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Published on April 23rd, 2017 | by Chuck


Get $20 Staples Gift Card with $300 in Mastercard Gift Card Purchases [4/23-4/29]

The Offer

Direct Link (upcoming ad page 3)

  • Get a $20 Staples gift card via Staples Easy Rebates when you buy $300 in Mastercard gift cards at a Staples store

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.36.32 AM

The Fine Print

  • Valid Sunday 4/23 through Saturday 4/29
  • In-store only
  • Limit one rebate per household

Our Verdict

$20 Staples gift card isn’t the best, but still worthwhile for some. Learn more about Staples Easy Rebates in this post. As always, be sure to use a credit card that earns bonus points for office supply stores.

Hat tip to Slickdeals

76 Responses to Get $20 Staples Gift Card with $300 in Mastercard Gift Card Purchases [4/23-4/29]

  1. Jerry says:

    Not worth chasing in my opinion. Less than 10% reward with staples GC makes this less attractive.

  2. Dave C says:

    Can Staples GC purchase a third party? Thinking the $20 Staples GC could be good for the next $20 Gap GC discount. Thanks Doc

  3. Steven Dalnekoff says:

    You can buy merchant gift cards (like a $25 amazon card and pay the difference with another card) with the $20 staples gift card, right?

  4. Max says:

    Can the Staples GC be used for purchases of VGCs?

  5. peter says:

    cant be stated enough serious and ongoing fraud issues with these mastercard gift cards

    • Jason says:

      Viable and highly profitable IF and only IF…
      1. Liquidate MC GCs right away with sources other than slow WM … like same day, to minimize hacking;
      2. Use the $20 Staples Rebates GCs to buy Amazon GCs in store, and you value the merchandise on Amazon. Find the right Staples store, right cashier, and right time of day, and you can buy all the AZ GCs you want with Staples GCs. Build relationships!

      Good luck.

  6. Mark O says:

    I wonder if these would work at the USPS like the ones from Office Max did

    • CtownBin says:

      They do work at USPS. But there’s been a ton of fraud on these cards, as with all US Bank issued gift cards lately. Make sure to liquidate fast.

      • Santander says:

        Where’s the data points on the fraud? Seems hard to fraud a debit card

        • Mark O says:

          A lot of people’s cards are drained or compromised even before activating them. There were reports of people having 10 out of their 20 cards compromised as soon as they were bought etc.

  7. bob says:

    can you use Staples GC to buy USPS Stamps at the Staples register? I realize we can try to sell Staples GC online, but otherwise, they don’t seem worth chasing

    Though, my printer does need toner. And dusting.

  8. Justin says:

    I heard that some post offices are not allowing use of gift debit cards anymore. Anyone know? Thanks.

    • NinjaX says:

      yes. YMMV.

    • R says:

      3 in my area refused, gonna try the 4th and 5th and so on….. so yes ymmv

      • VK says:

        Sorry a newbie to the GC->MO thing, hence a quick question.
        Last week was my first stint as USPS’s & WM; The metabank VGC’s didn’t work at either USPS or WM, but the Bancorp MGC (from Sam’s) worked only @USPS.
        Are we saying that even the Bancorp MGC are being denied? Any idea what works at WM Money center? They don’t accept either.

        • calwatch says:

          Some POs get suspicious when too many people are doing money orders at their location. That’s a location specific issue, although if R is having that much trouble it could be a directive from a district manager. YMMV is absolutely right.

        • Mark O says:

          Vanilla visa’s and MC have only worked at USPS for over a year now I think. Metabanks haven’t worked at USPS in about 6 months but they should have worked at walmart no problem.

          • VK says:

            Actually the moneycenter lady didn’t even allow me to swipe after seeing the Metabank GC. I think it is YMMV

          • Mark O says:

            Oh for sure – depends on your cashier. I was at a location where the service desk manager told the customer to go buy a prepaid card with a credit card if she didn’t have a debit care to pay for the money order haha

            But Metabanks will work fine when swiped at walmart.

          • Eric says:

            That’s insane. I’m just curious, in what state did this occur?

