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Gift Card Deals

Published on October 27th, 2017 | by Chuck


Complete List of Methods to Buy Gift Cards with Discounts and Bonus Rewards

[Updated 7/11/18][Updated 6/29/18] [Updated and reposted on 10/27]

We write a lot about obtaining gift cards at a discount. These deals are useful for personal use, for gift card reselling, and for merchandise reselling. Below is a list of all consistent methods to buy gift cards at a discount or with some other kind of bonus rewards and miles.

The goal of this post is to create a single place to reference and quickly review the various options when the need for gift cards arise. We’ll keep it updated as things change.

We undoubtedly missed some ideas, maybe even some obvious ones; we’ll rely on reader’s comments to fill in the gaps and complete the resource.

Store + Online Options

  • Buy discounted gift cards utilizing one of the dozens of gift card deals you see, including many we post here on the site. Examples: eBay comes out with deals weekly, Kroger sometimes has coupons, Samsung Pay deals, etc.
  • Buy gift cards at merchants that have Amex Offer deals. These can be online deals or store deals. Sample deals: $10 off $50 at Lowes, Home Depot, or Kohl’s; you can buy third-party gift cards in those stores and lock in the $10 discount anywhere. Occasionally, there’ll be an Amex Offer for a place like where you can buy third-party gift cards and lock in the discount anywhere.


  • Buy third-party gift cards at Target stores or and pay with REDcard for a 5% discount. Not instant delivery.
  • Buy third-party gift cards at Staples or and pay with INK Plus/Cash to get 5x. Not instant delivery for
  • Buy third-party gift cards from wholesale clubs like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s. They usually offer slight discounts as the standard price on third-party gift cards both in-store and online (1, 2, 3). Not instant delivery for online orders.
  • Upgrading gift cards. This is highly YMMV, but some stores such as grocery stores might allow you to use their store gift card to buy another third-party gift card. If you can somehow buy the store’s gift card at a discount, that discount can then be locked in virtually anywhere with a third-party gift card purchase. is one such example (see below).

Store-Only Options

Online Options

  • Buy discounted gift cards on any one of the many second-hand exchanges. Beware, there is a risk getting a bad card which will require following up with the exchange. Delivery might be instant and might not. This option usually yields the biggest discount.
  • Buy third-party gift cards on (our affiliate link) and pay with a 5% Amazon card or pay with Amazon gift card you purchased elsewhere at a discount. Stack with some other Amazon savings ideas. Gift cards usually come two minutes later.
  • Buy first-hand gift cards in the app with Raise Pay and earn Raise Cash to be used for any future purchase. Instant delivery. You can specify an exact denomination. Payment with credit card, Paypal, or Samsung/Apple/Google Pay.
  • Redeem your Discover cash back for gift cards instead of cash. You can get 10-20% extra on many major brand gift cards (Staples, Lowe’s, Whole Foods, etc.), and many of then have an e-card option which comes instantly.
  • Use a cash back portal and buy directly from whichever merchant you need. (Theoretical example: buy Sears gift cards from or Best Buy gift cards from This doesn’t work most of the time since portals typically don’t pay out for gift card purchases, but occasionally portals pay out for gift card purchases. Check FM Lab.


  • Get 5x INK Plus/Cash with Gyft when paying with Paypal. Gift cards issued instantly.
  • Get 5x INK Plus/Cash with the Swych app when paying with Paypal. Aside from the 5x angle, there are also some discounts that show up there on the app at checkout. Gift cards issued instantly.
  • Get 5x INK Plus/Cash by purchasing gift cards within your Verizon Wireless app. The gift card will be added to your Verizon bill and earn 5x when paid. Comes instantly.


  • Buy gift cards with the MPX app to get bonus United miles on the purchase. Gift cards issued instantly.
  • Buy gift cards from CrayPay and get a cash discount on the purchase. Gift cards issued instantly.
  • Buy gift cards with the Spent app and get a cashback on the purchase. Instant??
  • Buying dining gift cards with the EarnWallet app and get rewards back in the form of gift cards.


  • Buy gift cards from to get a bit back from a cash back portal and g-money on certain brands. Not instant delivery, AFAIK.
  • Buy gift cards from Giftcardmall and get a bit back from a cash back portal. Not instant delivery.
  • Buy gift cards from Mygiftcardsplus and get a cash discount (cashed out via Swagbucks or MyPoints). Not instant delivery.
  • Buy gift cards from Egifter and get Insider points back. Go through a portal too. Fast delivery.
  • Buy gift cards from and get rewards back from the portal on most brands. (Delivery speed?)


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Wow, Chuck, you’re really hitting it out of the park with useful posts lately. This blog — already a great resource — is becoming the #1 go-to spot for up-to-date info. Thanks!

