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Merrill+ Card to be Discontinued on September 18-19, Existing Cards to Remain [No Longer Available]

This card has now been discontinued and is no longer available for new sign ups.

Update: The Bank of America Premium Rewards Travel Card has now launched but the Merrill+ is still available for phone sign ups according to Frequent Miler. This is your last last chance to get this card so I’d recommend going for it right now if you’re at all interested.

Someone with inside knowledge gave us a heads up that the Merrill+ card will be discontinued for new applications on September 18th or 19th. This is consistent with what Frequentmiler was told that it’ll end mid-September.

The source also said there are no plans of product changing existing Merrill+ cardholders to another card. Of course that could happen at some point down the line, but there are no imminent plans of doing so.

Brief details about the card:

To apply for the card call them on 866-751-1257 and mention the offer. If necessary mention the offer code BAABZX.

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Just got approved yesterday. Fiance approved last week 🙂

my credit score is 670, is that decent or good enough to get approve for this card?

Probably not. This is one of the harder BofA cards to get.

How do you people get approved for second card? Won’t the reps see that you already have one card? Or even the recon CSR say you already have it?

Also any luck them pulling another CR if EX is frozen?

they called me about 30 minutes after I finished the application and asked if I would rather them pull TU or EQ. They were really nice about it and I was approved after a brief < 5 minute hold.

Was it your first app or second or third app for the same card?

This was my first Merrill+ card, but they were happy to happy to pull another bureau. I called immediately after hanging up from application and asked.
He commented on my excellent credit, despite 13 new accounts in 12 months.
🙂 Seems like they are focused on inquiries and income.
If your EX is frozen, all you have to lose is a pull on TU or EQ, so I’d give it a shot!

I should probably reach the min. spend on this card ASAP just as a precaution then cash out the points.

Closed this out last week. Does anyone have a DP on receiving bonus again after closing and applying within a month?

If I currently have the card, I won’t lose my points or anything will I

If I hurry up and grab this card, will I be okay? Or will I need to cash out ASAP? No particular flight redemption in mind right now.

Points don’t expire.

I got this card three months ago and just got my $500 statement credit last week.

Have people had luck with getting a second one? I don’t want to waste a hard pull on what may just be a denial.

May I ask when you completed your min spending? I just got the card last week, trying to get a feel when I can expect to receive the points in my account.

For me the points posted within a few days of reaching msr.

After $3000 posts. So 2-3 days after minimum is hit

Thank You, folks!

My experience was same as others — posted within 2 days of hitting spend.

Wow.. so I applied for 3 BOA cards last week. All 3 were approved, including the Merril+, the Merril+ card is already on it’s way to me, but then I just received a phone call saying that one was not supposed to be approved & the account has been closed.
I can apply at a later date apparently, but then I see this post… so I will not be able to apply for the card again most likely.
Very frustrating.

Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

I had two of these open at once. Getting the second was a little tricky. So for #3, I cashed out all my points on the first 2 then closed them. Applied same day to get the bonus a 3rd time and was denied then approved by reconsideration department.

Do you recall where you called for reconsideration? I was just told that I needed to request reconsideration in writing and that I could not call them. Going to HUCA, obviously, but would help to have a specific number that worked.

I called 1 (888) 503-6091 and they told me I was denied. I asked them if I could talk to someone to be reconsidered and they transferred me.

Please tell me did you freeze Experian when you were applied for second card, and/or for Third one (latest new one)? thanks

Don’t call regular front-line reps for recon. The master list is on myFICO forums under “Backdoor Numbers.” Google it, it’ll come up

How long should I wait before re-applying? Was denied for too many inquires and did not freeze EX. Plan is to freeze EX and re-apply.

I applied 8/19 and was rejected 8/21 since I forgot to freeze Experian. If I apply again within 30 days (like on 9/17) will it be marked as a duplicate?

I’m at 6/24; had Fleet Fusion, which was acquired by BofA, but mine was closed for inactivity a long time ago, no BofA cards.

Which cash-specific cards should I apply for? I understand BofA is known for randomly cancelling any card if they think they got you too many — does it mean I should limit myself to two cards? Can I get two M+? Or what’s the next best cash bonus?

If you apply one online, one phone, how many pulls you get? Which one should you apply first?

If you want the Merrill+ you should limit yourself to just the M+. There are tons of reports of almost everyone who tried to get this card + anything else (for 1 hard pull) having the Merrill+ closed after approval. BoA cites “Approval in Error”. In fact just scroll up and look at Bob Newbie’s post.

I got the M+ and VS on the same day. No shutdowns.

The Bob you cite has clearly stated he was applying for 3 cards in total, so, his shutdown of M+ is a bit more understandable, hence my intro of only trying to do 2.

Haven’t seen any other DPs that combining the pulls resulted in adverse action. Links?

I have also seen DPs of people with 2 apps being denied the M+ after initial approval. Your risk of the M+ being revoked is certainly higher with a double app.

Personally, as much as I can understand trying to hit 2 birds with one stone one should not get too worried about a hard pull in the long term.

i just applied for my second M+ via phone with the code. went into pending. hope it will be approved soon! one of the best cards IMO, shame it is being discontinued

did you freeze your EX? And please share if you will be approved!

So, are you saying that even though I have one of these cards already (earlier in the summer) – I can call and get a second one and still meet the spend and get a second bonus?

Correct. It will help to freeze EX before you apply.

Saturn, hey, you suggest to keep open old card? or not? And why freeze EX? because they will see old hard pull and won’t approve? Thanks a lot!

Is freezing the same as “locking” EX in their app?

Tempting isn’t it

CAN someone PLEASE confirm, do I need to close my current Merill+ in order to apply for new one? Or I can still keep it and apply for new one?
Is it good idea to freeze Experian before applying? Why people do that? Or it’s not a big deal?
Thanks a lot!

Is it good idea to close old card or keep it open? Does it really matter? Thanks

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