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Published on November 26th, 2014 | by Chuck


Great Holiday Offers from Chime – Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy & More

25 Days – 25 Offers

I received an email from Chime today with some great Holiday offers on the Chime card.chime 25


It doesn’t look like it’s targeted; all Chime cardholder probably got this email.

For 25 days from December 1 – December 25 there will be one offer per day available.

chime 25b


Some of the offers looked very good.

Here’s the offers, from December 1 – December 25:

  1. Free $5 on Amazon
  2. Free $2 at McDonald’s
  3. Free $3 at Bath & Body Works
  4. Spend $30 get $5 at Forever 21
  5. Spend $30 get $5 at Olive Garden
  6. Spend $50 get $5 at Target
  7. Free $3 at Old Navy
  8. Spend $50 get $5 at Lowe’s
  9. Spend $30 get $5 at Barnes & Noble
  10. Free $2 at Chipotle
  11. Spend $50 get $5 at J Crew
  12. Spend $30 get $5 at BJ’s Restaurant
  13. Spend $50 get $5 at Best Buy
  14. Spend $30 get $3 at Marshall’s
  15. Spend $30 get $3 at Gap
  16. Free $2 at Subway
  17. Spend $30 get $3 at Sephora
  18. Spend $30 get $5 at Children’s Place
  19. Spend $30 get $5 at Chili’s
  20. Spend $50 get $5 at Walmart
  21. Spend $50 get $5 at Macy’s
  22. Spend $50 get $5 at JC Penny
  23. Free $2 at Wendy’s
  24. Spend $30 get $3 at CVS
  25. Free $3 at Starbucks 


  • Each offer is only available for 24 hours. Unclear which time zone dictates the 24 hours.
  • It’s not clear if these offers are of limited quantity the way other Chime Offers are. Most Chime offers only have a certain number available, and then they’re gone.
  • Chime has a reminder feature. You can go into your Chime account and set a reminder, so that they’ll remind you of the offers you were interested in. (You don’t need to do this in order to use the offer.)
  • General note: Chime credits post whether you use the PIN on the purchase, whether you don’t.

Which I Like

The offers that jumped out at me:

First-and-foremost would definitely be the free $5 on Amazon. I successfully bought a $5 Amazon gift card using a similar offer with Chime in the past. Since this can be done online, there’s no special trip needed to the store.

Other offers that interest me:

  • Spend $50 get $5 at Target. I’ll load REDbird or AFT and cash-out the $5 that way.
  • Spend $50 get $5 at Walmart. I once bought a money order from Walmart using a similar offer in the past, and the $5 posted as expected. Loading Bluebird/Serve will also work.
  • Spend $30 get $3 at CVS. You can save $3 on a gift card purchase with this offer. See the tip we offered for split-tender at CVS.
  • Spend $50 get $5 at Best Buy.

Black Friday

Chime also sent out an email telling us about 4 offers which will go live on Black Friday, November 28. You won’t see these in your Chime account right now, but they should be there on Friday.

  • Spend $50 get $5 at Target
  • Spend $50 get $5 at Walmart
  • Spend $50 get $5 at Best Buy
  • Spend $50 get $5 at Macy’s

We’ll be able to get the Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Macy’s twice; once on Black Friday November 28, and once on their designated days in December.

The Black Friday offers excite me less because I hate going shopping with huge lines. I doubt I’ll end up taking advantage of them. The more adventurous among us may be able to enjoy those offers.

Let us know in the comments which offer you’ll be using!

Referral link: If you don’t yet have a Chime card, I’d appreciate if you sign up using my referral link: .  If you open an account using this link and fund it with $50, we’ll each receive $10.

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Great. Never had Chime but just signed up using your link as an appreciation to teach us about earning easy money. I am not interested in becoming a “million mile giant” but some of your tips are great for savings few bucks on the side even doing regular day to day shopping.

By they way, I hope my Chime card comes before some good offers disappear..

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