[Highly YMMV] Amazon: $5 Credit For Downloading Free Kindle App

The Offer

Direct link to offer (if you don’t see the language regarding the $5 credit that means you’re not eligible. This is also our affiliate link so thanks for supporting the site)

  • Download the free Kindle app and get a $5 credit towards your credit Amazon purchase

Our Verdict

Worth seeing if you’re targeted for this offer I think. Seems like the vast majority of people are not targeted unfortunately. As always you can view a complete list of ways to save money on Amazon here, including more deals like this.

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bax (@guest_596474)
May 17, 2018 23:54

Does the clicking have to be done on a phone or tablet for the offer to show up?

Information Booth
Information Booth (@guest_596467)
May 17, 2018 23:37

Four family accounts… targeted for three at $5 and $3 for one non prime… thanks as always… have all your links on my homepage… God bless you the way you have blessed ME!!

Information Booth
Information Booth (@guest_576201)
March 31, 2018 15:50

Interestingly enough… my prime accounts got the $5 offer… non prime got $3 offer… Jesus loves you!!

LnL (@guest_478639)
September 17, 2017 22:25

I clicked on the link and I got $5 credit towards next ebook which isn’t quite as useful for me.

Anna (@guest_478604)
September 17, 2017 21:00

I got it, surprisingly. The Google play store version came installed with my phone, but when I clicked the link it took me to the Galaxy app store. After that, logged in, got the credit