Posted by William Charles on November 6, 2018
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Published on November 6th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Hilton: 80-100% Bonus When Purchasing Points (0.5¢ Per Point, 10,000 Minimum)

Deal has expired, view more Hilton deals by clicking here.

The Offer

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  • Hilton is offering an 80-100% bonus when you purchase Hilton points. You need to purchase at least 10,000 points to get the bonus and this sale means you can purchase from 0.5¢

The Fine Print

  • Valid until December 18th, 2018

Our Verdict

Don’t forget you can go through a portal as the points are actually sold through, for example Topcashback is offering 2.5% cash back on these purchases. You’ll also earn credit card rewards points as normal so if you have the 100% point offer your cost basis is under 0.5¢. Personally I don’t like purchasing points/miles as I find them a lot more inflexible than cash, I also value Hilton points at less than 0.5¢ so this isn’t a good deal for me. We talk about point valuations and issues with people overvaluing points in this post. I guess if you don’t have any Hilton points and have a specific redemption in mind then purchasing points isn’t a terrible idea, but I certainly wouldn’t advocate for purchasing points speculatively.

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I think Chase Ink Preferred earns 3x UR on


Would like to note that even though I personally value Hilton points at around 1cpp (especially at high end (all-inclusive) resorts with 5th night free, tax and resort fees included).
I’m still not jumping all in to buy Hilton points even at 0.5cpp, Why?
Because, We point geeks dont buy/pay for points. We earn them with our time and effort through sign up bonuses and some (manufacture) spend but we dont physically buy them with cash even when they’re on sale.


Also if Hilton had a stable price redemption chart like Marriott/Hyatt it would make more sense to maybe stock up especially if you know where you will redeem them and could calculate the value in advance but with Hiltons volatile redemption its generally a pass.


I value them at 0.5c and I am still buying them. I need 30k for a 5th night redemption coming up soon, and this would allow me to lock in the room now.


For me I value Hilton points at 0.25 cpp based on several redemptions I’ve checked.

I would value them a little higher if:

1) They allowed payment in points for their “Free Sunday” promotion.


2) I ever was able to use a 5th night free!

The longest I ever stay at a hotel is 4 nights even on vacation. So that’s why the IHG 4th Night Free works out for me sometimes. On average I stay 2-3 Nights Per Stay, scarcely 4 Nights and Never 5 Nights.

Also, my redemptions would likely be at Hilton Garden Inn when staying with Hilton so I can stretch out my points further.


Anyone do the arbitrage math on buying and converting to amazon credit?


Worthless offer. Hilton prices awards around 0.4cpp. Can MS at 0.2cpp


Interesting DP here… there is generally a limit of 80,000 points allowed/year for purchase for HHonors, but I got a message on the purchase screen saying that my limit has been raised to 160k for the duration of the promotion (12/18/18).

That means I have the ability to purchase 320,000 points for 1,600 (.5cpp) and get 2.5% back with TopCashBack + cc cashback. I generally value the points at .5 (5th night free), so its a pretty good deal to me.

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