[Expired] Giant, Stop&Shop, Martin’s: 3x Fuel Points on Visa Gift Cards [3/15-3/21]

Deal has expired, view more Giant deals by clicking here.

The Offer


Giant/Stopandshop/Martin’s have an offer showing in their circular for March 15 – 21:

  • Get 3x fuel points on the purchase Visa gift cards.

Gift cards generally don’t earn fuel points at all at Giant/S&S/Martin’s, but occasionally they release offers like this to get points on gift card purchases.

The Fine Print

  • Valid 3/15/19 – 3/21/19 (starts Friday)
  • Must use store card to get and use the points
  • Be sure to double check that your local store is running this offer before buying
  • “We now accept credit cards for the purchase of Visa, Mastercard, and American Express gift cards”

Gas Points Details

Every 100 points gets you 10¢ off per gallon at Shell, up to 20 gallons. If you have 1000 points, you’ll get $1 off. If you have 1500 points, you’ll get $1.50 off per gallon. 

  • Max discount in some areas is $1.50. In other areas, there might not be any max.
  • You have 30 days to use the points. The day of purchase is Day #1. (Giant PA and Martins might expire at the end of the following month.)
  • Points can only be used at partner Shell stations. You can redeem the points in a different area from where you got the points, but only if that Shell station is a partner. Check out the gas locator for Stop & Shop and for Giant for exact listings of which Shell stations are included. (Giant PA and Martins might only be valid at their own gas stations.)
  • See the FAQ for more details. Some of the details vary by area and store.
  • Points usually are available immediately, but I’ve had on occasion where it took a day until they showed up and were usable.
  • Pro tip: Use a Shell gift card and you’ll usually get the cash price; it’s especially worthwhile to get the lower cash price when using fuel points.

Our Verdict

We haven’t seen any of these Visa deals since November. There’s usually a heavy uptick during summer months, and I expect we’ll be seeing many more over the coming months. Remember to use your Discover card for up to $1,500 at the grocery this quarter, or use a card that earns bonus rewards at the grocery.

Hat tip to reader GS

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MisterBill (@guest_738085)
March 21, 2019 23:19

Did something really stupid today. Decided to buy 2 more $500 cards and was in a hurry on my way to the dentist when I went to Stop & Shop. Took two cards from the display and did not notice until I got to my car and looked at my receipt and saw that I got no points that they were Mastercards. So while I was at the dentist I paid what I owed them with one of the cards and then went to the eye doctor and paid them as well. Then I went back to Stop & Shop and bought 2 $500 Visa cards instead and ate the extra $11.90 in fees to get the gas points.

I had originally considered buying 1 $500 and 1 $480 to avoid going over the $1500 5% bonus limit on my Discover card but didn’t want to be in a situation where I did not have enough points to get the full $1.50 gas discount if I did not buy the 2nd $500. Had I looked at the first receipt, I would have realized my mistake and also would have noticed that I had 49 points so could have bought slightly less than $500 on the 2nd card.

The only good thing was that when I bought the new cards so I was able to get the 5% on another couple of hundred on my other Discover card, which I had not maxed out yet (well, that plus I got 5% on the dentist/eye doctor expenses). Oh, and at least the CS guy I bought the Visa cards from didn’t complain about my paying for them with the Mastercards (and fortunately S&S registers automatically pull whatever is on the card).

H-Bomb (@guest_738683)
March 23, 2019 22:41

How did you get 5% on dentist and eye doctor? Does it code as groceries?

MisterBill (@guest_738897)
March 24, 2019 21:41

I used the Mastercard I had purchased at S&S with my Discover. Then when I went back and bought the Visa cards, I used the Mastercards and padded it with my Discover to get back up to $1k.

John (@guest_736401)
March 17, 2019 23:36

Anyone in S&S territory interested in teaming up with me? I’m in Giant territory. We can load each other’s cards so that we each get $3 off per gallon, instead of $1.50.

PK (@guest_745812)
April 8, 2019 12:37

Looking for a partner in Giant area. I live the S&S area.

