Posted by William Charles on July 12, 2018

Published on July 12th, 2018 | by William Charles


MoviePass To Add ‘Surge Pricing’ By July, Annual Plan Holders Exempt [Now Live For Some]

Update 07/12/18: Surge Pricing is now in effect for some users. Keep in mind that not everybody is affected and annual plan holders will not have surge pricing applied to them. If MoviePass is able to demonstrate that they can can send members to off peak time slots then they will have better footing to negotiate (lower ticket prices, percentage of concession sales etc). Hat tip to MtM.

Original Post: Movie subscription service MoviePass has told Business Insider that by July they plan to add surge pricing, effectively charging customers an additional fee for seeing movies that MoviePass deems popular. CEO Mitch Lowe is calling this high demand pricing and users will be charged an additional $2 per movie that is deemed ‘ very popular’. The article then goes on to talk about other benefits that MoviePass plans such as bring a friend and Premium Screening (for an additional fee of $2-$6 per screening again) that have been previously revealed. MoviePass will be adding this fee in the face of increased competition with Sinemia and recently launched AMC A-List.

I don’t really have an issue with MoviePass adding this new fee, especially as customers that have signed up for annual plans will be exempt from this fee. I understand that MoviePass wants to drive traffic to movies either during off peak periods (e.g not opening weekend) or for smaller films.

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So are they going to tell us ahead of time what constitutes a popular screening?

also interested to know if this will be like Uber surge where it only applies to first 2 weeks of the film or will be applied for the movie for however long it is in theaters. if there’s a way to “wait it out” the surge.

is there still an option to sign up for annual?

I will have a problem with the new $2 surge fee, which may be the thing that finally pushes me to the new AMC A-list. Especially as I already have lots of screenings in my AMC Dine-In that are already blocked in peak hours.
And no, I am not one of those that would complain constantly as I am still happy to have this service available, just it’s getting more and more difficult to use it for my needs.

Now that I finally signed up. Oh well…

so in other words, they gona charge 2 bucks for all new movies – if you pay 7.99 for 3 movies, that brings up the price to 14.99 for 3 movies. 5 bucks for a movie. not a bad deal still, but heading to the sh8t hold for sure.

Movies are already $5 on Tuesday and Thursday at my local theater.

Also there are groupons for $5 movie at Movie Studio Grills in Dallas. I’m sure there would be more such groupons.

More and more crap like this is going to pile up until MoviePass is no longer attractive to much of anyone.

I am having a hard time getting to the movies as much I thought. I typically see a lot of superhero movies, and those are really popular. I already pay $9.99 a month and paying an additional $2 per movie practically kills MoviePass for me. I watch maybe 1 to 2 movies a month. I would be losing money at this point as tickets here are around $6.50 a piece during matinee.

you should switch lower pass 7.99 for 3 movies a month.
As long as Movie pass is cheaper that actual ticket prices there will be buyers.

Why can’t they make it simple.

Easy for me. Their plan only has 1 theater in my area. LOTS of AMCs,though.

Their T&C changes as frequent as Trump’s tweets.

It’s either this or they go bankrupt so good on them for trying.

$89 1 yr pass holder member since 11/17.

In short typical bait and switch. All businesses do it we should all know that here at DOC. Capitalize while it lasts then leave.

Most if not all of the value will be stripped away. Basic plan build the user base at a loss then try to recover once you have the users.

The only reason I got the movie pass in the first place was the deal was to good to pass up. I hadn’t gone to the movies in years they are a waste of time and money. I got the pass and tried to use it I went to a handful of movies just enough to pay for itself.

I still don’t like the movies. Better things to do in life. Like taking care of your responsibilities and improving your life. Meeting new people trying new food. Traveling to another country or figuring out how to take that trip. Life is short make better discussions on what you decide do with your time.

I laugh now I stopped going to the movies even when they were free. I wouldn’t renew the old offer even if it was still available. Let alone sign up for what ever they are offering when my pass expires. Movie pass is crazy to think people are going to deal with all there under handed changes. They are so far in the red they are trying to figure out how to dig themselves out.

My pass allows 1 movie a day for a year which is now not possible.

New restriction was added that I couldn’t see the same movie more than 1 time.

To get the 1 movie a day I would need to see 365 different movies.

I ask you are there 365 good movies a year let alone were there even that many released.

Point is I cant watch the same movie 2 times that’s a major restriction.

MP just sent an email saying subscribers are exempt from surges once a month. I guess if you’re only going to watch one hit movie in a month, you really won’t see the difference.

MoviePass’s parent company (stock HMNY) is hemorrhaging money. The stock price is now in penny-stock territory, and the company is about to quadruple the number of shares in an attempt to raise more funds. Not really sure how longer this company can last. It’s certainly possible that the hemorrhaging will stop, but I doubt it.

the main reason i didnt sign up for movie pass was because they keep changing their plan and fees every few months.

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