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Published on June 28th, 2016 | by William Charles


How Much Are JetBlue TrueBlue Points Worth?

In the post we’re going to look at how much JetBlue TrueBlue points are worth. JetBlue points can be used for the following things:

  • Flights on JetBlue
  • Flights On Hawaiian Airlines
  • JetBlue Vacation Packages
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Charity Donations

Let’s take a look at each of the options and see how much value you can get from your JetBlue points.

jetblue true blue

JetBlue Flights

JetBlue doesn’t have an award chart like most other airlines, instead points can be used for all flights that are bookable with cash (there is a 3,500 1,000 point minimum that must be redeemed though). The amount of points that is required is tied to the cash value of the flight and some other factors as well. Wandering Aramean has a really in depth post on the value of points that I’d recommend reading. I’ll summarize the post into a quick few bullet points for quick reference.

  • Points can be redeemed for a minimum of 0.97¢ per point
  • Points can be redeemed for a maximum of 1.89¢ per point
  • The average value per point is 1.41¢
  • One of the best values is Mint fares (basically their business class product) priced at $599, you should get a value of 1.7¢ per point when these are priced at 34,900
  • International redemptions provide a better average point value than domestic

Knowing that you can get a baseline value of 0.97¢ per point is useful, like most airline loyalty program the real value seems to be in their Mint products and also international redemption’s.

These maximum values don’t always seem to be accurate anymore, as recently you could get almost 5¢ per point on flights to Cuba.

Hawaiian Airline Flights

Hawaiian Airline flights used to follow the same rules as above but on December 22nd, 2017 they added an award chart. The award chart is as follows:

More on this change here.

Vacation Packages

Direct link

It’s not possible to book a vacation package with only JetBlue flights, you must use a combination of points & cash. You also won’t earn any JetBlue points on these bookings, nor will you be able to use a promotional code with these bookings. I did a few searches and they all seemed to return a value of 1.55¢ per point (I’m not sure if that’s just a fixed rate of I got lucky).

Just keep in mind you’re missing out on 6x JetBlue points when using cash + points and that usually it’s going to be cheaper to book the hotel and flight separately (especially when you account for discounts you can get from third party hotel websites). It might be worth considering a Vacation Package if you have the JetBlue Plus (personal or business card) as you get a $100 statement credit annually.

Magazine/Newspaper Subscriptions

Direct link to offer

Points can be redeemed for magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Let’s take a quick look at two options that might be popular:

  • TIME Magazine (52 issues): 1,200 points (~$30 value for 2.3¢ in value)
  • Wall Street Journal (304 issues): 3,200 points ($12 for 12 weeks introductory rate, rough value of 1.625¢ in value)

I compared to the RRP, nobody really pays the recommend price for these magazine or newspaper subscriptions these days. There will also be a limit to the amount of magazines/newspapers you want to be receiving.

Charity Donations

Direct link to offer

It’s possible to donate JetBlue points to select charities. Unfortunately these donations are not tax deductible. There is a minimum of 500 points that can be donated and all of the points go directly to the charity.

Our Verdict

Realistically the only thing you’ll want to redeem your JetBlue points are for flights with either JetBlue or Hawaiian Airlines, I don’t think any of the other options provide good value. At minimum you’re looking at about 1¢ in value and a maximum of about 1.8¢, JetBlue doesn’t provided outsized value on business/first class international flights like other airlines but they do provide some good value none the less. If anybody has any thoughts/corrections then let me know in the comments.

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I know everyone always links to that Wandering Aramean post but in my experience points can be worth 2cpp or more. Two recent examples: one-way (last minute) flight from Colombia to NY, cash price $488/cost in points 11,300 + ~$82; one-way NY to Colombia, cash price $275, points price 8,300 + ~$20. Have seen it as low as 7400 points.
Sometimes it’s the reverse, cheap-ish price but costing more points. In truth it seems almost random.
Maybe it’s only Colombia that has the bargains (?) but for me the points have been great as their prices generally are not that low.
Just got the cc for the 10% back feature.

Has anyone emailed Jetblue since Saturday and received confirmation of their eligibility for the match promo? I emailed Saturday morning and have heard nothing. I heard the confirmations came pretty quickly on Friday, which is why I am interested in data points from people who emailed beginning Saturday.

I emailed on Saturday evening and received a response on Monday afternoon.

John-sent an email w/ screenshot on Sunday, no response from JetBlue yet

JB – not many flights & dest. out of houston; earlier contemplated to xfer SPG pts to VX for a match, but didn’t do it; for any folks who wants to do the xfer, maybe 2 late for this Fri deadline

Families can also pool JetBlue points which is huge for saving spare points.

I also looked into transferring points to virgin for the match, but they only fly to Boston and Fort Lauderdale out of Nashville, and the flight times are inconvenient to make a transfer to anywhere other than the east coast. Sad.

Hi doc, I want to transfer 6k Mr 10k ihg and 4.5k spg plus the 500 I have already in elevate to get the 30k jb bonus for 10k vx. Do you think that will all transfer in time? Tia

so if i am unable to take one of the flights can i book the roundtrip from my account for someone else?

For folks with Mosaic status (who can use Points to upgrade to Even More Space seats), upgrade seats is by far the best value for TrueBlue Points. On a recent cross-country flight, the price to upgrade to EMS was $95 or 1,100 Points—that’s 8.6cpp. Obviously, you can only redeem Points for EMS seats once you’ve booked a flight, but, in theory, you can book a flight using cash and upgrade your seat using Points.

Any recent changes?

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