[Update: 17% ASOS Deal] Fluz App: Buy Exact-Value Gift Cards at a Discount + up to $15.50 Signup Offer

Update 5/17/22: Get 17% off ASOS e-gift card. Max $100 gift card per day. To find this, search Promo and you’ll see an option for ASOS Promo. Valid through May 22nd.


Fluz Cashback Review

Fluz is a payments app which allows purchasing a gift card from them and earning cash back on the purchase, similar to MPX and some others. The beauty of these systems is they typically allow you to buy gift cards in the exact denomination you need, so when you’re at checkout, in store or online, you can open the app and buy a gift card for the exact amount you need and earn some cashback in the process.

Available Options

They have a wide variety of options, even some different ones I don’t recall seeing elsewhere. They even have Amazon which was removed from most other marketplaces; some of us have better ways to pay at Amazon, but interesting nonetheless. Here are some sample rates, at the time of this writing (these will change over time):

  • Amazon 1.5%
  • eBay 1%
  • Home Depot 2%
  • Bed Bath & Beyond 3%
  • Airbnb 2%
  • Delta 2%
  • Southwest 2%
  • Carnival Cruise 7%
  • Nike 7%
  • Adidas 5%
  • Gap 7%
  • Walmart/Sam’s 1%
  • Groupon 7%
  • Chipotle 2%
  • Starbucks 2%
  • Grubhub 2%
  • Hulu 3%
  • iTunes 4%

Credit Card Category Bonus

Fluz has the category codings drilled down to the merchant in many cases. Examples:

  • Kroger, Ralph’s, and Giant Eagle gift cards code as Grocery category; see full list here
  • Office Max and Staples gift cards code as Office Supply category; see full list here
  • Individual restaurant gift cards should all pass on the Dining category; see full list here
  • UberEATS codes as Dining category (these gift cards work for regular Uber rides too)
  • Gift cards for Groupon, American Airlines, Airbnb, Uber, Delta, Southwest, Amtrak, etc, now code as Travel; full list here

These codings should work on any card – Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. You can always do a small purchase first to test the waters.

Signup & Referral Offers

They also have an interesting ‘Vouchers’ system. Each Voucher gets you a discount of up to 35% on select gift card brands, up to $3.50 discount. Meaning that you can get a $10 gift card for $6.50. Note, these vouchers now expires after 60 days.

Here’s an updated list of available options which the vouchers can be used on (as of 4/19/20):

  • 12% discount: Netflix
  • 15% discount: Hulu
  • 20% discount: UberEATS, Doordash, Caviar, Steak n’ Shake
  • 25% discount: Papa John’s, Boston Market
  • 35% discount: Starbucks, CVS, Grubhub, Seamless, Spotify, Chipotle, Dunkin, Chevron, Texaco, Nintendo eShop, XBOX, Roblox, Papa John’s, Burger King, Peet’s Coffee, Coffee Bean, Jamba Juice, Taco Bell, Domino’s, Papa John’s, PUBG Mobile

The way to earn vouchers is through their referral system:

  • New members who sign up with a referral link automatically get three Vouchers (could be worth around $10).
  • When you refer someone who makes a purchase, the referrer gets one Voucher. The referrer also gets a $5 bonus if the new member makes two purchases totalling at least $25.

For the referrer: Aside the bonus one Voucher that the referrer gets, Fluz also have a tiered referral system which allows referrers to earn up to $180 and up to $2,000, based on the quantity and quality of their referrals. You can find updated details in the Fluz app. There’s also a small kickback you get for each purchase your referral makes. (Plus various other tier bonuses that can be met for additional bonuses to the referrer. These are significant bonuses, but require you inviting many users; you need to opt in to get these additional bonuses, so be sure to do so in the app.)

$5 Signup Offer 

Fluz now offers a $5 bonus for signing up with a referral link and completing 5 steps during account setup:

  1.  Take ‘missed earnings’ test – you can find that button in the ‘Earn With’ section.
  2. Pick five favorite merchants – After you do the missed earnings, the system will prompt you to add the merchants you have missed earnings on as favorites. Be sure to add 5.
  3. Set your network growth goal – At the bottom of the missed earnings, there is a call to action button to set the goal. Or you can find it on the top of your earn with page.
  4. Turn on location and notifications so the system can remind you to use Fluz when you are at a store we offer cash back at.
  5. Make your first purchase.

Pretty sure most/all of these things will be accomplished during the signup process, just keep an eye out to ensure you complete all of them.

This $5 bonus is on top of the Voucher bonus mentioned above which can be worth up to $10.50 for a total bonus of $15.50. The $5 is more valuable since it’s straight-up cash which can be used to buy a $5 Amazon gift card, for example, whereas the Voucher offer is only valid on select gift cards.

You can find and share Fluz referrals on this dedicated page. Here’s my Fluz referral link (referral code: CHUCKDOC), thanks to anyone who uses it.

