[Expired] Get Walmart+ For $49/year (50% Off)

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The Offer

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  • Walmart+ is offering 50% off their annual membership – that’s $49 for the year instead of the regular cost of $98.

The Fine Print

  • Pay $49 for the first year of an annual membership.
  • Not available to InHome members or current, paid annual members or members with a current plan through a third party offer other than those offers through YouTube, GamePass, and Panera.
  • Offer expires 7/13/2023.

Our Verdict

Nice deal. A lot of us get Walmart+ for free with the Amex Platinum card. For paid membership this can be a good deal. It only works for those who are not current members. We’ll add this to our main Prime Day post as well.

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George (@guest_1649462)
July 8, 2023 06:02

Does anyone know if I charge this $49 to my amex platinum will I get a $14 or $20 credit? I don’t currently have the monthly subscription activated and my plat card will be cancelled soon.

Jim Gill
Jim Gill (@guest_1649028)
July 7, 2023 13:35

I am a current Walmart+ member. I called to complain that this deal was only available for new W+ members. Once the person I spoke to understood my issue she said she would speak to her supervisor. I was eventually transferred to Jonathan in W+ customer service. Jonathan said the promotion WAS AVAILABLE TO CURRENT MEMBERS. Jonathan cancelled my existing W+ and re-enrolled me for $49 beginning this month. Maybe I got lucky speaking to the right person but I got the $49 deal.

Ali (@guest_1648811)
July 7, 2023 09:27

Walmart isn’t offering enough perks to make this valuable compared to Prime (music, unlimited photo storage, ad-free video, Luna games, Twitch perks). I’ve done Walmart pickup several times and they never get orders correct and it’s never ready during my pick-up block. They don’t have their own delivery people so tips are expected. Their grocery prices don’t beating Shoprite and Aldi. I’m not sure what benefit people are getting out of this? The only benefit I see is the scan-and-go feature. I’m not sure why Sam’s Club isn’t included, at least that would make it worth it.

Matt (@guest_1648845)
July 7, 2023 10:13

You must live in an area with worthless employees. I have done Walmart pickup nearly 100 times over the past three years. One mistake is all that I have had. I don’t even believe it. You would expect a lot of mistakes, but I’m amazed by the efficiency. Everyone I have asked in my circle has the same experiences I do. `

Adam (@guest_1648992)
July 7, 2023 12:50

Benefits are that your groceries are delivered to you without leaving your house. This easily saves me a minimum of 90 minutes per week. Sometimes they’re out of some things but its still over whelmkngly the last subscription I’d give up.

The app gives u an option to select substitution preferences for all items at the time of your order. Only after a year did I discover this.

Aki (@guest_1649942)
July 9, 2023 08:23

Are you complaining to complain? Prime does not have Great value and the lowest grocery items /oz apart from some items in Costco.
All this with no markup and rollback prices delivered to your home, even things not in store. It’s a great deal for most as going to a walmart store is the worse part.

Steven (@guest_1648649)
July 6, 2023 23:11

I thought Amex Platinum didn’t cover tax so you ended up with paying a few bucks. So with this 50% off offer, would this cover tax also?

Original Jack
Original Jack (@guest_1648831)
July 7, 2023 09:55

I didn’t get charged tax when I subscribed last year. May be a state thing.

Thomas J.
Thomas J. (@guest_1648494)
July 6, 2023 18:56

Also includes one year subscription (with commercials) to Paramount+.
Worth it to me as I am a big Star Trek fan.

msrecord1 (@guest_1648730)
July 7, 2023 04:40

The ad-free premium tier of Paramount+ has been completely free to everyone for the past three years.
You’re doing it all wrong.

Ali (@guest_1648810)
July 7, 2023 09:21

Paying for ads is always a bad deal. Don’t be that guy.

Frey (@guest_1648980)
July 7, 2023 12:39

I don’t see a difference between paying for cable, which is so much more money and has commercials, than paying much less for a subscription with ads. Other than a repeating ad, which is just annoying. Now, as for Paramount+, there are free month coupons all the time and of course it’s better to choose the no ad version when it’s free.

