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Heads Up: Starting June 30 Home Depot Store Credits Can Only Be Used In-Store

Beginning tomorrow, June 30, 2016, all Home Depot store credits (gotten from returns and the like) can only be used in-store. Ordinary gift cards and e-gift cards will continue to be useable both in-store and online.

Here are the details from


  1. Can I use Store Credits online? No. Beginning June 30, 2016, The Home Depot will no longer permit Store Credits to be redeemed online.
  2. Why can Store Credits only be used for in-store transactions? To avoid potential fraud, theft and consumer confusion, beginning June 30, 2016, The Home Depot will no longer permit Store Credits to be redeemed online. This change may also protect customers from purchasing fraudulent store credits from third parties.
  3. Does this change affect Store Credits issued before June 30, 2016? Yes. Beginning June 30, 2016, The Home Depot will no longer permit any Store Credits, regardless of date of issuance, to be redeemed online.
  4. How can I check the balance remaining on my Store Credit? Visit a local The Home Depot store and ask a cashier to check the balance for you. Store Credit balance inquiries cannot be made online. Please note that you will no longer be able to receive balance inquiries by calling 1-800-HOME-DEPOT.
  5. Can I still use Gift Cards online? Yes. Gift Cards can be purchased and redeemed in-store and online.

You’ll notice on second-hand gift card resellers like Raise and Cardcash that they have two categories for Home Depot gift cards; one which are ordinary gift cards and might get electronically delivered, and the other is physical Home Depot store credits which can only be used in stores. Raise has also been reminding sellers of this upcoming change that all Home Depot store credits must be listed as store-only due to the upcoming change.

This is also an opportunity for those who are buying second-hand Home Depot gift cards: if you plan on using them in-store, consider buying the store credits instead of the gift cards since these might go for a better price. Just be sure to buy a bit in advance to give time to get the store credits in the mail as you’ll need the physical card.

Update: More recently, they started requiring photo ID for using merchandise credits, making them unusable for anyone but the recipient.

Hat tip to @lagredell

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This puts them in line with Lowe’s policy, which doesn’t allow you to use merchandise credit online.

There should be a class action law suit, I am pretty sure this not legal. Gift cars must be treated as cash currency by the issuing party.

It’s not a gift card, it’s a store credit.

Hey Ignorant one….Store Credits and Gift Cards are the same damn thing!!!!

You can’t pay with cash online….

haha. i love comments from uninformed consumers. they are the best…

Try Gift “CarDs”. Might get you somewhere.

Lots of places do this as well. My wife likes to shop at LOFT and if a purchase is made online with a GC, and returned to the store, the resulting store credit can not be used online.

not surprised. you can thank the Home Depot GC fraud cartel for this one…

I’ve just joined so please excuse the newby dumbness. Signing up for bank account $$$, where on the bank websites do you find the ACH section as mentioned in the e-book?

Not sure what you mean by the ACH section? ACH transfers that work for satisfying the direct deposit requirement are listed on this page: But they are work arounds, so they won’t always work. That is just what has worked in the past. Hope that helps.

I think this is a positive change, despite HD’s continued horrible treatement of people who return unusued & unopened merchandise with a receipt purchased on a gift card / MRC.

What’s positive about it: previously if I purchased a MRC card online, I would hurry to the store and use it up ASAP because of a possibility that the original seller / whoever handled the card could beat me to it and buy something themselves. Now, that’s excluded and there’s no hurry, once I verify the amount at the cashier’s. Winning! ™

I recently returned a pump at Home Depot and got in store credit an hour later the card was lost I went back to the store the same day and they stated they could not cancel or reissue it I’m still trying to find a way to be able to have them reissue here I am 4 days later and being told the only way they can reissue is coming back the same day which I already tried does anyone know if it is physically possible to cancel an in-store credit and issue a new card. Not if they’ll do it just isn’t possible

I work in Home Depot returns, and as far as I know reissuing store credit is just not possible. Store credit is issued for items returned without a receipt (Home Depot is one of the few retailers who will do this by the way) or if the customer purchased items on a debit card and do not want the delay in the money being returned to their account, or if the items returned were originally or partially purchased with store credit. Since Home Depot offers many ways to look up returns including by email address (if originally provided) store credit should not be used as often as it is. They have always been non-transferable, now the policy is being enforced.

These policies are posted at the stores, by the way.

I believe that in store credit should be able to be use online I had my reciet and still they gave me 106.00 in store credit I didn’t. Have my husbands card to put the. Money back on it. That is bull

Haven’t any of you illiterate humans passed 2nd Grade?? “Receit”? Try “RECEIPT”. Unbelievable.

Fuck off loser.Is that correct?

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Actually, to be grammatically correct, the above statement should be written: Fuck off, loser. Just saying…

No need to be so rude to others on this site, you could have easily got your point across without the name calling.

