Posted by William Charles on May 18, 2016
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Published on May 18th, 2016 | by William Charles


How To Get Referral Links For The Best Offers With American Express

American Express currently have three referral offers that are interesting:

The first two offers are interesting because the only way to get those higher bonuses is by using a referral link (the public and affiliate links are for 50,000 & 75,000 points, you can share your links here) and the third offer is interesting because for every person you refer you receive 10,000 SPG points rather than the standard 5,000.

amex referrals

Sometimes these better links are from targeted e-mails, so currently only some people are able to generate links for the higher Hilton offers for example. Thankfully it’s possible to still generate these links even if you were targeted, all you need to do is use somebody elses link and then log into your account as all of the links are generic and not tied to a specific account.

So, here are the links you need for the above offers:

In future we will try to provide these links whenever we find out about a new referral offer, you can help us by dropping them in the comments if we haven’t already included. Finally, feel free to share your SPG links in this linked post & your Hilton links in this linked post.

Hat tip to US Credit Card Guide

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I got a referral link through the 75k HHonors link you posted. The referral email says: ” If your application is not received by 05/04/2016, you will not be eligible for the 75,000 Hilton HHonors™ Bonus Points offer and the friend who referred you may not receive the Referral Bonus even if your application is approved. ”

So it seems this link is already expired?


I clicked on a Amex banner ad while browsing here and it basically allowed me to log in and send a referral link to my wife. The same message appeared in her email. I think someone at Amex forgot to update the date.


I used your technique to get the referral link to send it to friends. But in the terms and conditions, they have received that the application should be received by 5/4/2016 to get 75,000 points. So will it not work?

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