CG (@guest_1648476)
July 6, 2023 18:30

Amex thinks this is valued at $150 lol

Al (@guest_1648461)
July 6, 2023 18:07

Most ridiculous membership that envies its abusive colleague; CostCo.
Putting minimum order treshold for delivery of all grocery items with the + membeship !!
Even for dry shelf items such as peanut butter, baking powder, or vineagr
How insane businesses are these days !!

ck (@guest_1648521)
July 6, 2023 19:35

They are offering this at almost 1/3 the cost of Amazon Prime, my guess is not letting people order single grocery items or small grocery orders is a way to allow them to keep the program competitive. Can you imagine how many people would abuse this if you could have every single grocery item shipped to you for free individually?

Al (@guest_1648539)
July 6, 2023 20:02

I’m not sure why you’re defending these big A-holes corporations ?!!
What’s the point of having a paid membership then if there is a need to meet the minimum order ?!!
Most businesses ship things for free after a minimum order anyways !!
Also how long you think that half a Price membership would last and what you are going to do after the promotion?
Pay the full price and also meet the minimum order every single freaking times ?!

How Amazon can do it ?
How Home Depot can it ?
Their delivery people are always in the neighborhoods anyways ,
Watch your pocket and don’t worry about Walmart ?
They won’t go out of business until make us bankrupt !!

Celia (@guest_1648619)
July 6, 2023 22:09

When I had Walmart+, I could have individual items delivered, such as peanut butter, baking powder, etc. It is the “grocery” that is delivered by a shopper or whoever that had that $35(?) minimum as well as the grocery pickup. I found the grocery pickup minimum annoying. But I ordered little things like peanut butter for shipping that ended up being delivered by DoorDash half the time.

Ed (@guest_1648656)
July 6, 2023 23:29

Yeah, the grocery pickup minimum is annoying. On the other hand, I can understand why they put minimum order for grocery delivery. Otherwise people would be ordering a single banana for delivery…

ck (@guest_1649051)
July 7, 2023 14:08

Al is a good example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. It sounds like he has never learned about or had any experiencing with actually running and operating a business, and basic concepts like operating expenses. He sounds like one of the countless people who just complains about the “A-hole corporations” online without any actual viable alternative. I think if he truly believes that his business model would work then he should start it and easily take out Amazon and Walmart. I am sure it is just as simple as he claims. He can charge $0.01 annual fee and deliver single bananas to every customer every day because that is how math works in his mind.

Ben (@guest_1648625)
July 6, 2023 22:23

Go to your neighborhood bodega and buy what you want with no minimum. None of the evil corporations are forcing you to be member.

Al (@guest_1648711)
July 7, 2023 02:21

Pay your membership bills and be happy and feel good when you look at yourself in the mirror every morning and applaud yourself of being a great corporate and retail customer, if you have a medal at home hang it to your neck when shopping online at Walmart and you may want to send that photo to their business office to give you one time credit for a loaf of Great Value Slice bread !!

SB (@guest_1648755)
July 7, 2023 07:25

^ Sent via iPhone.

Original Jack
Original Jack (@guest_1648840)
July 7, 2023 10:11

Why do you care if someone uses their service? Do you say the same to those that use Amazon Prime? Costco or Sam’s? No company is clean.

Al (@guest_1649293)
July 7, 2023 20:50

I care because as long as the corporate suckers / follower people exist we and majority of the people would be their victims ,
Amazon at least gives you a choice for monthly membership for their Prime and no minimum purchase needed for free shipping ,
but next time you’re at CostCo try asking Their CS to buy a monthly membership?!! They would laugh at you and if you like to cancel it they refund all your annual membership fee at once even if you cancel it on day 364 or a day before next year due date ,
but why?
Why they don’t give partial refunds instead ?
Do they like losing money ?!!
No !
They pretend it means you don’t like our business and next time you get a membership and cancel it they ban you for good and ever !!
Why they don’t offer monthly membership ?!
Because they are corporate fascists !!
They say : Costco ‘s livelihood is the Membership!
but why the whole annual fee at once ?
Also when you are buying a hot dog there ask at the counter I don’t drink soda and please take the fee for the coke off my bill and see how those poor employees look at you like you’re crazy and say it’s included can’t take it off whether you like it or not

