Posted by Chuck on December 23, 2016

Published on December 23rd, 2016 | by Chuck


Get 1% Back on Purchases, up to $20,000 Lifetime

You can now get 1% cash back from the Ebates portal on for up to $20,000 in lifetime purchases.

Raise has long been on shopping portals, usually at 1-2x and sometimes slightly higher. But it wasn’t useful for most of us since the terms always limited the portal to the first $1,000 in lifetime purchases. Once you’ve made $1,000 in purchases total, irrespective of having gone through the portal, you won’t earn cashback/points on any portal. (Note: We are discussing gift card buying. The portal terms for gift card selling are entirely different.)

We noticed a few portals are now showing different limits:

  • Get 1% back on Ebates, up to $20,000 in lifetime purchases (Link)
  • Get 1x Swagbucks, up to $5,000 in lifetime purchase (Link)
  • Get 8% Shopyourway points, up to $5,000 in lifetime purchases (Link)


There are separate terms on some portals which exclude portal earnings for orders under $20 or over $1,000. Those terms might still apply, so go through Ebates and split up your orders to <$1,000 each until you hit $20,000 if lifetime purchases.

1% isn’t much, but if you buy a lot on Raise it can amount to $200 cashback total on $20,000 in purchases.

With the exception of Ebates and Swagbucks, all other cashback and mileage portals that I’ve seen still have the $1,000 lingo. It might be that they haven’t updated yet or it might be that Raise cut a special deal with Ebates and Swagbucks.

If you are signing up for a new Ebates account, consider using my Ebates referral link. You’ll get $10 after spending $25 within 90-days and I’ll get $5 or possibly more.

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David Hanson
David Hanson

Aren’t you forgetting the Sears HC portal? 8% and higher limits, IIRC

William Charles

Added this


Non sequitur

What is the threshold in cvs while buying vgc to trigger scanning of your DL? The lady wanted to scan my DL when I wanted to buy $500 of one vanilla gc.

Read on fatwsllet that if had been lowered since 2015. Any datapoints?


It’s hard coded, but I don’t know the threshold. I’ve always needed ID for one 500 VGC or paypal.


@Credit YMMV. Depends on the cashier and individual store. I think the policy is over $300, but there are always overly cautious cashiers. In my area, only CVS asks for DL/ID and compares with CC.

With Debit PIN purchases, they are not required to check ID but some still do.


Thanks guys.

Notice I am not talking about checking id. I am talking about scanning the DL into their system as a permanent record. I was shocked that they would even care about $500.


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