          • Mark O says:

            In Michigan – she actually told her to go buy a vanilla visa out front – so she must not know they don’t work and that you can’t buy them with a CC at walmart most of the time ha

  9. Jan B says:

    Since I have to swing close to the nearby Staples on personal business, I will stop in and see if I can roll some smaller funds from two Visa GCs (including the last rebated Staples Visa) and roll them into the $300 value MCs there. The local Office Depots were so complacent and almost rude last week, I wouldn’t mind throwing some business at Staples.

    They occasionally have some great deals on product that needs to move out. I will use whatever CC needs spending for the balance to hit $300 and online file for the rebate.

    Will it go smoothly? One can only hope! 🙂

    Just read above stamps can be bought with Staples card. Great idea.

  10. Mr. Awesome says:

    Can the GCs be loaded onto Amazon?

  11. Randy says:

    It would be worth the trouble for me (I have the Chase Ink business card) IF the trouble didn’t include miy experience of over 10 Mastercard Gift Cards last year from Staples that had money stolen from the cards while still in original, sealed packaging.

    I should get the money returned, but dayum what a hassle. Think I’ll pass.

  12. captainsave says:

    If it were the $20 vgc rebates it will be worth the risk but $20 staples gc nahhhh.

    • Randy says:

      Oh – and no-one’s even mentioned that the visa rebate cards get hacked as well. The problems been going on for at least a year. My sister got hacked on the west coast around then. It was a six month fix for her.

      • Gerald says:

        True. I had one Visa rebate card hacked, but since they’re small amounts, they’re not as tempting as the MCGCs. Of course, the hacking of Visa rebate cards is irrelevant to this particular deal, since the rebate is a Staples GC.

  13. Karen says:

    I bought 6 MasterCard gift cards at Staples during their March 19 promo, and found 4 of them had been used fraudulently before the package was even open. I completed all the paperwork to get them replaced, and so far have received only one – minus a $5.95 processing fee! From the above comments, I see my experience wasn’t unique.

    • charie says:

      Yes, I’ve had 3 mastercard giftcard hacked.The problem is they all use the same sequence and only change the last 4 digits so it makes them very easy to hack. Plus when you call the fraud line, you don’t get very far. Not worth it. Stick with Visa instead.

    • Randy says:

      Karen, you can call the number on back of the new card to have the fee waived (added back to your card.) It takes up to 48 hours and you can only do two cards per call but you can call right back for the rest.

      I’ve got to decide if I’m a Staples shopper anymore.

      • Karen says:

        Thanks, Randy – I just made the call this morning and they told me to wait 48 hrs for the credit. Now if only they would send me my 3 other replacement cards!

    • captainsave says:

      If you look at these MCGC you will see why its so easy to hack. Hackers only need to guess the last 4 numbers!! First 12 numbers and exp date are all the same!! I wonder if MCGC is in on the hack. I know their getting a lot of calls about this issue yet won’t do anything about it. A simple change will fix this problem but are yet to do it.

      All others gc only firs 6 digits, 8 at most are the same.

      • Randy says:

        It may be time for a class action lawsuit, as money is being tied up for lengthy periods due to a long term problem either being ignored, or at the least going unsolved. Staples is equally culpable, though I’ve never personally contacted them, I’ve only talked with the bank.

      • Karen says:

        I noticed those sequences myself as I was reporting my fraudulent cards. Someone suggested registering your cards and changing the pin, but what good would that do if the hacker uses the card as a credit card?

        • Bill says:

          If run as credit, changing the pin is meaningless.

          Spoke with a MCGC CDR once and it was clear I loaded $200 but the card showed up across the country using the standard fraud MO – a $2 purchase at Starbucks followed by draining foe the balance across the street at a Lowes. After I reported the fraud, I lost online access t that transaction detail. Still have $0 to show for it.

          Now when I get the option for emailed receipts I get frustrated when the cashier tries to expedite the process by skipping the emailed option.

          • cm says:

            It totally pisses me off when they click the button for print-only receipt, especially if I’m already using a rewards account, and the email address is thus pre-populated automatically.

            Why on earth so many of OD/OM employees are doing that? Clearly the training is lacking, as well as the common sense.