jd (@guest_1649296)
July 7, 2023 20:57

show us on the doll where costco touched you

Al (@guest_1649298)
July 7, 2023 21:01

You continue sucking , why do you care !
You seem good at sucking and or enjoying it !
It’s not about just the CostCo idiot ;
It’s about Walmart and other corporates too.
You’re a great consumer, I’m sure you’re and the rest of you are the winners here, like the one above who said ordered out of stock items once and got free delivery for below $35 at Walmart,
Yes you guys are the true winners and Walmart and Costco are the true losers here !!
You guys applaud yourself and be happy at being exemplary corporate consumers !

Celia (@guest_1649321)
July 7, 2023 21:47

The beauty of US consumerism is that if you don’t like a company or its policies, politics or whatnot, you’re free to spend your dollars elsewhere. No one is forcing you to have a subscription or shop at any retailer.

Al (@guest_1649436)
July 8, 2023 03:41

I explained beofre above !!
People like you make us all victimized for buying into their craps while we have nothing to do with their shits and eventually this country will have two major retaliers left and two phone company and maybe they would just give you one and not even two options to chose from !!! Those options or choices that you referring to soon will be gone Same as their trashy presidentsial candidates as long as gullible diots like many in this chat exist !!

Al (@guest_1649438)
July 8, 2023 03:59

I explained beofre above !!
People like you make us all victimized for buying into their craps while we have nothing to do with their shits and eventually this country will have two major retaliers left and two phone company and maybe they would just give you one and not even two options to chose from !!!
and they be able to force whatever crap they want on us and those options or choices that you referring to soon will be gone Same as their trashy presidentsial candidates as long as gullible diots like many in this chat exist !!
As Gerorge Carlin said once:
You have No Choice ! You have an illusion of choice but I guess some here are too naive to dig into it !!

Adam (@guest_1648996)
July 7, 2023 12:53

Its not hard to meet a minimum grocery order of $35.

John (@guest_1648698)
July 7, 2023 01:46

Maybe that’s the intent but they are sure too dumb to implement it properly. I could get a $1 bred delivered to me for free every day. Just need to know which items are out of stock. It is easy to figure out if you do this often.

They really need to implement all or nothing option. I never use select substitutes and frequently end up with less than $5 worth of stuff being delivered (no delivery charge). Even though it may be a great deal, sometimes I just don’t need any items if even 1 item is out of stock.

I won’t even mention that you can just create a new account every month and get all these W+ benefits plus 2 welcome coupons worth $20 for free. Oh wait, I did just mention that lol.

Aki (@guest_1649944)
July 9, 2023 08:27

Try running this service for you local area and you will understand why limitations are there. Would be interesting seeing you run for an order of a single lemon to the ridiculous customer.

Darla (@guest_1648441)
July 6, 2023 17:36

Can confirm that if you have the MONTHLY walmart plus, it IS allowing you to switch to walmart+ yearly for $49.

Slick (@guest_1648836)
July 7, 2023 10:00

What do you have to do? I clicked the link at the top of this page and logged in and see nothing to get the deal. I am already a walmart plus member as well

Nick (@guest_1648435)
July 6, 2023 17:21

The biggest benefit to this that I think I see is the ability to do in store scanning for checkout. (Much like Meijer and Sam’s Club already offer for FREE).

The registers have been updated at my location to video everything, and some algorithm seems to constantly think I’m sneaking items into the bags without scanning. About 3 out of every 4 times I check out, it requires me to stop at least once to have a self check out associate check my bag and scanned items.

It literally feels like an interrogation at this point, and is ridiculous.

someones1 (@guest_1648818)
July 7, 2023 09:38

The one time I tried the in-store scanning, and then took that app barcode to the register for checkout, it crashed the register. Took them almost ten minutes to get it rebooted, and then I still had to scan everything again. I’m not sure I want to tempt fate again.

someones1 (@guest_1648407)
July 6, 2023 16:29

So is this saying you can stack this on top of the YouTube, GamePass, or Panera offers?