    Got Macallan 12 for parents.

    My referral – jv256569

  94. Jess says:

    My code: Jm256402

    Veuve Cliquot champage

  95. TimmyD says:

    Do you put these codes in in the “promo code” field , in the credits section? Or do you do this somehow via the “free gifts” area?

  96. Ozzie says:

    I got this email from Giftagram:

    We know you care, and we’re here to help

    Giftagram will never let another birthday or anniversary (not to mention your boyfriend’s 2nd cousin’s graduation) – go ungifted.

    Get $10 OFF with code: ENJOY10

    However, it says the promo code does not exist when I try to use it.

  97. ivy says:


    bought some flowers for my mom

    Thank you so much for using mine.

  98. David says:

    Got the avalon bamboo headphones, but for some reason there’s not gonna be any tax so it didn’t meet the $40 threshold… sadface.

    Code is DT256085

  99. Gadget says:

    Is it easy to cash out the 30K points? Or, are you sucked into buying something else to spend the 30K points that post later?

  100. KK says:

    Most item are over priced. Hope you can find what worth to you.

    Get $20 by enter refer: KW248370

  101. jenny says:

    Flowers 🙂

    My referral code for the next person: Jm256402

  102. Gadget says:

    Here is my code: JS257398

    After signing up for the app, you enter the referral code as a promo code and you get a $20 credit to your account.

    I am looking at the Carnivore club for myself, or maybe flowers for my Mom. She earned them.

  103. Russ says:

    Used Gadget’s.
    Please use mine: RK257463
    Have fun:)

  104. Liz says:

    Used Russ’s code, please use mine! EF257472. Buying a gift for a friend who just lost her father-in-law 🙁

  105. Jack says:

    Used Russ’
    Please consider using mine JK257476

  106. newUser5434 says:

    Bought flowers.

    If you are new user – Install Drop app , signup , (you can use doctorofcredit for $5 bonus) – select Giftagram offer – install Giftagram app / visit website – signup – please use referral code – FL257481

  107. james says:

    Thanks just used your code

    My code is JW256557

  108. Nick says:

    Has any received their Drop points yet?

  109. Neeraj says:

    For some reason I do not see many of the offers in Drop app. Am I missing something?

    • Gadget says:

      I signed up for Drop today too, and it didn’t show the 30K points offer instantly. I think I filled out the profile, linked a payment method, and after that, an ad banner was inside the app with the 30K offer. Once the ad appears, you just click on it to activate the offer, and you will get a confirmation e-mail stating it is activated. If still not seeing the ad, maybe make sure you confirmed your e-mail address and my close out the app and reopen?

      Here is my Giftagram code: JS257398

  110. Paul says:

    I’m buying flowers for my mother in law

    Code: PI257541

  111. Tom says:


    Brought Macaroon box.

  112. JasonP says:

    Used the referral code above from Tom

    Bought the 24 Macaroon box as well.

    My code:

  113. MegaFlyer says:

    Just used Ross’s please use my referral code for $20 + Free Shipping on $25+ order. I ordered Tumbler glasses. Code: MG256652

  114. ASDF says:

    I’m buying the Macallan 12.

    Thanks in advance for using my code:


  115. Linus says:

    Going to buy W&P cocktail set for my wife

    Thanks for using my code:)


  116. Steve says:

    I used ASDF’s code two above this comment – bought the 24 piece macaroon set for the wife.

    Thank you for using my code!


  117. Lucky says:

    Brought a 24 piece Macaron Box, which is exactly $60. Nice!

    My code:

    $20 credit right now! Thanks for using it.

  118. Dustin says:

    Going to buy a couple of the bartender knives.


  119. Sam says:

    Bought Macallan 12.

    Happy Shopping and Thank you for using my code 🙂


  120. Gena says:

    Anyone know if the drop credit works for existing members of giftagram? The email I received from drop suggested I was to sign up for an account through their provided link.

    Giftagram code for sharing!: gu158668

  121. JamesM says:

    Used CW257630. Bought the Carnivore Gift Pack. My code is JM257719. Cheers!

  122. Jim says:

    Buying macaroons 🙂

    Please use my code for $20 off:

  123. Andrew says:

    Used someone’s credit above! I bought an Apothia candle.

