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[Expired] [Deal is Back] Get 3,000 JetBlue Miles for Amazon Prime Signup

Deal has expired again.

[Originally posted on 5/1/17. Reposted and updated on 6/29/17 since this deal is back (HT: MontyFC). Perfect timing for upcoming Prime Day on July 11.]

The Offer

Direct Link

  • Signup for a new annual Amazon Prime membership through JetBlue and get 3,000 TrueBlue points


The Fine Print

  • Valid until 5/8/17 7/6/17 at 11:59 pm ET
  • Limit one Prime bonus (you won’t get two 3k bonuses for two Prime purchases through the same JetBlue account)
  • Fully-paid Prime memberships only ($99 + tax), no points are earned on trials
  • 3x per dollar is NOT earned on top of the 3,000 points
  • Allow 30 days for points to post
  • Not valid on Prime Gift purchases

Our Verdict

Really excellent deal. Assuming you value Jetblue points at one penny or more, it’s a $30+ rebate on the $99 fee.

You can always earn 3x JetBlue points per dollar spent, and that works even on Prime membership as per the terms. But that just gets 297 points (3 x 99) while this gets you 3,000 points.

The FAQ states the following: “What if I am already an Amazon Prime member? This promotion is only for new Amazon Prime members, so you would not be eligible for the 3,000 TrueBlue points promotion.” I wonder what will happen if you cancel your Prime membership and then go through the JetBlue link to signup again (which will extend your membership).

There are a couple of other deals to get Prime membership if you prefer:

As always don’t forget to stack discounts at Amazon as well. We keep our guide to saving money on Amazon fully up to date.

17 Responses to [Expired] [Deal is Back] Get 3,000 JetBlue Miles for Amazon Prime Signup

  1. Matt says:

    What if your a month to month member but use this link to become an annual subscriber? Would that qualify?

  2. Mark Tothfalussy says:

    Whtat if you cancel your prime get a prorated refund and then sign up with jetblue promo? Is tht possible?

  3. Liz says:

    Has anyone been able to successfully get this to work? I get the following error:

    You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.

    Reference #18.f3ce8f18.1493668465.15594ea5

    That happens if I click on the link from the JetBlue page when I’m NOT logged in to my JetBlue account. If I am logged in, it automatically redirects me to my account home page, from which I cannot navigate to the offer. Tried on multiple web browsers, all do the same thing.

  4. dave says:

    My wife had a full Prime membership and cancelled 2 years ago. If she applies now, will that be considered “new”?

  5. Marshall says:

    This is an exclusive, one-time only promotion for 3,000 points and only first-time Amazon Prime customers signing-up through their special promotional link on the Points for Prime page are eligible for this promotion.

    You have to be the first-time prime customer according to the fine prints. Don’t know if this is strictly enforced yet.

  6. Deborah Doctor says:

    Thanks, DoC…just signed up through TrueBlue and charged the fee to my AmexGold, which had a special offer of 2,000 additional Membership Rewards points for a purchase of $50 or more from Amazon.

  7. Matt says:

    I was a month to month subscriber and my membership ended yesterday. I set it to not renew. Today I was able to receive the promo for 3K points. Also if you buy an amazon gift card before joining for just under the total amount due for prime you can use the gift card balance and then remaining couple of bucks put on your credit card. I only mention it because you can get 5X UR points with Chase Ink going through PPDG to buy the amazon gift card.

  8. AD says:

    I piggyback on my parents’ membership, so I don’t have full prime (no streaming music/video). I wonder if I sign up for this as a full member if it will work…?

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