[Expired] Hilton Honors American Express Business Card 125,000 Point Offer + $50 Statement Credit

This deal has now expired, click here for current American Express deals or here for current Hilton deals.

Update: By doing a dummy booking you can also get a $50 statement credit to show. Updated post to reflect this. If you applied for the offer without the $50 statement credit, it’s unlikely American Express will match you unfortunately. Hat tip to iStroking

The Offer

Do a dummy booking to get the offer to show up. Will show up in the payment details section, you don’t need to complete the booking to get this bonus.

  • American Express has increased the sign up bonus on the Hilton Honors American Express business card to 125,000 Hilton Honors points after $5,000 in spend within the first three months of card membership + $50 statement credit after first purchase within three months


Card Details

  • Offer valid until 06/27/2018
  • Read our full review here
  • Annual fee of $95
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 12X Hilton Honors Bonus Points at hotels and resorts in the Hilton portfolio worldwide
    • 6X Hilton Honors Bonus Points on U.S. gas stations, wireless telephone services purchased directly from U.S. service producers and U.S. purchases for shipping
    • 6X Hilton Honors Bonus Points on U.S. restaurants, flights booked directly with airlines or amextravel.com, and car rentals booked directly from select car rental companies
    • 3X Hilton Honors Bonus Points on all other eligible purchases
  • Complimentary Hilton Honors Gold status; Earn Diamond status after spending $40,000 in purchases on the Card in a calendar year
  • One Weekend Night Reward at a hotel or resort in the Hilton portfolio after spending $15,000 in purchases on the Card in a calendar year
  • A second Weekend Night Reward at a hotel or resort in the Hilton portfolio after spending $60,000 in purchases on the Card in a calendar year
  • 10 free Priority PassLounge passes to ease the airport experience and get work done more easily and comfortably while waiting for a flight
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product.

Our Verdict

Previously the sign up bonus on this card was 100,000 points, broken down as follows:

  • 75,000 points after $3,000 in spend within the first three months
  • An additional 25,000 points after you spend an additional $1,000 within the first six months

This is an extra 25,000 points for an extra $1,000 in spend. I think this bonus is significantly better, when the card was first launched I recommended waiting for a better bonus to come along precisely because I thought we’d see an offer such as this. In the short to medium term I don’t see this bonus going any higher than this, but it almost certainly will in the longer term (although Hilton points will almost certainly become less valuable). Some things to note:

For more information and tips about American Express cards, please read this post. It looks like the sign up bonus on the no annual fee card has also been increased to 75,000 points and 100,000 points + free night certificate on anniversary on the Ascend card. I’ve added this to the best credit card sign up bonuses post.

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Monique (@guest_643514)
September 17, 2018 12:18

Tried booking through my AmEx account and then used Chrome (cleared everything) and tried doing a dummy booking. Both times got the message “based on your history with American Express welcome offers, introductory APR offers, or the number of Cards you have opened and closed, you are not eligible to receive this welcome offer.” I am 12/24 FYI. I have 3 total AmEx cards (2 personal Delta cards received approximately 12 months and 9 months ago; 1 new AmEx biz plat received about 2 months ago). Sucks.

WannaBeRacer (@guest_633129)
August 23, 2018 15:46

Looks like a better option of this is available. I just tried the dummy booking and received a $100 credit statement after first purchase + 125k points offer with $3000 spend


Steve (@guest_640174)
September 8, 2018 03:47

This better offer is still active!

Rox (@guest_640386)
September 9, 2018 10:15

Additional info: It works for certain cities only. I tried Orlando and it didn’t work. Tried Detroit and it worked. The URL and payment screen was different for the above two cities.

Sevillada (@guest_640403)
September 9, 2018 11:06

Were you logged in to hh account? Was the booking for the near future? Just tried, logged in, to detroit, for may 2019, and only got 75k + $50 🙁

Rox (@guest_643059)
September 15, 2018 19:41

Maybe it is to do with the brand of the hotel (e.g.doubletree, embassy)?

Rox (@guest_643061)
September 15, 2018 19:56

BTW I found this link for 125K points WITHOUT $100 statement credits.

cardsurfer (@guest_608943)
June 26, 2018 18:29

In order to pull up the 125k + $50 using a dummy booking, log into your HHonors account and try to book a US city. The address bar will contain e2s3 or e3s3

Hat-tip to Peter further down: https://www.doctorofcredit.com/hilton-honors-american-express-business-card-125000-point-offer/#comment-597556

Cameron (@guest_616697)
July 13, 2018 13:49

you can get 100,000 points + $50 + $95 fee waived by doing a dummy booking.

Lrdx (@guest_616703)
July 13, 2018 14:12

25k Hilton point vs $95, you must be valuing Hilton points under 0.38 cents for the later to be better. IMHO getting 0.45 cents value is easy.

Cameron (@guest_616724)
July 13, 2018 15:02

I value points based on Waldorf Astoria in Maui. Thats 95,000 points = $600 for one night. I think thats about .6 cent per point. So 25,000 points = $150. So I guess you could say I lost $55 of value. But I dont play the game like that. I just want to get a free trip by next year.