    Thanks for using my code for $20 off:


  124. Brendan says:

    Buying some flowers for my wife’s bday!

    Referral code: BR257797

  125. Andrew says:

    Does anyone know if the $40 spend requirement is in ONE transaction or can it be across more than one transactions? Thanks!

  126. Jey says:

    I highly recommend the Diptyque Candle for anyone who is even slightly interested in candles/aromatherapy. Best deal I’ve seen on the site!

    Referral Code: JC257840

  127. Avi says:

    Hey Pat – I used your code for the Lula’s Garden Deluxe Succulents box. thanks and enjoy the $20!

    My $20 referral code for the next person is: ae256502


  128. Jerry says:

    used Jack’s code.
    Bought the Carnivore Club Gift Box.
    My code is Jd256503, thanks!

    For unknown reason, the tax was not charged for my order, may have to cancel my order as it was less than $40. Be careful….

  129. Val says:

    I purchased the Diptyque Candle and used Jey’s code above.

    Use my code to receive $20 OFF your order: VH257870

    Thank you!!

  130. Thank you says:

    I hope to get in on this. Here is my code:

    BS256697 for 20 on the plants.

    here’s hoping!

  131. David says:

    I checked ad was able to see tax placing me above $40 for purchase threshold and pulled trigger. The tax was not charged and my order fell to $35 so now I am going to attempt to cancel. Just a heads up don’t purchase items less than $60.

  132. Lucky says:

    Also, I just received a coupon code ENJOY10, which is $10 off. You can try it, and let me know.
    If that works, do remember to buy something over $70

    BTW, my code is YL256572.

  133. Christian says:

    I used Lucky code, and I got the Carnivore box.

    Use my code to receive $20 credit: CH257926

  134. Chloe says:

    Going to buy W&P cocktail set for my dad
    Thanks for using my code and get instant $20 off 🙂

  135. Charley says:

    I used Christian code above and got the 24 Macaroon box.

    $20 Credit code WK257994

  136. Rosalynd says:

    Comments were helpful, thanks. Had to turn off Limit Ad Tracking on the iPhone to add referral code. Looking to get the Kinto tea set, a la Blue Bottle Coffee.

    The ENJOY10 code didn’t work for me–code does not exist was the error message.

    Here’s my referral for $20 credit: lh257324

  137. Rosalynd says:

    Also trying to figure out the Estimated Tax debacle. Perhaps tax is taken off food items shipped to states that don’t charge tax on grocery items, i.e. CA? But also read a pair of headphones wasn’t taxed…so I don’t know.

  138. wen says:

    bought the lucero olive oil citrus trio gift box $65

    here is my referral code: Wh258323

    Thank you!

  139. Nia says:

    I got the macaroons!

    Please use my code.


  140. Christine No says:

    Just used one of the codes in the comments! Bought some macaroon’s as well! My code is worth $20 to you!


    Thanks in advance!!

  141. Christine says:

    Is anyone else having trouble getting the promo code to apply? I downloaded the app for the first time today and its saying “Sorry, because you have another account of this device, you can’t redeem this code” – I’ve never made another account. Please help!

    • James says:

      Here’s what worked for me: turn off “Limit Ad Tracking” in your phone’s settings, log out of Giftgram, and sign back in.

      You can use my code: JW258907

  142. qiang says:

    App is good. Just use one code. Mine is


  143. Alex says:

    Looked at so many options but Macallan seemed the best!

    Please use my code – AK258750

  144. James says:

    Went with the Diptyque Candle.

    My referral code for $20 off is: JG251626

  145. kelly givens says:

    referral code kg258800

    God bless all of you !! 😀

  146. Rocky_NNC says:

    Added an old code from internet for 10$ now , i am not able to use the referral codes for 20$
    support says they cannot remove a code once added, let me update if its fixed.

  147. Rocky_NNC says:

    got the monkey baby banana set
    liquor is a no-no with delivery costs 🙁
    My referral code – NP256606

  148. Alex says:

    I used Nia code to buy $60 Bottega Louie 24 Piece Macaroon Box I am trying to cut on sweets but.on yelp for this establishments in LA there are thousands of reviews praising these macaroons like “macaroons are to die for ” Anyway my code is SC258699

  149. James says:

    Used Nick’s code, ordered the Carnivore Club Gift Box for $55.

