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Published on January 16th, 2020 | by Chuck


Fluz App: Buy Exact-Value Gift Cards at a Discount + up to $15 Signup Offer

Update 1/16/20: Fluz now offers a $5 bonus for signing up with a referral link and completing various steps during account setup. Valid through February 1, 2020. More details below in the ‘Signup & Referrals’ section. Here’s my referral link.

Fluz Cashback

Earlier this year we reviewed the Fluz cashback app. At the time, they primarily focused on card-link deals. They’ve since shifted to the ‘payments’ model which basically means you buy a gift card from them and earn cash back, similar to MPX and some others. The beauty of these systems is they typically allow you to buy gift cards in the exact denomination you need, so when you’re at checkout, in store or online, you can open the app and buy a gift card for the exact amount you need and earn some cashback in the process.

Available Options

They have a wide variety of options, even some different ones I don’t recall seeing elsewhere. They even have Amazon which was removed from most other marketplaces; some of us have better ways to pay at Amazon, but interesting nonetheless. Here are some sample rates, at the time of this writing (these will change over time):

  • Amazon 1.5%
  • Target .5%
  • eBay 1%
  • Home Depot 2%
  • Bed Bath & Beyond 3%
  • Airbnb 2%
  • Delta 2%
  • Southwest 2%
  • Carnival Cruise 7%
  • Nike 7%
  • Adidas 5%
  • Gap 7%
  • Walmart/Sam’s 1%
  • Groupon 7%
  • Chipotle 2%
  • Starbucks 2%
  • Grubhub 2%
  • Hulu 3%
  • iTunes 4%

Signup & Referral Offers

They also have an interesting ‘Vouchers’ system. Each Voucher gets you a 35% discount on select gift card brands, up to $3.50 discount, meaning that you can get a $10 gift card for $6.50. Note, these vouchers now expires after 60 days.

Brands eligible for the Vouchers system include many restaurants like Starbucks, along with a few other options like CVS and Hulu. The way to earn vouchers is through their referral system:

  • New members who sign up with a referral link automatically get three Vouchers (could be worth around $10).
  • When you refer someone who makes a purchase, the referrer gets one Voucher.

For the referrer: Aside the bonus one Voucher that the referrer gets, Fluz also have a tiered referral system which allows referrers to earn up to $180 and up to $2,000, based on the quantity and quality of their referrals. You can find all the details in the Fluz app. These two offers are slated to expire on January 15, 2020; keep an eye out in the app to see if they extend these offers or have other offers. There’s also a small kickback you get for each purchase your referral makes.

$5 Signup Offer (1/15/20  – 2/1/20)

Fluz now offers a $5 bonus for signing up with a referral link and completing 5 steps during account setup:

  1.  Take ‘missed earnings’ test – you can find that button in the ‘Earn With’ section.
  2. Pick five favorite merchants – After you do the missed earnings, the system will prompt you to add the merchants you have missed earnings on as favorites. Be sure to add 5.
  3. Set your network growth goal – At the bottom of the missed earnings, there is a call to action button to set the goal. Or you can find it on the top of your earn with page.
  4. Turn on location and notifications so the system can remind you to use Fluz when you are at a store we offer cash back at.
  5. Make your first purchase.

Pretty sure most/all of these things will be accomplished during the signup process, just keep an eye out to ensure you complete all of them.

This $5 offer is valid through February 1, 2020. This $5 bonus is on top of the Voucher bonus mentioned above which can be worth up to $10.50 for a total bonus of $15.50. The $5 is more valuable since it’s straight-up cash which can be used to buy a $5 Amazon gift card, for example, whereas the Voucher offer is only valid on select gift cards.


Your Fluz cashback can either be cashed out via Paypal, bank account, or to a virtual debit card. Or you can use your balance to reduce your cost when buying a gift card from Fluz. (The latter has the advantage with no minimum for cashout while the other cashout methods all have a $26 minimum for your first cashout.)

Final Thoughts

As always, be sure to compare rates to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Other gift card sellers with rewards include MPX, Raise Cash Back, Pay with Ibotta – full list of ways to buy gift cards at a discount can be found here.

If you signup for Fluz, my thanks for using this Fluz referral link. You’ll get three Vouchers, worth up to $10.50 (see above).

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A lot of these are also at target with red card for 5%.
So at best 2% card or citi rewards+ for extremely small gc.

Without a good 3-4x coding it just seems lacking


Any experience on how this codes? If this counts as online shopping for BofA, it seems like a no-brainer.


Amex is “Merchandise and Supplies – General Retail”


Just checked and Visa MCC is 5947 office supplies/stationary


I just did a test today with BofA. We will see how it will code in couple of days.


It worked well for me for Macy’s (8% back) but there’s a $26 minimum to cash out to PayPal.


Not everytime though..! Only For the first time, after that you can withdraw even at 1$

Frito Pendejo
Frito Pendejo

Did they get Whoopi promoting it again??


AFAIK the $26 minimum is only for your first time cashing out


One of the buying groups that sends out regular emails has this at the bottom of most of them recently.
*Exclusive [NAME OF BUYING GROUP] offer search for [REDACTED] on their Fluz app which is visa cards at 2% off best deal around*. There also seem to be a bunch of other similarly named things there, but I’d really want to make sure I knew what they went to before buying them.

Looks like max of $200 (per use?), which is only $4. But since that should be on top of coupons and portals it could be useful.


The app is totally worthless and just isn’t worth dealing with. If you’re looking for small retailer gift-cards just use MPX. Ooh I can save 1.5% on Amazon? Give me a break who cares right? You can always get 5% with an Amazon card. Starbucks? 2% is it? Wow. Bad all around.


Fluz is very nice for quick purchases of exact gift cards. Not setting the world on fire, but it has it’s uses.


The name almost sounds like Flooze, the business to business money that American Express dumped about 10 million in to start up around 1999. They gave you $500 flooze bucks to sign up. I got blow dart guns, throwing stars, bear mace, and some night vision googles.

Frito Pendejo
Frito Pendejo

Flooz with whoopi


Mine is coming back 35% off almost everywhere. Is this real?? Temporary promo?

El Loco
El Loco

Up to $3.5 lol and only 3 uses.


Thanks, I was able to get $30 starbucks gift card for $17.6 with $3.70 cashback leftover.
Initial load $10 (OOP: $10, got $5 referral + $3.7 cashback)
Next $10 (OOP:$1.3, got $3.7 cashback)
Next $10 (OOP:$6.3, got $3.7 cashback)

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