  14. Randy says:

    As long as the burden of proof is on the retailer who accepted the card – US Bank has no interest in solving the issue. The fact is, that they are the common denominator. My sister had this situation with them in November of 2015 and they said they were working on it. OMG!

    • Eric says:

      What do you mean that the burden of proof is on the retailer? Isn’t USB the one that is issuing new cards? Aren’t they losing money?

      • Randy says:

        Awwe hell no. US Bank makes (Amazon for instance) prove that they accepted a card from the legitimate owner. They have three months to prove such, and if they can’t, they have to return it to the bank. The bank then returns it to you. That is why the process takes so long. Any unspent portion (i.e. $.40 left on the card – they’ll send to you in a day or so.

        • Eric says:

          If this is true it explains why USB is in no hurry to fix the hacking problem.

          How could a retailer (ie Stop & Shop) confirm that the “legitimate owner” is using the card when there is no name on the card?

          • cm says:

            A friend of mine claimed that having a card imprint is still helpful for such purposes. 🙂

            But then so many of the new cards don’t have the embossing no more!

  15. Randy says:

    This PSA should be read by everyone considering this deal. Anything from US Bank is highly susceptible to fraud and theft

  16. Eric says:

    I am really surprised at all the ridiculous questions about using Staples GCs to buy other GCs. You have not been able to buy GCs with Staples GCs online ever. In-store it was very YMMV but the datapoints nowadays for succeeding with buy GCs with Staples GCs is like close to zero.

    • Sam says:

      Why is it ridiculous if it was ymmv in stores?

      • Eric says:

        Because its not really YMMV anymore in stores. It was only like very few datapoints to verify if the POS was hard coded to not accept staples GCs to buy 3rd party GCs. But in stores there are signs that clearly state that staples GCs cannot buy other 3rd party GCs.

        The only reason why some datapoints were able to get it through was because they found some ignorant newbie that did not know the rules and was able to squeeze on by. If you think the success rate is like 90% then you are wrong. Feel free to try it out.

  17. james says:

    They don’t need to even guess last numbers because they are in the UPC exposed on the back of the package. Last number can be calculated with
    Next they load it to amazon because CVV is not required.

  18. Dan says:

    For what its worth – most of this fraud has been in California. I went through 50 mastercards in the midwest and not a single one was compromised.

    • Andrew says:

      I recently went into my local Staples store (Rhode Island) and they had about thirty $200 VGCs in stock. Nearly all of them had the tabs covering the barcodes ripped off the packaging. Kinda shocking how clueless the store employees are. You’d have to be crazy to buy one of those.

    • Randy says:

      Richmond VA here – with 10 hacked cards.

    • Lily says:

      Not true. In mid-south and got hacked 3 times (master cards bought from OD)!

    • Karen says:

      I recently had 4 hacked MC GCs purchased at Staples in OH – all the fraudulent transactions were done in CA (San Diego and Riverside counties), plus they all had a $2.00 charge from a Lowe’s in Illinois.

      • Chris says:

        Same here- Cleveland Staples cards hacked by a CA (Riverside I think) immmediately… But the Reps fixed one before it was actually used ($2.00 PENDING Charge at Bloomingdales) – and the other one they refunded me on a DIFFERENT Pre Paid Debit Card mailed to me… Its amazingly easy to hack these apparently.

  19. calwatch says:

    I just dump them to Kiva when I get home and have had no problems.

  20. iahphx says:

    It’s a shame that buying these GCs is “risky” due to fraud. Otherwise, if you have access to a few mailing addresses for the rebate, I would say it would be worth buying them for liquidation at the Post Office 4 cards at a time (assuming you have easy access to a “friendly” Post Office). But through in the risk of buying a hacked GC, and I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble.

  21. Ashok says:

    Hello ALL

    Can the USPS MO be purchased by using split payment on 4 of these MC debit cards ?

  22. Dan says:

    At the store near me they don’t carry $300 gift cards it maxes out at $200.. so it wouldn’t really be worth it after all the $13 or so in card fees

  23. MarcoPolo says:

    Anyone who bought a MC GC using this deal please drain it ASAP as fraudsters are draining these !!!
    You can read about it here:

  24. joe says:

    weird, the rebate status shows sent, but never received the your rebate is in the mail email…

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