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Published on April 17th, 2018 | by Chuck


[Expired] [Live] New Plastiq Users: Pay Rent or Mortgage with any Credit Card for a 2% Processing Fee

This offer has expired, view more Plastiq deals and information here.

[Reposting with correct link. There was an issue with the earlier link we posted. Fixed the link below.]

The Offer

Direct Link to offer 

Plastiq reached out to Doctorofcredit with a special promotion for new Plastiq users to get a lower processing fee cost on rent/mortgage payments:

  • Schedule 6 rent or mortgage payments and pay only a 2% Plastiq processing fee on each payment. (Standard fee will apply for payments beyond the first 6.)

You can use any credit card with this Plastiq promo (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) – however, note that each card issue has rules about which payments they allow, for example, Amex and Visa do not allow mortgage payments, and Amex does not allow business rental lease payments, see this post for more details on what the card issuers allow. Bottom line: you can use anything for residential rent; Visa/MC/Discover for business lease; MC/Discover for mortgage.

The Fine Print

  • Must use the link above in order to get this promotion
  • The first payment must be submitted by May 31st at 11:59 PM ET.
  • Must be a new Plastiq user.
  • Promotion is for all Rent/Real Estate payments which encompasses Rent, Business Lease, Mortgage, HOA payments and the like.

Our Verdict

This could amount to decent savings over the course of six months. The lower fee also helps it make sense to buy points for the 2% fee or to use it for meeting a spend requirement. See our complete review of Plastiq here.

Use CIP and it should get 3x. You’ll also get the regular $500 FFD signup offer as well (which you’ll be able to use for a different payment), this is just an additional bonus.

(Post has been updated.)


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Can you clarify: in the post you state, “You can use any credit card with this promo (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover) – note, each card issue has rules about which payments they allow, for example, Amex and Visa do not allow mortgage payments,”

In the comments you state: mortgage payments WILL work with this, we’ve clarified that with Plastiq and updated the post to reflect this.

So we can use Amex to pay mortgages using this promotion?

Hi folks. This morning when the promotion began there was an error with the link and code. If you were negatively affected by this, and you did not reach out to Plastiq’s Support Team directly (via chat or email), then please contact me directly and I can resolve and ensure you receive the promotional rate.

Sorry for any issues experienced.

Landon Howell –

This deal a no-go if I want to use Visa for mortgage?

I’ve stuck this comment to the top to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

Nothing for current users? Also, mortgage payments are definitely not available with this?

The FAQs on their site indicate “rent or mortgage” but i have no first hand experience. Guess its time to break out the new SPG and then kill it with the CIP.

Happy to see a DoC special promo! (even though I don’t qualify but I hope some in our community will!)

Chuck, new plastiq user here. When I click through your direct link to register, I get the error message “We’re sorry. The referral code you provided is not associated with an existing plastiq account” Doesn’t seem that the discount will be applied if I continue with the registration

Abraham Schonfeld
Abraham Schonfeld

I tried this as well and got the same error, went all the way through the set up process and it did not give the promotional rate. I even tried entering the referral code directly into the form by copy and pasting it from the url in the link

Same here. Didn’t work for me.


same here , did not work

Could one change the card scheduled and keep the fee?


Sort of. You can schedule as far out as your card expiration will go. From there you can cancel any single payment without touching the fee but not edit any other part of the payment.

I’m really curious about this too, as I’d like to use different cards to meet MSR. DoC, do you know anything on this? Thanks! 🙂

You can’t use AMEX or Visa to pay a mortgage.

After using the direct link and signing up and logging in, I get a message saying. “Sorry! The code you have entered is longer valid.”

Also, how is it possible for Plastiq to allow mortgage payments with AMEX and VISA since it is AMEX and VISA who have restricted Plastiq?

You have to use a MC or Discover card for mortgage.

Also having same problem!

This seems like an amazing deal but it seems like people are having issues. I’ll wait till morning for more clarification before signing up. Please update us ASAP!

Will money sent in Plastiq count towards sign up bonus minimum spend requirements? I’ve Amex personal platinum card.

Can I be a “new user” if I sign up via a different email but use the same landlord/credit card? I’m sure that’s not what it’s geared for but geez way to not encourage current users to stick around.

Be the data point we all need!

What if I’ve signed up for Plastiq (with doc’s code!) but haven’t made a payment yet? Any way to add this offer to my account? I don’t really want to go through the hassle of trying to create a duplicate account.

Also curious about this.

New user here. Receiving the same error message as others when trying to sign up:
“We’re sorry. The referral code you provided is not associated with an existing Plastiq account.”

signed up 3 days ago…… my luck

Are there any MCs worth paying a mortgage with the 2% fee, or is this more of a deal for renters paying with Visa?

My GF’s new account can NOT use AMEX to pay the rent, neither a company nor an individual landlord. My existing account works okay to pay the individual with AMEX.

Has the referral code been fixed for this?

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