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Published on August 24th, 2018 | by William Charles


American Express Hilton Honors Card No Annual Fee Card – 75,000 Point + $50 Statement Credit Offer

You can now get a bonus of 75,000 points + $100 or 100,000 points.

Update 08/24/18: Along with an increased bonus on the business version of this card, this personal version is also available again.

Update: By doing a dummy booking you can also get a $50 statement credit to show. Updated post to reflect this. If you applied for the offer without the $50 statement credit, it’s unlikely American Express will match you unfortunately. Hat tip to iStroking

The Offer

Do a dummy booking to get the offer to show up. Will show up in the payment details section, you don’t need to complete the booking to get this bonus.

  • American Express has increased the sign up bonus on the no annual fee Hilton Honors card to 75,000 points after $1,000 in purchases within the first three months. Plus earn a $50 statement credit after your first purchase within 3 months.


Card Details

  • No annual fee
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 7x on Hilton hotels or resorts
    • 5x at U.S. restaurants, U.S. supermarkets and U.S. gas stations
    • 3x on all other purchases
  • Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product.

Our Verdict

The highest bonus we’ve seen on this card is 75,000 points, so this is an extra $50 that we’ve never seen before.  That being said I still think this will be a common offer. I don’t see American Express offering a higher bonus than this in the short to medium term, otherwise it would directly compete with the business and Ascend card’s that come with an annual fee. That being said it’s still a nice offer if you have a good use for Hilton points as the minimum spend requirement is nice and small. Keep in mind you’re not eligible for this bonus if you’ve had or have this product. Also keep in mind that American Express has increased the sign up bonus on the business card to 125,000 points + $50 and 100,000 points + free night on anniversary on the Ascend card. If you have any questions regarding American Express cards they are most likely answered here.

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Just applied 65k referral offer yesterday. Will Amex match this higher bonus?

You can always try, but Amex doesn’t typically match. They may offer you courtesy points.

Thanks. Will try.

not likely

I applied yesterday too. I just talked to 4 people and was told each time they could not change to the new offer today.

I have this offer but it’s for a conversion to the ascend card. Also the spend is $2k in 3 months. From I can tell, I didn’t see the once per lifetime language.

Lifetime language does not apply to upgrade offers, so you are good to go.

Thank you.

Would AmEx accept apps for this and HH-business card on the same day?

Yes but Amex limits CC approvals to 2 in 90 days, and a max of 5 open CC’s at a time

So what is 75000 points worth?

About $337.50.

In travel rewards or statement credit? Thanks.

Travel rewards

It’s a Hilton card, so ~$337.50 towards Hilton stays.

what about for stament credit? thanks!

This post is useless without mentioning value of each point in dollars. William Charles

You can pretty easily google the value of various hotel/airline points on your own.This post is ANYTHING but useless.

Username Golem checks out, lol
Golem in the Bible = Dummy.

But to answer your question on average Hilton points are valued at 0.5 – 0.6
but its can be much more valuable when redeemed at the right property and when booked for 5 nights with the 5th night free.

Increased points for Hilton referral links : 20000 points for Hilton no fee card , 25000 points for ascend card. Ascend card referral link offers 100k Hilton points and free night after first year , offer expires on 06/27.

Good to see the higher offers available through referral.

20,000 for the person referring or the person referred (or both?)? Where can I find a referral link?

I am going for this. Is there a referrals page already on with the upgraded links?

still have this card xfer from citi…recd upgrade offer to the ascend but for only 75k pts with $95 af…wish have an upgrade offer to 100k pts

if one had the surpass before & apply for the new ascend cc, will the bonus be given?

unfortunately, you won’t be eligible for the Ascend bonus if you ever had Surpass

This is what it says on the application page

“Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product or the Hilton Honors Surpass Card”

thats not true, as I had the surpass and I got the 75K bonus, after I upgraded to the new card.

It gave me the $50 statement credit but only 50,000 points 🙁

try to do it on incognito page

I was able to pull up 75k + $50 sc on incognito page

Reddit comment indicated it may vary by which property you try to book. Try this one:

Is the dummy booking through the Amex website or Hilton’s?

thank you for your comment … helped me

My Citi Hilton card was transferred to this card. If I close it and apply for it, can I still get bonus?

If I applied before the bonus and just received the card today, can I cancel the card and apply again to get the bigger bonus?

How long will it take for the $50 credit to post after the first purchase?

Mine posted the very next day.

Amex doesnt match but they give courtesy points at times. I applied for biz card a few months ago with 100k incentive. Next day, it went to 125k with extra 1k spending requirement. The rep said, if i hit 5k spending in 3 months, call her and she would credit extra 25k. I hit it and called her back, and she made good on her word

Man, had this same offer back in Jan 2016, crazy, I think the min spend back then was $750 tho and no $50 statement.

Upgrade offer to the ascend is back in @amex offer section of the website.
I last upgraded in June.

Do you think the Aspire card will ever see an increased sign up bonus?
The current offer is too weak for me, and if that card had an increased sign up bonus offer, I’ll apply in a heartbeat.

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