Sam (@guest_620345)
July 22, 2018 21:54

The latter spend requirement is also less(3k vs 5K)

Paddy (@guest_608562)
June 25, 2018 02:38

Any recent DPs on the 125k + $50 via dummy booking? Is the glitch still live?

Ken (@guest_608803)
June 26, 2018 02:52

Looks like the dummy booking offer is now 100k + $50 so they may have fixed it. Do you still see 125k + 50?

Paddy (@guest_609200)
June 27, 2018 12:16

I was able to pull up the 125k + $50 offer via dummy booking. Got approved for it and I can confirm the email / amex app status check showing up correctly that I was approved for the Hilton Biz card. Seems like the glitch has been fixed, but will wait and report back once the actual card arrives.

Josh (@guest_607637)
June 20, 2018 21:06

DP: Applied for this with just the 75k+25k offer, cardholder’s agreement had first year annual fee waived.

Ken (@guest_608804)
June 26, 2018 02:54

Is this for the personal or business card?

Josh (@guest_609757)
June 28, 2018 13:04


Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith (@guest_604853)
June 12, 2018 19:45

I was able to get the $50 link to show up …

However, just received the card, and it turned out Amex approved a personal card for me, instead of the business card. I am sure I applied for the business card, as I even have screenshot of all the data I entered. Not sure what happened.

Does anybody know what recourse I have here? I was trying to avoid personal card to get back under 5/24 for Chase. Now this just set me back a few more months.

Thanks a lot.

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith (@guest_604869)
June 12, 2018 21:13

I ended up cancelling personal card, and reapplied (and approved) for the business card. No $50 credit of course.

omg (@guest_604509)
June 12, 2018 02:29

This does not work. I applied the business and received personal!

Aanna (@guest_604733)
June 12, 2018 14:25

I was hit by this glitch. I applied through the dummy booking link for 125k points and the $50 statement credit. After approval, the page they give with the new card number confirmed that I had been approved for the Business card. When it arrived however, it was the regular Hilton Honors personal card.

It took nearly an hour on the phone to sort things out. I finally was transferred to someone familiar with the glitch who confirmed the issue. He recommended that I cancel the card I had received and assured me that, as a regular AmEx customer, they had used their own internal data to approve me, and I had not gotten a credit pull.

Most importantly, he confirmed that the glitch is STILL LIVE and all online applications for the business Hilton can still be affected. He recommended that I reapply by phone, but the phone rep could not get my the same $50 statement credit offer.

SJ (@guest_603710)
June 8, 2018 19:09

Is there any one successfully approved with Business card after 06/01 with dummy booking? It seems saving application and apply with Amex link shows the same result.
At least it was started 06/01 and not fixed until 06/06.
Not sure it is fixed at this time or not.

robert (@guest_602631)
June 5, 2018 18:02

How do I get A business card offer to show up Via dummy booking?
Only personal card is showing up

SJ (@guest_602815)
June 6, 2018 11:49

After you clink the link, pop up windows has upper tab.
Business is on the right side.

robert (@guest_602819)
June 6, 2018 12:02


robert (@guest_602885)
June 6, 2018 14:55


Zb (@guest_602893)
June 6, 2018 15:26

YES, same just happened to me about 45 minutes ago. I completed business app (all business questions too!) via hilton dummy.
Was denied. So I called recon, explaining my business and growth (haha).
The rep says “you applied for a personal card, not a business”.
I said no, it should have been business.
rep says “hm. this is second one I’ve seen do this today…” (so I think that was you Robert!)

glad I was denied, otherwise would have gotten a personal card

He transferred me to a rep and she helped me completed business app via phone and was approved. got the 125k, but not he 50 bonus. honestly, not worth the 50. bonus if it

Mark (@guest_604280)
June 11, 2018 13:15

Same thing happened to me and I did not know it after I made one big purchase. I chatted with Amex and found out I won’t get the 125K bonus since I have other Hilton personal cards 🙁

Mike (@guest_597595)
May 21, 2018 22:08

What’s the trick to getting this to show up? I made 2 dummy reservations – one gave me an offer for 75k points and the other didn’t offer anything.

ali (@guest_601304)
June 1, 2018 11:29

Very strange thing happening with this card with dummy booking. I applied for this card twice using business application but both went to personal card and approved for one. I called right away after sending my second application and was told, it was for personal card as well. Now first time, even though I am sure I have applied for correct (business card) but second time, I took screenshots but still personal app was sent. Very strange and AMEX don’t know what’s going on.

Dave (@guest_601660)
June 2, 2018 01:52

I think this same thing might have happened to me. I got approved but the email doesn’t say anything about a business card – only American Expresss Hilton Honors. The app status site also says the same thing. I already have the regular Hilton Honors card though, so this must be the business card that I got approved for, no?

Dave (@guest_601708)
June 2, 2018 11:11

Just a followup…I was able to cancel the application over the phone and then apply using a different link (one without the $50 statement credit). This time it worked and hopefully it will only be one hard pull, not two. Very strange that the business application would be approved for a personal card. The CSR thought I was crazy but suggested I apply over the phone so that it didn’t happen the second time.