Posted by Chuck on June 7, 2017

Published on June 7th, 2017 | by Chuck


Increased United MPX Earnings for Domino’s, Gap Brands, Nike, Dave&Buster, Buffalo Wings & Many More

The Offer

The MPX app from United has increased many rates in honor of Father’s Day.

  • Domino’s – 10x United miles on purchase Domino’s gift card
  • Nike – 10x United miles on purchase Nike gift card
  • Gap brands – 10x United miles on purchase Gap brands gift card
  • Dave & Buster’s – 10x United miles on purchase of Dave & Buster’s gift card
  • Bass Pro Shops – 10x United miles on purchase of Bass Pro gift card
  • Chili’s – 8x United miles on purchase of Chili’s gift card
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – 8x United miles on purchase Buffalos Wild Wings gift card

United cardholders always get a 25% bonus on MPX earnings, meaning that the 10x will turn into 12.5x, and 8x will turn into 10x.

You can view all the increased rates in the Father’s Day Promotion tab (Catalog > Father’s Day Promotion).

The Fine Print

  • Rates will be valid through June 18

Our Verdict

Some of these, like Gap, can be purchased on third-party exchanges for substantial discounts, but the convenience of getting a first-hand gift card in the exact amount that you need is certainly worth something as well.

MPX usually carries over the merchant category for credit card bonus purposes, so you should get 3x on CSR for buying Domino’s gift cards, for example.

Hat tip to @ezjourneys and Frequentmiler

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Should United cardholders use their United credit card to get 25% bonus?


No. United Cardholders get the bonus regardless of which card is used. Used the card that you value your rewards most.


Yes, if you want to double/triple dip and don’t have other cards that will net a better bonus. Will need to assess your opportunity cost.

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