    My code: JW258907

  150. John says:

    Just got some chocolates for my mom!

    Ref code: JN258979

  151. Lauren says:

    I splurged and got the Epicerie Boulud Picnic in Central Park listed for $75.

    My referral code – LA258662

  152. Mac says:

    I’m confused. I see a lot of references to ordering the succulent garden deluxe which was $55. I ordered this, however, after the $20 referral credit it came to $35. Does this mean I didn’t meet the $40 minimum spend for 30k points?? Should I cancel??

  153. Chuck says:

    Nick, please do not leave your referral code more than once in any referral thread. I’ve removed all your referrals.

    • Nick says:

      Chuck, you’re dead wrong here. The post said “..feel free to share your giftagram referral codes in the comments. But please also share what items you’re going to buy/look like are a good deal.”

      I did just that with every new purchase I made and strictly according to the rules mentioned above. There was no mention of not posting the code multiple times with multiple purchases.

      Please add my comments back. or leave this one with my code – [code removed]

      • Hi Nick. I think it’s safe to assume you should only be leaving your code once, even if it’s not strictly called out. Leaving your code multiple times is greedy and not in the spirit of this post at all. I’ve removed your code again, please do not post it again.

  154. Rohit says:

    Got the McAllan

    Hope someone uses my code : RV259254

  155. Nicolas says:

    Received a nice cup for free 🙂
    Use the code – NK248754

  156. LP says:

    Did people actually get 30000 points? My transaction for over $60 posted on November 1, but Drop points never posted. Emailed Drop about missing points a couple days ago and got no response.

  157. Tong says:

    Bought Sugarfina Vices 8 piece bento!
    My Refer Code TK257978

  158. Thom says:

    Love sending gifts? Get $20 towards your first gift on #Giftagram with my code: MB257498

    Gotta love this app, Get yourself a free gift!

  159. Lauren says:

    For those who were trying to use the code ENJOY10, it appears to be heavily targeted and with a very limited time frame for use.

    I got a push notification on my phone indicating that if I ordered with it in the next 60 second, I would get $10 off. Was just a few seconds behind and got the same error as those above “Promo code does not exist”.

  160. ganesh says:

    Thanks for this great news. I have gifted my friend.
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  161. Ozzie says:

    Bought the Falcon Enamelware Teapot and Mug $59

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  162. jz says:

    Can anyone confirm that you received the points even using promo credit from Giftagram? Thanks.

  163. Emily says:

    Little late on this train but my code is EG261050 if anyone would like to pass the love along my way 🙂

    I think I’m going to get the wine/beer niagra set. Too bad you can’t stack up items from the same vendor otherwise I’d happily spend $60 at davidstea but all the items are too cheap (HAHA never thought I’d say THAT)

  164. PS says:

    Used the code above to order a Sugarfina Bento Box! My code is PS256969.

  165. Elizabeth says:

    I got an email that the offers are being boosted for Black Friday. Giftagram is 1.5x, so I think that means it should be 45,000 points instead of 30,000. I got a necklace for my sister-in-law.

  166. I ended up buying the Estella Organic Baby Blanket Gift Set at a cost of exactly $60.

    An interesting thing I noticed though – you have a two-person household, you can have both people download the Giftagram app, then each person can use the other’s referral code. In other words, it looks like this:

    For your first purchase, you use your spouse’s referral code and get yourself $20 in credit. Plus the $30 of Amazon credit for using Drop. Effective cost = $60 – $20 – $30 = $10.

    Once you’ve bought your first item, your spouse will now have $40 worth of Giftagram credit, plus he/she will still be able to use the Drop app to get $30 in Amazon credit. So, you can buy something for $80 for the effective price of $10: $80 – $20 – $20 – $30 = $10.

    Then, the first spouse can refer again, essentially each spouse uses the other spouse’s referral credit. You’ll now have $20 of referral credit. Unfortunately, items under $50 cost $9 to ship, but still, you’re basically getting $160 worth of stuff by doing this for the cost of $29, not bad at all.

    If anyone doesn’t have a spouse or second person to help them, feel free to use my referral code = KH263791.

