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Published on December 23rd, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Google Express: 20% Off App Order, Stack with Amex Offer

This deal has expired and is unfortunately no longer available. Never miss another deal again by signing up for free and instant notifications of new posts.

Seems there is a public offer available: APPANDSAVE20.

The Offer

Check your emails for this offer:

  • Get 20% off Google Express shopping when using the app and applying the targeted promo code sent via email

The Fine Print

  • Max $20 savings ($100 order will max you out)
  • Expires January 5, 2018
  • Excludes gift cards

Our Verdict

Seems to be widely sent out, probably to anyone who used Google Express before. There’s also a targeted Amex Offer deal from Google Express to get $20/2k back with a $50 purchase. You can make $100 purchase and pay just $60 by combining these two offers or make an order of around $63 (including tax) and pay $30 when combining both offers for a discount of more than 50%.

Google Express is Google’s retail delivery service which brings to your door millions of everyday items from stores like Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and dozens of others. They are useful for heavy items which aren’t fun dragging from the store, like water or soft drinks, as well as bulky items like a case of paper towels.

If you are new to Google Express, you probably didn’t get this code; here are a few alternatives for new members:

  • Use promo code GET15OFF55 to get $15 off $55
  • Use promo code: LetsBuy20 for 20% off (max $30)
  • Use promo code: 3RAQ963S4 for $10 off $10

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Wife got this a few weeks ago. We didn’t use it — but she got targeted again. I didn’t. Seems to target people who used google express before, but didn’t use the app yet.

If you haven’t used your Amex offers for this yet, you should do it soon: in my experience, google express takes quite some time to actually book. One outlier took so long that the pending charge expired and re-appeared almost a month later. It seems to vary by retailer, though.

Does this work on gift cards?

What gift cards can you get on google express?

Depending on your area, lots of different ones – Toys R Us, Lowes, Adorama, etc.

Coupons can’t be used for:
Google Chromecast from Google Store
Google Chromecast Audio from Google Store
Google Chromecast Ultra from Google Store
Google Home from Google Store
Gift cards*
Costco membership costs
Multiple orders
Orders placed with a prepaid or virtual card, if the card issuer won’t authorize the hold
*To successfully use a coupon, make sure to remove any gift cards from your cart. Keep in mind, if these aren’t removed from your order, the promo or coupon won’t be applied and can’t be used for future purchases.

what’s the subject line?


Ordered some oil and filters for our cars/trucks for a little more than half off, can’t beat that.

WARNING: If you can find 2 x $25 gift cards hoping to get the offer, you will find that Google Express will adjust the price by 0.01 at the last minute, and your purchase price will be $49.99 so it will not trip the offer. Make sure you add a filler item for a couple of bucks so that does not happen to you like it did to me. Don’t make it come out to $50 exactly or it won’t work.

I think this is the 4th coupon I’ve gotten. They also keep messing up my orders so they keep giving me more discount codes. I’d rather they not mess up my orders….

Previous one was 10 off 40, didn’t use that, so now 20% off, even worse.

Aditya Shrivastava
Aditya Shrivastava

I haven’t been targeted yet but hopefully will be soon 🙂
Does anyone know if this can be stacked with the $25 code that you get for buying Google Home mini?

The codes for purchasing the Google Home Mini devices can’t be stacked with other promo codes.

Aditya Shrivastava
Aditya Shrivastava


The home minis from Walmart via Google Express been sold out for awhile. Is it coming back?

Aditya Shrivastava
Aditya Shrivastava

I bought directly from Walmart and got the coupon code.

I don’t think you need to be targeted for the 20% off. I used LetsBuy20 on Sunday and it worked.

To be clear, I didn’t need to use the app for the 20% off. I just did it from my desktop.

I tested with buying a gift card from costco and when I get to the payment screen, promo section, it says “Promo codes can’t be used on orders containing gift cards, alcohol items, or Costco membership.”

Can I buy something from Walmart or any merchandise for store pick up so I don’t have to pay for shopping? I already have $25 credit for Walmart. I will use with the 20% discount but it says here I need to order $35 plus to get the free shipping

First time this has happened to me, but my purchase was over $50 after the discount and didn’t appear to trigger the Amex offer, which I had added to the card. Usually I get an immediate email “congrats. You used your Amex offer.” Anyone else having this problem? Should I call Amex?

I just placed an order, no “congrats” email.

Have you received it yet?

I placed an order about an hour ago. No congrats email from amex. Emails only come on about half my amex offers these days. I spent $65.

No. 3 days later, I haven’t received a confirmation email, and the offer still shows as unused. I reviewed the terms and believe I complied with all of them.


This offer does not always generate the email. I got it for 1 card, but not for another. Still did get the credit after about 10 days for both cards.

Amex never sent me and email either but the credit did show up after 12 days

Promo code: APPANDSAVE good for $10 off $40 using app until 12/18 or while supplies last

There’s also APPANDSAVE20 good through 12/26, up to 5,000 uses per day apparently.

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