Posted by William Charles on December 21, 2016
Manufactured Spending

Published on December 21st, 2016 | by William Charles


Giftcardmall Has $100 Five Back Visa Giftcards Back In Stock ($100.95 Each)

The Offer

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Our Verdict

Remember to stack this deal:

Not as good as when the $500 are in stock, this deal was supposed to expire on December 10th but it looks like they are still adding more stock and offering the discount.


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max amount is changed to $75 now.

Not only does GCM cancel but occasionally they send deactivated cards. Liquidating $100s is pure misery on a sizeable scale. Mo cards mo problems so I’ll pass on this one. This all assumes you’re lucky and GCM allows you to purchase. It’s not as bad as PPDG, but not much better.

Their so-called security system is absolutely insane, on par with itune. 🙂
I am wondering how many potential customer have been blocked for no reason. Can we BBB them?

On what grounds? Just because they canceled your order? You didn’t lose any money or anything so what are you going to ask for?

False advertisement! I actually got one order shipped, guess which one? it is the one when 5% didn’t kick in.

Why do they run this offer in batches? What is up with that?

The better question is why do they run the promo at all. They can’t possibly make money on these cards unless most people don’t use them at the stores that give 5% back.

I don’t think they are the ones who pay the 5% cashback; those should be the merchants themselves. So the question should really be about the 5% discount they offer in this deal, but even with this discount they might still make a small profit. In the worst case, it’s a loss leader for them, although with all the hassle they put people through, they don’t exactly get such a good reputation.

It’s near the year end my friend. Companies, especially public traded companies, would dream to have a revenue boost so their annual reports look fantastic.

Yeah, they cancel orders randomly. I’ll never use them again!

They indeed do cancel randomly, even for Starbucks gift cards. I’m done with them.

max is $75, not $100

I’m not even able to purchase from them..Their system keeps saying my CC company refused the charge, which is false because I called my CC company and they said their attempt was not blocked on their end.

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