Posted by Chuck on October 17, 2018

Published on October 17th, 2018 | by Chuck


Get 1,000 AA Miles with $1 Barron’s Subscription (or 800 United, 700 Alaska, 700 SW)

The Offer

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  • Barron’s is running a special promotion to get an 8-week subscription for just $1.
  • You can also go through a shopping portal and get one of the following:
    • 1,000 American Airlines miles
    • 500/800 United miles
    • 700 Alaska miles
    • 700 Southwest
    • 1,000 BarclayCard RewardBoost points

Our Verdict

The portal rates are typical or slightly elevated. But only occasionally do they run the $1 offer which can work alongside the portal offers. We had a WSJ offer not long ago as well. 

Be sure to mark your calendars to cancel. Note, you do have to call in to cancel everywhere outside California.

Hat tip to reader Kenneth

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Can you sign up once on each portal?

nice! we’re just 6,000 AA miles short of 3 one way business class tickets to India for the family.

i will say it AGAIN you can cancel online, when you use paypal. only available with digital only, after 45 days go to paypal> manage auto payments and cancel

You sure about that? Lack of payment doesn’t constitute cancellation of your agreement with the newspaper/magazine company.

What I’m saying is, stopping an autopay service doesn’t mean they cancel your subscription and won’t bill you for it.

$1 for 8 weeks is only available in DIGITAL+PRINT (at least when purchasing through AA site). I assume it is the same for all others since the transaction takes place on Barron’s site.

nope its available on digital only too

you are right… my initial thought was that paypal acts as the vendor as in many cases for example returns, shipping are done thru paypal with many companies.
upon further inspection though, i couldn’t find any t&c with paypal…

That’s not cancellation, you’re just not paying the bills. They can keep the tab running and forward the unpaid balance to a collection company, that will trash your credit score. Calling in to cancel a simple subscription beats fighting a collection company and derogatory remarks on your credit.

nah, you’re not handing out your social security number when you sign up. You’ll be fine

Not sure if this is because I live in CA, but I cancelled both Barron’s and WSJ at the 46 day mark for the previous promo directly through their respective websites (clicked on Customer Center>My Subscriptions>Cancel Subscription). I would definitely recommend this route if available rather than attempting to cancel through PayPal, which would not likely effectuate the cancellation on Dow Jones’ side.

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southwest is 700 miles, not 500

how do you pay with paypal; i only see CC option.

Select digital only

When I try to create an account on Barron’s, it keeps saying my email is not an existing user, even though I’m trying to create a *new* account. Some kind of glitch.

I had that happen last time. If you signed up for WSJ, try using the same login.

Has this worked for anyone with new email but same AA account as a prior pts promo?

Is this repeatable across programs? That is, terms in each portal say “Offer is limited to one (1) trial subscription per loyalty account.” — but can I really take advantage of this offer in each portal? I’ve already done Barron’s in UA & SWA, do I push my luck in AA now? It’s trivial to create a new Barron’s login, but all are still backed by the same name & address (mapping to a credit card)

you can definitely do 3 portals the real question is can you do the same portal multiple times (over different periods)

I have done WSJ in the past with Acorns and then with AA and received both.

Can you use suspend delivery trick to get free digital Barron’s for an extended period (like what was said for wsj)?

when do these miles post?

Thanks. I did this today for the 700 Alaska.

What is the definition of “portal”? Is the American Advantage shopping site considered and the United site considered another portal?

How long does it take for these miles to post

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