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Gift Card Deals

Published on August 21st, 2017 | by Chuck


eBay: Save on Staples Gift Cards and Many Others

Here’s a roundup of gift card deals available on eBay. Remember to use INK for PPDG purchases. The Staples deal will go fast. There are a bunch of older deals which we’ll list below.


There are a bunch of older deals as well.

You can find all gift card deals at this link (this contains our eBay affiliate link)

There’s another deal to get 10% off when you buy two $50 cards from the following list of cards. All cards from e-gift cards sold by PPDG. You can buy two separate cards from this list or two of the same card to trigger the 10% discount:

Two other deals, these are direct from PPDG:

14 Responses to eBay: Save on Staples Gift Cards and Many Others

  1. PJ says:

    Can the Staples gift cards be used to purchase other gift cards?

  2. Evan says:

    Be careful with those PPDG gcs. People have reported them being fraudulently drained until very recently. I don’t know why this is never mentioned in these posts.

    • Dave C says:

      Should kind of just be assumed in all gift card transactions.

    • paz says:

      Accordingly to a Paypal rep, supposedly PPDG hasn’t had digital GC theft issues since PPDG was acquired by Paypal. Someone on Slickdeals reports Paypal refunding the entire GC amount (whatever out-of-pocket cost + the ebay coupon). OTOH, the Paypal rep only refunded me my out-of-pocket cost, to which I loudly protested losing out on all the ebay/paypal coupon “savings”.

      • Evan says:

        There is a thread here on DoC that started years ago and still gets new posts unfortunately. I’ve been following this thread because I had issues myself in the past and that’s how I know there are still issues.

        Wasn’t PPDG always a part of PayPal? Do you mean the time eBay and PayPal split?

        • paz says:

          That’s what the Paypal rep tried to tell me, that PPDG was a third-party entity unaffiliated with either paypal or ebay, to which I called BS, because neither party would have tolerated that for a second, especially selling on the ebay platform.

          • Mike says:

            That paypal rep is a lying sack. I had 2 issues with PPDG purchases in the fourth quarter of last year. $400 of Best Buy GCs and $400 of Gamestop GCs were hacked/zero. I had used a cc for the Best Buys, so got my money back to the cc (and had used the bonus certificates before those were hacked), so I came out whole on that one. Unfortunately, I had used an ebay gc to buy the gamestops, and paypal refused to refund in any way other than putting the money back on the ebay gc. (I even asked them to just replace the bad gamestops with good gamestops but they refused.) And of course, this happened shortly after the ability to use ebay gc to buy other gcs ended (including that grace period ebay added to settle with CA attorney general), so not only did I lose the $40 discount on the gamestops, but now I have a POS ebay GC for $360 that I have no freakin’ idea how I will ever use. There are way too many dishonest sellers on ebay, so I refuse to buy merchandise there. Anyway, fourth quarter of last year was well after the ebay-paypal split, so that rep is liar. It’s paypal, so what else is new? One of the worse run large businesses in the US.

  3. Debt Hater says:

    Unfortunately I’m getting the famous “sorry this payment option isn’t available” when trying to purchase the Staples gift cards. Tried purchasing just one and same error message. I’ve only purchased a $100 gift card from PPDG recently, so not sure why it’s happening.

  4. MarcoPolo says:

    There is no point in buying Staples GCs anymore since they hardly run any FAR deals where you can convert GCs to cash.
    Also they are not worth holding long term as the fate of Staples is unknown.
    And there was that PayPal/PPDG fraud/fiasco…….

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