    Otherwise, I recommend using your own referral code to refer each other.

  167. Liz says:

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  168. Liz LO says:

    I got the Hario pour over coffee kettle. Used Financial Panther’s code.
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  169. Liz LO says:

    Whoops! Double-posted. Sorry!

  170. AP says:

    Used Liz’s code.

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  171. JT says:

    Used AP’s code. Would greatly appreciate if someone used mine. I bought a pocket knife.


  172. MH says:

    Bought the macaroons.


  173. JL says:

    Used MH’s code. Would greatly appreciate if someone used mine. I bought a bead bracelet with cut star.


  174. JL says:

    Used MH’s code. Bought three stripe porcupine earrings in the end.
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  176. Fei Wang says:

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  177. jason says:

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    • Ian says:

      Hi Jason,
      I just used your code. got a harvest label rolltop backpack(80%*80-20-30=14). very stylish. Hope someone could use mine as well. Thanks. YM248490

  178. JW says:

    Thanks, just used your code. Bought “Los Angeles: Portrait of a City” book.


  179. Sunny says:

    Great deal. SN248016

  180. Phill says:

    Used JW’s it was only valid for 15, looks like they have already dropped it. I bought a bitters kit to give away at Christmas.



  181. Gerald says:

    Grabbed the succulents.


  182. VJ says:

    anyone got points posted ? I made the purchase 3 weeks ago and no points(30K) yet and as usual no response from Drop customer service after 3 reminders too

  183. Kevin says:

    I used phill’s code and hope someone can use mine. I bought some jerky.
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  184. Melet says:

    I used Kevin’s code and got some macaroons.

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    Thank you!

  185. Chaser123 says:

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  186. Elias says:

    Thanks! Used Chaser123 code for some flowers for my parents anniversary!

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  187. AG says:

    It’s showing me a referral bonus of only $15 now.

  188. AG says:

    I bought the Macallan 12 yr old whisky. Great whisky by the way.

    Please use my referral code: AG248770.

  189. J says:

    Thanks! Used Elias code for some electronics!

    The referral bonus is now $15 though.

    Please use my code: WL270758

  190. Jack says:

    Thanks. Used Elias.

    Pleas use my code: PL270803

  191. PBJclimbing says:

    Thanks, used J’s code.

    My code is TW270808

  192. shaky02dd says:

    Used Arty above. Bought brown liquor.

    My code: SH257509

  193. Gadget says:

    I am concerned that the 20% will not stack as expected with with Drop. The Drop offer says cannot be combined with another giftagram offer (so, does that mean Cyber Monday?), and has to be the “first purchase”. That would be two strikes for me, as I was looking to get the Italian dipping oils in first order, and the carnivore club second, as two separate orders. The first would be free, and the 2nd, peanuts, because I have one referral $20 credit too. But, how I envision it going – first free, 2nd full price, because drop wouldn’t pay on the 2nd order, IMHO. So do I risk 30 bucks, or just take the free stuff (Italian oils) and run?

    The best deal I saw was the fitbit alta at $135, but I really don’t see the need to get last year’s model when the new model is out (alta HR), and next year, it will be Alta DNA or toothbrush? I am sure an enterprising individual could sell the Alta for 70 bucks, but that’s not me.

    This is why I rarely do these stack deals, because there is a (good) chance it won’t pay off.

  194. Gdawg says:

    Used Finanical Panther’s code above. Thanks for the detailed comment, it helped!

    I bought a wine decanter, my code for $15 is: GM270089. Thanks 🙂

  195. Mike says:

    Bough a scotch for my bro 🙂 Free shipping and discounts today!

    Use this code NK248754

    Cheers! 😉

  196. Gdawg says:

    Offer has dropped back down to 20,000 points.

    I bought late last night when it was still 30k, and the transaction showed up on my CSR immediately but still nothing pending on drop, anyone know if this means I’ll only get 20k once drop eventually syncs?

  197. dw says:

    Bought a nice gift for my mom’s birthday!

    Here’s my code:

  198. nj says:

    Bought the 12 year Macallan

    Here is my code:

  199. Nicolas says:

    NK248754 – got a scented candle 🙂 enjoy your shopping

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