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[$50k Limit Reset] Grandfathered Chase INK Cards and INK Mastercards will all be converted to current Chase INK Visa program in 2018

Update 1/23/18: u/mwwalk on Reddit reports that the $50k limit is reset with the conversion. Makes sense and good to know.



Chase is sending out a memo to bankers indicating that they’ll be streamlining the Chase INK line in early 2018. Letters will be sent out this week with more information.

  • Chase INK cards are now always issued as Visa cards. Anyone with an old Chase INK Mastercard will be changed over to a Visa-branded card in February 2018 with a new card number and expiration. The existing Mastercard INK card will remain active until April 30, 2018.
  • Some people have old, grandfathered INK products like the INK Classic and INK Bold. (The Classic is similar to the INK Cash and the Bold is similar to the INK Plus.) These will be converted to the current INK program in February 2018 with a new card number, expiration, and Rewards earning structure.
    • I’m not sure what they refer to with a change in “Rewards earning structure.” Perhaps, they’ll be changing INK Bold cardholders to INK Preferred, not to INK Plus (?!). I don’t know, we’ll see.

I see two potential negatives here:

  • Mastercard INK cards still earn 5x at PPDG. That’s a big hit for Mastercard INK cardholders.
  • We’ll have to find out more about what changes are in-store for Classic and Bold cardholders. Assuming it’s just a shift to the Cash and Plus versions, it’s not a big deal. If they shift the Bold to become a Preferred, that’s a negative change for a lot of people.

Thanks to reader D. for sharing

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heh im going to miss my MC Ink I recall a chase employee noticing I wanted to pay a fee with my ink MC and she was like I didnt know we issued MCs

This employee didn’t even know what Chase CURRENTLY does. Chase STILL ISSUES the IHG hotel card as MC. In fact, it converted it from Visa to MC only a few years ago, after it was already converting all of its own program cards (and most of its other partner cards) to Visa.

is yours office supply limit capped at 25K? I have the no fee MC version and thats all I get.

i have an Ink Plus (Visa) and my SO has an old Ink bold MC. We both earn 5x at telecom/cable. does this mean we’re both getting converted to Ink Preferred and the 3x rewards?

If so, i think i’d rather convert both to Ink Cash and get a CSP for one of us..

I have an old Ink card that earns 3x UR points at gas stations restaurants, home improvement, and office supply stores. I’ve been expecting them to convert it to something else at some point, but they never have. Then, out of the blue last week I got a mailer that was done on glossy cardstock (not just a letter) reminding me of my UR bonus categories on this card. Usually they don’t send those sort of things out when they are about to product change a card.

So I’m definitely interested in this post. Maybe my card isn’t grandfathered, but just fathered. It’s old, but not so old to be a MasterCard (it’s a Visa). Maybe since I’m earning UR, maybe they can’t convert me to the Ink Cash card?

I don’t have anything popping up on my online account page (this looks like a screenshot), so I’m curious to know exactly what type of card this reader that sent you this has. I’ll be sure to come back and update if I get anything in the mail.

I received a similar mailing, I believe, reminding me to use the original Chase Ink. It just says “Business”, not “BusinessCash”. I actually like the older card for Home Depot and other home improvement stores. I also have the newer “Cash” card for the 5% off at office supplies stores, and applying for the new card was the only way to get it. I really hope that they don’t get rid of the “Cash” card; I use the office categories, but not to the degree that I can justify paying $95/yr.

Same here. Love this card!

My guess is any no fee cards (i.e. Chase INK Classic) will earn 3x and the the annual fee driven cards will get 5x at office supply stores.

ink preferred?

Anyone know if you can product change from an Ink Bold to Ink Plus?

I guess it’s time to convert to the Ink Cash to that I can get the signup for the Ink Preferred.

Any reason I should cancel the card instead? Was hoping to apply for Southwest Small Business on Monday.

lucky me

already reached 70% of the 50K 5x quota

should max the 50k by Feb 2018

Is there an easy to find this out?

I have a INK BOLD MasterCard, so what can I get?

I do not want to be converted to Ink Preferred without the intro bonus

This doesn’t appear to affect the Ink+ Visa ($95 AF), right? Would absolutely suck to lose 5x office store spend.

I just downgraded my Ink Visa to Ink Cash when the annual fee billed. I still have an Ink Bold MC & Ink Plus MC, both with annual fees due this month. Not sure what to do now. I wouldn’t want to be changed to the Ink Preferred without receiving an enrollment bonus. Any suggestions how to proceed?

so to confirm Ink visa is not being changed?

I have an old Ink Business Plus MasterCard that earns 5x at office stores. Does this mean I’ll get a new Ink Visa (Preferred?) with only 3x at office stores? This would be a huge change.

Anyone have a recommendation on how to keep 5x? Product change possibly?

I have several Ink cards for my business. I’ve had each of my satellite locations with their own card. Much easier for accounting purposes.

So….. I have Ink Cash mastercard (no annual fee), Ink Bold visa (with annual fee), Ink Plus visa (with annual fee) and Ink Preferred visa (with annual fee). So does that mean they are going to convert my Ink Bold to a 2nd Ink Plus, 2nd Ink Cash or 2nd Ink Preferred? That would be disappointing.

Interesting. I just received an official letter from Chase in today’s mail.

They’re converting my Chase Ink Bold VISA into a Chase Ink Plus VISA. But this will now be my second active Chase Ink Plus VISA for my same business. Even though rewards structure isn’t changing, I am annoyed as the names of the different Chase cards helps my staff from getting confused on when to which card.

There are so many people asking unanswerable questions in this thread based on the information that DoC received. This post is more of a heads up than anything. No one has received anything in the mail yet. Maybe these questions will be answered when the letter goes out, but probably not before. If I know DoC, there will be more posts about this as info trickles in. In the meantime, if you are wondering if you can convert your card to something else, bet the data point you want to see. Call them and ask!

Is this personal cards only? I have Business Ink Plus Visa, and losing the 5x on telecom would be a big hit for me.

@DK, all of the Ink cards are business cards.

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