Any gift cards at Petco stores? Anyone know?

Hope you’re not asking because of the AO, since it’s only valid online (not in-store).

Amazon prime day had some…

Ben, if you have an Amex card there’s a current Amex offer for spend $50, get $15 back at Petco. This would apply after spend directly at Petco has Petco and Petsmart. Compared to the other gift card sites, this one has decent portal returns:

This is awesome! Thanks Chuck!

Chuck, any way you can suggest for using Chase reserve or preferred for buying gift cards? I wish I had Ink

If you’re going to mention the Altitude bonus with Subtotal anyway, then I think you might as well also point that out for Raise and Swych, given that they both support mobile wallet payment.

It’s kind of implied, but I would specifically call out non PPDG discounted gift cards on ebay (which is basically just SVM). I generally find their deals the best for everyday spend (gas, Meijer

One related thing maybe worth mentioning (or maybe not to avoid killing it). Meijer gift cards work on gift card purchases. So you can buy Meijer gift cards @94% on ebay from SVM, then use to buy gift cards at Meijer (even better if you can get a discount from mperks digital coupons).

Another Store-Only Option:

Buy third-party gift cards at home improvement stores with a card that earns a bonus at home improvement stores.

The 2% back at Office Depot is capped at $200 per quarter, not $750.

If an Amazon order hasn’t yet shipped, you can usually click on the order details and apply any outstanding gift cards to the balance. I’ve been buying Amazon gift cards via Raise every week after clicking through Fount or SYWR for the bonus points. If I don’t have any gift card balance left, I try to select slow shipping for the $1 digital reward and get more gift cards to put toward the balance next week. I also checked the SYWR T+C and you can have one account per PERSON, so I’m repeating the deals every week with my husband’s account as well.

I’ve never been able to get PPDG to accept my Ink (or any other credit card) as a valid method of payment – it tells me the option is not available. Any idea what I could be missing?

that doesnt even make sense. sounds like a fraud alert issue. call PP and ebay and do the circus phone tag if you think its worth ur time.

Sounds like you’re not going through Paypal. Presumably PPDG wants you to use Paypal.

Thank you DoC for all the great content. To show my appreciation, I just went through your Amazon link to buy a $180 headphone. Hopefully you guys will get some of that affiliate money.

We do, thanks very much.

Great Post Chuck, i learned a lot.

Whatever you do. Dont buy from Raise.
It will work 10 times great but the 11th time when you get a bad one the costumer service is horrible and they think that youre the thief and tell you they will investigate over the next few months and if you decide to just dispute the charge they close/freeze your account.
For a while I bought left and right wherever there was a 20% discount until i realized its not worth to buy 3rd party gift cards for the hassle, agony and embarrasememt you go through when something is wrong.
(It can easily ruin your weekend when the waiter comes back and tells you the gift card youre trying to pay with is drained/empty/fake).

Great post!

Since Staples was mentioned, it reminded me that I still have a $100 Staples GC with no real use for generic spend.

Is there a way to turn this GC into any other brand (or Visa/MC) without having to go through a resell exchange?


I may be wrong but you can possibly use the staples card for the fees when purchasing a visa gift card for example. Or that may be Office Depot/Max.

It’s YMMV but I’ve been to a few Staples branches where I bought a $200 VGC and paid with the $15 staples GC I received as rebate from one of their GC offers. I just swiped the GC first and it was drained and paid the balance with INK+.

Best for you to try, you might be pleasantly surprised if the store GC goes through as partial payment for another GC.

This is a great idea, I have a $50.00 staples GC I have no real use for from a previous Amex Offer. I’ll have to try this, thanks.

Information Booth
Information Booth has a deal on their website where you can exchange gift cards from one store to a gift card. Hope this helps somebody. Love in Christ.

Link? I think that’s one of the third party gift card resellers and it’s usually better to just get your money back in cash.

Yes, it is.

I noticed this when combining gift cards quite some time ago. I don’t think it’s a reasonable approach.

Thanks, will have a look at the rates later.

Information Booth
Information Booth

In addition to my last post, right now, Discover it card is offering 5% back @ restaurants. So, you can buy a restaurant GC and exchange it for a GC. Love in Christ.

I think you misunderstood the exchange: you won’t exchange a $100 Restaurant GC for a $100 GC, but more likely in the area of $80 or less GC.

Beyond that, GC are regularly available with 10% or 20% discount — 5% doesn’t seem attractive at all.

When referring to “INK”, does this also apply to the Ink Business Cash?

Ink business cash has same categories but lower cap ($25,000 vs $50,000)

But be advised this doesn’t apply to INK Business Preferred, which gets 3x points on travel, online advertising, and internet, cable, and phone services, but not office supply stores.

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