The referral code gets added within the signup process – a referral screen will show after inputting your phone number, name, email, and password. In many cases you can even add a referral link after signing up, if you missed doing so during signup.


Your Fluz cashback can either be cashed out via Paypal, bank account, or to a virtual debit card. Or you can use your balance to reduce your cost when buying a gift card from Fluz. (They seem to have a weird $26 minimum before you can do your first cashout; afterward, you can cash out any amount.)

Update History

  • Update 5/6/22: Get 17% off Chipotle e-gift card. Max $30 gift card per day. To find this, search Promo and you’ll see an option for Chipotle Promo > proceed. Valid through May 8th.
  • Update 4/29/22: There’s now an offer to get a bonus $10 Airbnb e-gift card when you buy $50 in Airbnb e-gift cards. Just input ‘Promo’ in the search bar and the offer will show. Limit 1; valid April 28 – May 7. You’ll get 1% back in Fluz cashback on the purchase as well.
  • Update 5/2/22: Get 18% off Kohl’s e-gift cards. To find this, search Kohl’s and you’ll see an option for Kohl’s Promo. Limit $100 per day. Valid through May 8th.
  • Update 2/26/22: Fluz now has Uber at 13% discount from 2/25 – 2/27. Limit $30 per day in purchases. To find this, type in Uber and find the ‘promo’ entry. (ht GCG)
  • Update 2/9/22: Added Chevron, Texaco, Nintendo eShop, XBOX, Roblox as options eligible for 35% discount with a voucher. Chevron e-gift cards can be used in the Chevron app (likely the same thing for Texaco).
  • Update 11/26/21: UberEats is at 13% cashback now.
  • Update 11/13/21: Fluz is offering an increased rate of 13% cashback on Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards currently.
  • Update 8/4/21: Fluz no longer codes as Small Business for AmEx purposes. Some of their merchants do code as Dining and will get the 10/15x due to that. See this comment. Another update: seems this is YMMV as some merchants still do code as Small Business. See discussion here. 
  • Update 7/2/21: Reader Eric confirms that Fluz is still working to trigger the $5 AmEx small business credit. Should work for the 15x AmEx Platinum offer as well
  • Update 5/10/21: Fluz lets us know that they also offer three vouchers per month (worth up to $3.50 each) for those who post on the Fluz community. Sounds like an easy way to rack up additional credits each month.
  • Update 2/4/21: Fluz now offers more cashback on some gift card brands if you use a cheaper payment method:
    • Use Paypal or Google/Apple Pay and get regular cashback rate
    • Use credit card directly and get an extra up to 1% cashback on top the regular rate (some brands such as Amazon the bonus amount is lower than 1%)
    • Use debit card and get an extra up to 2% cashback on top the regular rate (some brands such as Amazon the bonus amount is lower than 2%)
    • Use bank payment and get an extra up to 3% cashback on top the regular rate (some brands such as Amazon the bonus amount is lower than 3%)
  • Update 1/20/21: Added Boston Market and Steak n’ Shake to voucher options.
  • Update 1/11/21: Gift cards for Groupon, American Airlines, Airbnb, Uber, Delta, Southwest, Amtrak, etc, now code as Travel. See full list here. That’s in addition to the previously discussed category bonuses, such as restaurants coding as Dining, grocery stores coding as Grocery, etc; see Credit Card Category Bonus, below.
  • Update 12/21/20: Dunkin is now a 35% voucher option (previously 12%). Also Caviar got added, and Papa Johns/Domino’s got bumped from 25% to 35%.
  • Update 9/9/20: Amazon is up to 1.5% now. Wish is up to 1.5% as well. Both are usually .5%. (One additional note: we’ve heard mixed reports on Fluz triggering the Shop Small offer – they do show on the Shop Small map and they often (usually, I think?) trigger the credit, but not always. Reason for the variance isn’t entirely clear.)
  • Update 8/12/20: Fluz now accepts Apple Pay too. (Paypal, card, and bank were always options.)
  • Update 7/8/20: Just a quick update on the Shop Small angle (mentioned below): readers are now getting the $5 Amex credit posted to their account. Sometimes you’ll get an email at time of initial purchase and sometimes you won’t, but it seems that all Fluz gift card purchases will work to trigger the Amex Offer. Some stores like Amazon has a $15 minimum (or sometimes $50, goes up and down) while others have a minimum of $10 or less. You’ll also get a bit of Fluz cashback on the purchase too.
  • Here’s the link which shows Fluz as a Shop Small merchant.
  • Update 7/5/20: According to reader aquac, FluzPay is included in the AmEx Offer: Shop Small, Spend $10+ and Receive $5; and even shows clearly on the Shop Small map. Could be an easy way to use up that Amex Offer on any gift card offered by Fluz.
  • Update 8/4/20: Amazon is back again with 1% cashback and $15 minimum. Walmart back as well with .5% and $10 minimum.
  • Update 7/21/20: Amazon is back with 1% cashback and $15 minimum. Amazon is officially $15 minimum, but sometimes goes up to $50 and has sometimes disappeared as well. (Separately, UberEATS and Doordash are back as Voucher redemption options.)
  • Update 7/9/20: You can find and share Fluz referrals on this dedicated page.
  • Update 7/3/20: They’ve added Dunkin and Taco Bell as voucher options at 12%/35%, respectively. Updated below.
  • Update 6/10/20: CVS added back as voucher option.
  • Update 5/28/20: Fluz is now accepting PayPal as a payment option. This will be useful as Q3 is 5% cashback with Discover. Hat tip to GC Galore
  • Update 4/17/20: Both Groupon & CVS have been removed as voucher options.
  • Update 4/3/20: Netflix gift cards in $30 and $60 denominations have been added as a voucher redemption option with a 12% discount.
  • Update 3/19/20: Fluz has added Doordash and UberEATS as an option to their Vouchers system (see below). Note, both DoorDash and UberEATS are at a lower 20% discount level (less than the standard 35% level). You can get $3.50+ off a Doordash or Ubereats gift card if you have any vouchers available. Good time to signup or to use up any existing vouchers you have.
  • There’s also a $5 signup bonus by following the steps mentioned below (‘$5 Signup Offer’). That’s on top of their regular 3 vouchers signup bonus which is worth a $10.50 discount on brands like Starbucks, UberEATS, Doordash, etc. Total signup bonus value can be up to $15.50.
  • Update 1/16/20: Fluz now offers a $5 bonus for signing up with a referral link and completing various steps during account setup. Valid through February 1, 2020. More details below in the ‘Signup & Referrals’ section.

