Posted by William Charles on November 8, 2018
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Published on November 8th, 2018 | by William Charles


Movie Plan News: Sinemia New Weekday Plans, AMC A-List Price Increase & MoviePass Is ‘Listening’ & ‘Changing’

Few pieces of quick movie subscription plan news.

  • Sinemia has introduced weekday only plans, these start at $3.99 a month. Keep in mind this was the same price they were charging for full memberships recently, so not really a new plan as such just more restrictive.
  • AMC A-List is increasing the cost of new plans starting on January 9th, 2019. If you sign up before 12/31/2018 then your price will be locked in for 12 months. Pricing is as follows:
    • $23.99/month
      • California
      • Connecticut
      • Massachusetts
      • New Jersey
      • New York
    • $21.95/month
      • Colorado
      • Delaware
      • Florida
      • Georgia
      • Illinois
      • Maryland
      • Minnesota
      • Pennsylvania
      • Virginia
      • Washington
      • District of Columbia
  • MoviePass sent out a stupid e-mail with a dog in it. You can’t say you’re listening and changing and then literally change nothing, that’s not how it works MoviePass. I feel bad for that cute dog being used in this way.

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Brian C
Brian C

All these services are somewhat frustrating, and who knows where things will land in the next year or 2, but one thing is for sure…..

These subscription services definitely helped me rediscover going to the movies, something i had resigned to the graveyard of pastimes that are too expensive.


Refreshing to see some truthful marleting
An inadvertent mea culpa by Movieass “…but it turns out I’m a dog.”

in principle I’m against shock collars but I’ll make an exception for the Movieass Director of marketing

Krista check my posts
Krista check my posts

At some point even the most trusting will start to disregard repeated lies.

In movie passes defence , by the time I cancelled in September, it seemed much easier to use than the useless summer season. – If I were going to see 2-3 movies every month anyways, I would have kept it.
– I have to be careful with my money and even more careful with my time at the moment.


I paid for an annual subscription near the end of Nov. 2017, so my MoviePass plan is still active until the end of this month. I check the MP app on a daily basis and every single day for several weeks, all it says it that there are no screenings available at my two nearest theaters. I’d have to travel a good distance just to use it at all now. I won’t renew.


Sinemia has gone as shady as MoviePass by adding fees and retroactively changing terms of service agreed upon for annual memberships. Make sure you calculate into your math a $1.80 hidden “processing” charge for every movie. AMC A-List seems to be the only non-corrupt player in town but the price is steep and for me my nearest AMC is low quality unfortunately.


I wish Sinemia would offer a slightly larger plan that still allows 3D shows and such. Like a $30/month 6 movie plan, or 8 movie plan. 3 just seems a bit too restrictive for me. I was a Movie Pass member for YEARS at $30 to $40/mo and probably averaged 4 movies a month for half the year and like 6 movies a month for the other half. So not HUGE savings on my part, but still worth while (ticket costs locally were $10.50 at the time, so roughly a 25% savings for me with a $40/mo plan instead of paying for each ticket out of pocket. That won’t attract the masses, but certainly the high usage people would go for it. (Movie Pass had at least 10k+ members at the time, possibly as high as 50k members)

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