PK (@guest_735717)
March 15, 2019 23:20


MisterBill (@guest_735654)
March 15, 2019 20:50

I had not planned to buy a card but had a $500+ repair bill to pay at my car dealer so it was easy to buy and unload quickly (amusing story, the service guy said “someone must really like you, I’ve never seen one of these with $500 before!”). I had to use my 2nd Discover card since the $500 charge would have put my first card over the $1500 quarterly limit. Sadly, I had already charged $2 on that card this month expecting it to be zeroed out at the end of the statement. So the deal cost me $2 but still worth it to get the extra 2.375% on the car repair (vs normal 2.625%) plus the gas rewards.

Cashier I originally went to told me I had to go to customer service to buy a $500 card. Then the CS person told me I could not pay with a credit card. I told her that she was wrong and she agreed to charge it.

Hustler13 (@guest_735561)
March 15, 2019 17:09

Anyone experiencing difficulty in purchasing? I have historically bought $1500 at a time to stay under the log your DL issue and never had an issue for years. Occasionally showing my DL as proof of ID. Today 2 out of 4 would not even sell 1 with a CC. Said I needed cash only. I even showed 2 forms of ID, still no go.

Eugene (@guest_735610)
March 15, 2019 18:57

Do you mind indicating where you experienced this? at least the store or general location?

Hustler13 (@guest_736489)
March 18, 2019 09:58


MisterBill (@guest_735650)
March 15, 2019 20:45

Did you point out the section in the ad where it clearly says that they now take credit cards to purchase Visa gift cards?

I also ran into it today, the customer service person tried to tell me they only took cash. I told her that was wrong and she relented and let me use it.

Hustler13 (@guest_736492)
March 18, 2019 10:01

Yes i did. They did not seem to care. Something about Fraud going on so they could not sell if using CC.

Eduard (@guest_737106)
March 19, 2019 12:45

Are you in Central PA? I just went into a store that I’ve been doing 5k at a time no sweat. Was on a first name basis with most of the CSRs… Manager came over and started getting all pissy. “no no no, too many cards coming back, blah blah blah”. Only let me buy 1 $500 card. I had a similar issue before and I went to corporate. Got a hold of one of the regional managers and she told me to contact her if I ever had anymore issues. I have a few more Giants around that I want to try still. I would normally do $10-15k each time one of these promos came around. Don’t want to cause a big stink and have them crack down even further.. But it’s tempting with these manager’s.

Jimmy (@guest_737122)
March 19, 2019 13:10

Pardon my ignorance, but if you did $15K in one time, how on earth did you redeem 45,000 in points within a month when the maximum you can redeem per fill-up in 1,500. Even if you live in an area where there is no maximum, gasoline is no more than $3.00 per gallon so you can’t be using more than 3,000 points per fill-up. Maybe you have a lot of cars or do a ton of driving. Everyone’s situation is different. But maybe I’m also missing a redemption option where I’m not thinking creatively.

Eduard (@guest_737140)
March 19, 2019 13:48

🙂 No lol, between me and my wife, I counted that we need about $25-28/gallon per month. We both commute to work about 45+min each way. Then some random visits. Church 3x/week. We live in PA, so there is no restriction except up to 25 gallons. In PA, the points are good till the end of the current month in which you earned, plus the entire next month. So the points earned now will expire end of April. I would usually get enough points to last me through the next month. $15k I would usually only do when points were 2x = $30/gal. This time around, I’ll probably do $10k since they’re 3x. There were times when we didn’t use the points so I would tell my brother’s to fill up my mom, or fill up my in laws, they babysit :). Other than that, just pretty normal use. Just to clarify 10-15k during the entire promo period, not in one shot. But 5k at a time pretty much became the norm, they would always just smile and say “he does this all the time”.

Hustler13 (@guest_737216)
March 19, 2019 16:32

Yes i am in that area. I would only do $1500 a shot to stay under the 2k limit so that i did not have to show DL and sign into the book. I would get to about the same amount as you over the course of the week though. This promotion however, it seems everyone is on edge and not letting you buy as many cards as you want.

HarryTheFirstHarry (@guest_735527)
March 15, 2019 16:07

Just a note to not use your S&S card when filling up and instead use FR Alt ID. This will save you an additional 5 cents or more. When using the S&S card, only the S&S points will come off. Any other FR partner stacks as well as the usual 5 cents are either not applied or are cut down. I found this the hard way when I lost portion of my AAA link bonus.