Final Thoughts

As always, be sure to compare rates to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Other gift card sellers with rewards include MPX, Raise Cash Back, Pay with Ibotta – full list of ways to buy gift cards at a discount can be found here.

You can find and share Fluz referrals on this dedicated page. Here’s my Fluz referral link (referral code: CHUCKDOC), thanks to anyone who uses it.

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Anybody see their $10 promo GC from Flux yet? I bought when the terms said 48 hours though they were later changed to on or before 5/8. By either set of terms they are later for me and yes I bought the promo offer not the regular AirBnB.


I emailed Fluz before posting this and they responded in a few minutes. They confirmed there is a delay in these posting but they will arrive soon. Kudos to Fluz for the fast response.


Got mine yesterday. To my surprise, the $10 gift card is a prepaid Mastercard, not an Airbnb gift card.


Chipotle seems dead already, only Airbnb shows up under promo

Information Booth
Information Booth

Dead…current offer for me is 3.5%. WWJD


Is this targeted? It says I’ll only get 2.5% back and I did click on kohls promo


Looks dead. Just an hour ago mine was at up to 20%.


I guess the sign up voucher is nice. I ended up giving up on this app and switching to more reliable and smoother Slide for daily GCs purchase when I need it.

Another Jeff
Another Jeff

This app is a literal Ponzi scheme imo. Only people making $ off this are the bloggers shilling it. $26 minimum initial cash out means you have to spend at least $500, most likely more at their mediocre payout rates. Makes me think less of people shilling it.

And “security flag” your account over $20 purchase is definitely a data grab, shady AF



You get ~$10 for $30 spend using your 3 vouchers. The min initial cash out doesn’t seem any shadier than the min cash out on Ibotta or the 3 month wait on rakuten. I did a $370 Amazon refill through it and encountered no issues 🤷‍♂️

Tbh the worst part seems to be the fact that vouchers can only be obtained by referrals. I can’t even get people I know to sign up for things with straightforward $100 rewards let alone weird couponing apps.


It is definitely shady. I joined them before $26 requirement. After a while, they changed requirement without grandfathering me. I would not have joined them if I had known of $26 requirements. I took advantage of their voucher offer and few sales to finally reach $26. It took me few years to reach that. Without referral. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who can’t refer.

Regarding Ibotta, yes, they have minimum payout but you’ll eventually reach that with many offers, no referral needed. I can’t buy gift cards with fluz knowing others offer gift card with more simplicity and better rate. Rakuten is just holding for 3 months because that’s their payout cycle, You know the money is there and again you don’t have to refer people.


Any cashback site,like rakuten, it takes them 2 to 3 months to get the cash from the vendor network. It isnt being held for much of any other reason – they pay you when they get paid


DP: 2/25/22 – Fluz did not code as AmEx Shop Small when purchasing Amazon GC


PayPal Key does work to receive the higher debit cashback rates + whatever credit card rewards you would normally get


Thanks for the DP. Was wondering this myself.


Fyi for at least Chevron, you can only use the gc in the chevron app


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll pass the deal as the Chevron app blocks jailbroken iPhones. Yep, I’ve tried all of the usual bypass tweaks and none of them work.


Not sure when it stopped, but i’m not seeing “limited time stores” in fluz anymore


you mean they were only there for a.. limited time?