Posted by Chuck on June 3, 2018

Published on June 3rd, 2018 | by Chuck


Excellent Deal on Sam’s Club Membership [GC + VUDU + Pizza + Acorns] [Renewals Work]

6/13/18: offer extended through June 21.

Reposting as it now works on renewals as well (see picture below).

The Offer

Direct Link to offer (contains our affiliate)

Sam’s Club is offering a terrific deal on membership. Pay $45 for Sam’s Club membership and get the following bonuses:

  • $10 Sam’s Club e-gift card.
  • $25 Vudu movie credit.
  • Pizza combo valued at $13.99 which includes: 16″ pizza baked fresh in club, 2 liter of Coca-Cola or Diet Coke, 6 chocolate chunk cookies, 1 order of cheesy breadsticks with marinara.
  • Additionally, link your credit card in the Acorns investing app and you’ll get $20 back from the purchase as well.

The Fine Print

  • Offer valid only when you join between May 8–June 7 June 21, 2018.
  • Join now as a new Savings member for $45 (plus tax in some places) and receive a $10 Sam’s Club Gift Card and a Family Pizza Combo (#980101487, 980068871, 980046875) will be loaded onto new membership account within 72 hours of membership activation and is valid for 30 days thereafter.
  • Membership must be activated by 6/8/18 to be eligible to receive Vudu credit. Vudu credit will be sent via email as a unique voucher code 7–10 days after membership activation to the same email used to activate the Sam’s Club membership. Vudu-enabled device required for digital viewing. Vudu offer must be redeemed by 7/5/18 and credits must be used within 30 days from redemption and is non-transferable. Movies are only available in the U.S. You must be 18 or older to open a Vudu account. Limit 1 per customer. Email address is required to receive the unique code for the Vudu offer.
  • You must be 18 or older to purchase a membership and membership is subject to qualifications.
  • Membership cards are non-transferable and are valid at all Sam’s Club locations worldwide.
  • Walmart® and Sam’s Club Associates are not eligible for this offer.
  • Primary memberships are valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • Gift card will be provided at the time membership card is issued. Only one gift card per primary member. Gift card may not be used to pay for membership fee or any other select services and must be claimed within 30 days of membership sign-up connected with this program.

The Acorns offer for $20 invested expires May 14, 2018 at midnight Pacific time.

Our Verdict

I was planning on posting this deal yesterday, and I’m happy I held off until now when we learned from Frequentmiler about the Acorns stack which I hadn’t been aware of. If you’re an Acorns and Vudu user, the Sam’s + VUDU + Acorns credit more than pays itself for the $45 fee, and the pizza combo is the gravy.

Acorns also offers $1 in Found Money when you spend $50 or more for your regular shopping at Sam’s Club.

If you’re new to Acorns, please signup using my referral link and we’ll each get $5. Related, they have a special offer for referring friends to get $1,000 for referring 12 friends. I’m at 0 referrals so far, maybe I’ll get lucky with this post. 🙂

Hat tip again to FM

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I’m glad you didn’t post yesterday. I m planning to buy tires tomorrow and I was thinking let me wait and see if DoC posts a deal for membership.

Oh, darn. I thought they were actual acorns. 🙁

Can you stack this with the student offer somehow? $25 Sam’s GC upon signup.


thanks for the deal, opened acrons using your link!


Used your Acorns link. Hope you get to 12. That would be a nice little reward for all the hard work you do for us.


Great deal.

Is this a good time to remind people that Wholesale Clubs are a 5% Discover category for Oct-Dec? FWIW, I think Sam’s Club maxes out at $250 prepaid cards, not $500. Amazon is also a category for that time period, but I have an Amazon CC for that)

They’ve had $500 MCGCs before, do they no longer carry them?

In my area, the only $500s were AMEX 🙁

Used your referral link, thanks!

Signed up and got a $20 Sam’s Club eGift Card via email. Does this mean something went wrong and I didn’t get this deal?

Also, used your Acorn referral!


I got the $20 too.

Any indication of the pizza or Vudu offer yet? I’m hoping I didn’t mess something up…


No indication yet, but it says you receive those when you “activate” your membership. I think that means when you go into the store. I don’t plan on doing that for a couple weeks, but I’m not too worried.

Received the $20 eGC last week, and today, the $25 vudu voucher.

When did you receive the eGC after signing up?

About 2 days. I got the 20 egc instead of 10 too. Weird. But hey, I’m not complaining…

I have Acorns, but how does Sams club deal work on Acorns? does in store sign up qualify for acorns $20 cash back? or have to used linked card on acorns link to sign up Sams club?

thank you

You have to use a linked card. It doesn’t say you have to sign up through the Acorn’s link, but it also doesn’t say you don’t. If you want to play it safe,

Log into Acorns
Click on “Found Money” (across the top)
Select “All Offers”
Scroll down and select “Sam’s Club Memberships”, not to be confused with “Sam’s Club Offer”
Make sure you pay with a linked card.

My current Sam’s membership expires May 21 with the option to renew turned off. Will I be eligible for this offer come June 1?

FYI – I just found an AMEX offer for $15 off $30 online or app purchase… I had not previously taken advantage of this acorn offer, so I signed up using Chuck’s referral link and plan to attempt to double dip the offers today if I’m able to link my amex.

Sending screenshot of AMEX offer too in case others find it useful for a separate post or mention elsewhere.

I have this amex offer as well. I do not know that I would get much value out of a sam’s club membership, but the gift card and movie credit alone would cover the cost.

I used doc’s link for acorn and also used referral link to create sams club account.
Thanks for all the useful info you give everyday.


Acorns shows $30 pending in my account instead of $20. There are 2 separate pending transactions, one for $20 and one for $10. This combined with getting a $20 gift card instead of $10 has turned this into an awesome deal.

I just got the same thing. Weird….

How long did it take to show as pending/posted? I received email 11 days ago stating that my $20 reward would post “soon” & received a subsequent email for $10 which sounds similar to your comment; however, I still don’t show anything on my acorns login itself…

FWIW, I had not previously used acorns and signed up specifically for this promotion, so I’m not used to how long these might take to post or if I need to contribute other ways first. Only my referral bonus is shown as pending currently.

Acorn is $1 a month. Won’t that fee just eat away any of these small bonuses (also see: uber bonus) making them irrelevant?

Depends on how often you use Acorns and if you use it for it’s intended purpose as well. Fee only charge if you have a balance as well.

Also, some e-filing websites and my accountant (who charges for additional forms) may charge additional if you have a straightforward return without any other investments. You would have to file another form because of your investments in Acorn.

So in this case, you might want to not value the Acorns portion, as you get a $20 or $30 credit, but may have to pay $100 extra to file your return.

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