How To Sign Up For Multiple American Express Sync Offers

Update: Each person is now limited to getting just one Amex Offer; the tricks (below) no longer work.

If you have any American Express issued cards you are probably familiar with AmEx offers, if you’re not read this. Often you’ll receive a great offer on multiple cards, if you add it to one of your cards it’ll disappear from the others meaning you can only do it once.

I’ve referred to how to get multiple offers before, there was some confusion so I decided to create this post to direct people for future American Express offers. Here is how to do it:


Multiple Tabs

  1. Log into your account at or
  2. Open a new tab and and log into your account again
  3. Repeat step two until you have a new tab open for each American Express card you have
  4. Select a different card in each tab and navigate to the “My Offers”
  5. Save the offers you want to save to your account

Multiple Browser

For some reason, some people prefer to use multiple browsers rather than multiple tabs. It’s the same process as multiple tabs, but rather than opening a new tab in step two you’d open a new browser window. There is no benefit to doing this over opening a new tab that I know of.

Multiple Social Network Accounts

Some offers can be synced through your social media account. Rather than just having one login (and thus one card) you could have one social media account per credit card you have. If you have a gmail account, remember you can use the “+” symbol to make the email address look unique.

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I tried this today and it appears to have not worked. I used multiple tabs in Chrome and as described I had three cards showing the offer. I applied the offer to all cards and it looked like it accepted all. However, the offer only shows in the “Added to Card” list for the first card I applied the offer to..


Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I just used this technique to sign up for “get 10,000 MR points for $500 spend at”. In the terms it says:

“Limit 1 enrolled Card per American Express Card online account”

but it did let me enroll all three of my MR cards. Is it clear whether I can still benefit from the promo more than once?

Is there a way to separate my cards into 3 different accounts?


For Gmail, there is one more trick. One can place a dot (period) within the gmail address to make it look like different email addresses, but all the emails will end up in the same inbox. Example if I have an email address, then the emails sent to ab.cd1234@gmail.comand will all end up in the same inbox of

I have not tried to create multiple accounts anywhere using this. But if unique emails are needed, I think this will do the trick.


The drawback with using *just* the dots (withOUT putting the + ) is that stupid GMail with NOT allow you to respond with that just-dots ID in the FROM-field (and/or in the REPLY-TO-field). So, you’d just NOT be ever able to respond to an email, say if you ever need to respond to Cust-Dis-Service from your registered Em nor will you ever be able to originate an Em to Cust-Dis-Service with your registered email. GMail will ALWAYS use (and hence expose) your original gmail account to the other end. So, the use of the “+” is mandatory BUT many online websites do NOT allow the “+” in email-addr field and hence this is another startling example of a stupid and useless feature provided by brain-dead Googlers.


I just did an experiment in gmail, and it lets me send from an email with dots in arbitrary places, if I add that address first (Settings, Accounts and Import, Send mail as). I sent an email from that to another address, and the From field shows the address with dots. (Though, if I view the email headers I can also see the address without dots, so it doesn’t completely hide your regular address; but if someone cares enough to look at the headers, they probably already know about gmail’s dot trick.)


“If you have a gmail account, remember you can use the “+” symbol to make the email address look unique.”

Can you elaborate on that please.

Use the “+” before sending in address bar?

How does one address appear unique?


It’s called plus addressing. A quick example: if my e-mail is, I could subscribe to DOC using the address and it would still go to It’s typically used to create a filter — so if I wanted DOC e-mails to be automatically marked as read, I could create a filter that matches & automatically marks such messages as read.

Of course, some websites don’t allow you to do this because they won’t think the e-mail is valid (Serve OneVIP didn’t let me do so :/).


what if you can see the same amex offer on multiple cards when you look in the app but when you look on your computer they are not on any of your cards (so you can’t do the multiple tab trick?). I run into this a lot mostly with regional/local restaurant chains that run amex offers and I think my phone picks up my location so it gets targeted for these offers but my computer does not. any way to add multiples if you can only see the offer in the app?


Here are a couple of things you can do to make it easier to sign up for Amex offers with multiple Amex cards:

First, if you have a lot of cards, which you should, as you can add any number of authorized users to an account if they have a Social Security number, it can be onerous signing up each one with each offer on twitter. You have to set up unique twitter accounts for each card and then sync them to Amex because Amex only allows one synced card per twitter account. Then, when you want to sign up the cards for an Amex offer, you have to login, tweet the offer, and logout for each account. Here is the time saver. Register all your Twitter accounts to tweetdeck ( ). Then you can just tweet the offer once, and tweetdeck will cycle through and tweet the offer on all your accounts. A little more setup time, but once it is all done, it takes seconds to register all your cards for an Amex offer.

Second, it is very worthwhile to invest in your own domain name at It costs less than $10 a year to maintain, and this had many uses that can pay back. Once you find and register a domain, godaddy allows you to set up a free email forwarding account. You can make this a “catchall” account, where all emails sent to your new domain are automatically forwarded to a single email address. Let’s say your domain name is “”. Then any email sent to,, etc are automatically forwarded to your given destination email account. This gives you unlimited, on demand, emails which can be used for new account sign-up bonuses or setting up multiple twitter accounts. I suggest using a yahoo email to catch these as yahoo will give you unlimited storage and allows you to easily set up these forwarded emails as a “reply to” in case you ever need to email someone back using one of these forwarded email address.

Mi Ma
Mi Ma

Jackalope, these are excellent ideas! Thanks for sharing!
I have to create 8 new twitter accounts–it’s too bad that tweetdeck can’t create those for me automatically as well!

Mi Ma
Mi Ma

Will, do you how to sign up multiple American Express cards for AmexSync offers, like #AmexSmartFinal, if the $25/$50 offer doesn’t show up in ‘My Offers’ tab?

Thanks Will for these excellent posts! Keep up the good job!