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Aadvantage Bonuses

Published on November 12th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Earn up to 50,000 American Airlines Miles with Partner Activity

This deal has expired and is unfortunately no longer available. Never miss another deal again by signing up for free and instant notifications of new posts.

The Offer

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  • American Airlines is offering up to 50,000 bonus miles by completing qualifying activities with AA partners.

There are 10 available partners, and you’ll need to complete a minimum qualifying activity with all 10 of them to get the full 50,000. BUT you can do some and still get bonus miles, just not the full 50k.

Here’s the list of partners along with the minimum number of miles earned to qualify (earning 1 mile with these partner won’t work – you have to meet the threshold):

  1. AAdvantage eShopping – 3,000 miles required
  2. AAdvantage Dining – 500 miles required
  3. 1800flowers – 2,000 miles required
  4. Avis or Budget – 1,500 miles required
  5. Miles for Opinions – 300 miles required
  6. Lifelock – 7,000 miles required
  7. Sprint – 417 miles required
  8. Rocketmiles – 5,000 miles required
  9. Vinesse – 500 miles required
  10. Hilton – 1,000 miles required

Check the main bonus page for various special offers at each of the qualifying partners which can help you reach these minimums.

The Fine Print

  • Must register first
  • Earn with partner merchants by December 31,  2017 to qualify for this offer

Our Verdict

The shopping portal will probably be easiest for most of our readers. Remember, you can currently get 4,000 AAdavtange miles with $1,200 in shopping, and that will qualify as one partner activity. (Even is you just spend $600 you can potentially qualify since you’ll get 2,000 bonus portal miles + base portal miles which might add up to 3,000.) At a minimum, you’ll get 500 bonus points for doing that. Be sure to register first for this partner offer deal; it’s not like the portal bonus which is automatic.

AAdvantage Dining might be another one people will be able to do. Miles for Opinions has a 250 offer for doing the first survey which brings you pretty close to the required 300. Meeting that threshold can net you thousands of miles in conjunction with this promo. There’s also an Amex Offer at Harry&Davids which works for 1800flowers purchases too, so the 1800flowers idea might be an option for some. Those who use Sprint might be able to earn that way. Travelers can see about earning with Hilton, Avis, or Budget. And you can earn 10,000 miles for signing up with Lifelock which puts you over the 7,000 required threshold.

Each extra activity you do gets you to bigger numbers. The first one just gets you 500. Add a second and you’ll get 1,00 more (1,500 total bonus). Do a third and get 1,500 more (3,000 total bonus). Do four and get 2,000 more (5,000 total). Depending where you’re holding in the list, it becomes more and more worthwhile to deal with the hassle of something like signing up for Lifelock or doing some surveys.

Hat tip to Frequentmiler

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IMHO this deal just depends on your high spend level during the holidays. otherwise this deal is total BS.

this promo is unlike any other partner airline promo. you actually have to MEET MIN SPEND REQ for EACH partner to even get the bonus to count towards the final 50k chart.

for example: AAdvantage Dining – earn at least 500 miles (THIS MEANS YOU HAVE TO EARN 500 MILES FIRST)

so i need to keep eating until i hit 500 miles with dining to make that particular partner count as “one partner” on the chart?! yea right…

however, it sounds like NEW USER bonuses do count towards making that particular partner qualify for the 50k chart. so thats pretty huge. but im not a new user for some of those partners. like for people who resell can knock out the shopping bonus easily, then make that partner bonus qualify but i prob wont bother with this promo.


But if you are earning 5x per $1 spent at AA dining and one of you’re regular restaurants is included, it’s just $100 of normal dining I’d do anyway.


yea, i mean if you can hit it easily with no effort then good for you. definitely YMMV type.


Concur entirely with Ninja. total….

mostly one con on top of another…. most especially the privacy destroying “survey” crap. Learned my lesson on such “survey” vermin several years ago, and swore I’d never ever do one again “honestly.” (though I know others happy to return the “favor” to such scum with scams of their own)


exactly. this scheme just looks like a rabbit hole marketing funnel. if people have normal effortless spend, they can do whatever they want. I just wont go out of my way to hit this and other reviews of this deal claiming its “low hanging fruit” is totally misleading IMHO. depends on the person.


given how many problems I had getting AA to honor this kind of deal last time I did it, I will be giving this a WIDE birth


good pun….. reminds me too just what would I do with more useless AA miles…. ? (other renting cards)


“cars!” Sigh, can’t edit posts here.

(Doc should edit the title of this post…. “Earn AA miles….. with AA partners-in-crime” activity…)

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