That is right William Charles. I totally and completely agree with you. All the negative name calling, remarks and unnecessary negative comments should be completely banned. Just like the good old saying that my father used to tell me, if you cannot say nothin nice to someone……. Do not say anything at all! You seem like a really nice and polite person William Charles.

Thank you, April! Have a nice day 🙂

Can you not just purchase a store gift card in-store with the in store credit so that you can use it online?

this is what I want to know as well.

I shop HD daily,had receipts, it was easier to just get the credit. I just wanted to check the balance left on the card. F Home Depot, their customer svc sucks. I will use my card and then they lose a customer. Lowes here i come. Nicer stores and better service.

In Las Vegas, the Home Depot stores have changed their store credit policy again back on Nov, 14, 2016…any store credits issued for merchandise returned WITHOUT A RECEIPT will have your name “attached” to the card..for example, when you make the return, with no receipt, the clerk will still take your I.D. to see if you are eligible to even make the return because you have no receipt (TRE SYSTEM)..If computer doesn’t deny you the return then the clerk will enter your name into the computer which will in turn attache YOUR NAME to the store credit..making that store credit ”NON TRANSFERABLE”..

Long story short..only YOU, the person that returned the no receipt item CAN USE the store credit..cannot sell on street, send to family or friends, pay landlord for back rent, etc.

Has anyone else experienced this new policy..when you go to use STORE CREDIT at the checkout after you scan store credit and enter in four number pin on back of card you then will BE ASKED TO SHOW YOUR I.D. and if name doesn’t match what’s showing on screen then they will NOT let you use the store credit..only the person who’s name is attached to it.



Excuse me???? U are a Home Depot associate calling maria willman a loser??? Who do you think you are???? Seriously??? R u [derogatory name removed]??? You represent the store and comment this type of crap online!!!!! Well, there’s no law to transfer or sell a gift card or store credit-SAME THING IN MY BOOK. Let that stand up in court anywhere in the world that its AGAINST the Law to sell a STORE CREDIT!!! Who cares, if someone would rather have the cash thats up to them, and definately NOONE elses businesss watsoever!!!! and I give my contractors my store credit all the time to go by stuff; NOW WE CANT DO THIS, becuz of some ridiculous policy that HDEPOT stores think will last???? Not in front of my eyes….thats for sure, that definately wont last long nor will it be valid!!! No law says you have to show ID to use a store credit only when using a credit card MUST you show ID!!! Remember that……….NO RIGHTFUL JUSTIFICATION for this policy, its only gonna piss people off more and more until somebody does something about it:)))) and FYI, I NEVER save my receipts, I own and manage several properties and will buy and return and exxchange all day long!!!!!

They reserve the right to refuse any sale that is the law. try to fight the 109 billion dollar company on there policies like they didn’t have a team of lawyers look at it….

My husband bought me a gift card at home depot specifically for the purchase of flooring l wanted. I ordered the floor but did not have the gift card with me at the time, put the purchase on my home depot card, now they will not let me apply this gift card to the payment, saying it’s a credit card being used as a payment on a credit card. They would have allowed as payment at the time I ordered, but not now. Corporate is to call within 48 hrs to see what can be done. So right now I am stuck with a useless gift card and an extra 100.00 charge on my home depot credit card. He bought this at the same store as I ordered the flooring, I wished we’d know a gift card paid for with cash is concidered a credit card. If this can’t be resolved I’ll never shop there again.

U have to outsmart the system. So return the flooring with your receipt, which they will credit bavk on credit card (same as making payment) Then, tell them you would like to repurchase the flooring using your gift card. Yes, it is an extra step, but oh so gratifying in the end. Then, don’t make that mistake again. I beat the sysyem by returning items that brake after the 90 day return period, by waiting a few weeks after xmas to return it. I just pretend I got it as xmas gift, and am so disappointed that it broke. I might only get store credit, but you can ALWAYS find something to buy there. They have a whole isle of cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, paper towels, trash bags…. That stuff adds up quickly, and you always need them.

Heads up all: I work for HD and starting April 10th only the person who received the store credit will be allowed to use it. The store credit will be linked to your ID#.

Corporate is working on finding a solution for business owners who share store credit with their employees.

How about husband/wife, if one returns something for the other (who normally does all the shopping)?

For $3.28 store credit under my wife’s name they wouldn’t let me do it. I told them we have the same last name and it’s for $3. Also I explained I get the point of the policy but you are a human and not a robot and can understand that we have the same last name so it’s not fraud for $3. Really chaps my hide.

Do the laws that require gift cards under $10 to be redeemable for cash also apply to Store Credit?

I purchased have about a $1000 worth of store credit purchased from ebay, obviously not under my name. Never asked me for ID when checking out. Saw the sign today at the returns desk to my shock. How can I get around this? Can I say its for a corporate account? How bout the self checkout line, how will that work?

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