MisterBill (@guest_735651)
March 15, 2019 20:47

So you can get the $1.50 from S&S AND the normal 5c off? I’m also confused how it knows about the S&S reward if you don’t use your S&S card. Am I missing something?

HarryTheFirstHarry (@guest_735791)
March 16, 2019 08:48

of course you have to link the two. the above is valid only after linking. if linked and then you use alt id at shell stations then 1.55 off max and sometime even more with other stacks.

MisterBill (@guest_735909)
March 16, 2019 13:04

Had no idea you could link them. How do you do it?

Never mind, I figured it out.

Login to Stop & Shop and you link the FR account from there. Also went thru Chase to get my Gold status thru the end of the year for the extra 5c back. Now showing $1.55 savings. Nice!

HarryTheFirstHarry (@guest_736004)
March 16, 2019 18:30

yeah sometime back there was a one time bonus for linking and the post is somewhere here on doc and people made multiple FR accounts and also multiple rewards accounts at S&S and Giant (separate stackable bonuses and works even if you don’t live in Giant area) and got the bonus on all of them. They have such one-time bonuses for linking FR with other loyalty programs like they had for AAA as well recently. The extra 5 cents is always on…the bonuses are one time…the trick is to time a S&S point deal with a link bonus that is then ongoing to get almost free gas.

AJ (@guest_735492)
March 15, 2019 14:55

Is there any limit on visa cards for each Stop and Shop card?

Gerald (@guest_735518)
March 15, 2019 15:44

No, but points expire after 30 days. I’ve never tried to buy more than one $500 card per store per day, but that’s just me being cautious.

Russ (@guest_735549)
March 15, 2019 16:56

It’s not a limit per-card, but S&S in my area (near Boston) limits me to $5k total per day. At $2k+ they log my ID info in their book. I always go to the cust svc desk to pay, since doing more than one card at a regular checkout freaks out most cashiers, and when it’s $500+ it requires a supervisor override anyway.

PS (@guest_735475)
March 15, 2019 14:29

do i have to add this to card before buying like ACME. i see this in weekly add pdf however not available in sections where in i can add it with plus button. TIA

MisterBill (@guest_735911)
March 16, 2019 13:12

No, it’s not an e-coupon like at Acme. Just buy it and you should see the points added to your card.

jose mesa
jose mesa (@guest_735285)
March 15, 2019 09:26

Fuel points didn’t post automotically this morning. Had to go to customer service to get this corrected.

Mark (@guest_735330)
March 15, 2019 10:43

Same here, Stop&Shop in MA. This was on the black-colored package.

Tom (@guest_735380)
March 15, 2019 11:49

black kevlar didn’t post automatically, but Lake design did for me.

LovetoTravel15 (@guest_735447)
March 15, 2019 13:33

Just ran out to S&S and got the black Visa one at the customer service center and points posted right away. Pump my car right after too. Everything is good here in MA

Gerald (@guest_735517)
March 15, 2019 15:41

This is a recurring problem with the Kevlar design. I just have to remember to get another package design.

Jason (@guest_733042)
March 10, 2019 21:02

I remember someone mentioned about the method on how to use stop and shop fuel points and shell rewards points together. Anyone know how ?

Eric (@guest_733341)
March 11, 2019 14:36

Yes, you just have to link the accounts together. I don’t recall if you enter the S&S card # on the Fuel Rewards site or vice versa but I remember it was easy to do.

Tom (@guest_735382)
March 15, 2019 11:50

Do you mean S&S and Giant points together?

Jason (@guest_735459)
March 15, 2019 13:54

Shell fuel rewards and stop and shop gas points. I am able to stack these 2 together per above advice so saving $1.6 per gallon today on two cars which is 20 gallons total. That 10 cents is from T-Mobile Tuesday deal, expiring today 3/15.

Tom (@guest_735486)
March 15, 2019 14:48

Right. You can actually create a Giant account too and add to your FR account. Have someone in Giant area load for you and you can get $3.00 off per gallon.

MisterBill (@guest_735912)
March 16, 2019 13:14

Login to the S&S/Giant site and link your FR account.

Also find the link to get Gold status with Chase for the extra 5c. I haven’t bought gas at Shell in a long time since they are not cheap in my area but with the $1.55 discount they will be.