Posted by William Charles on March 30, 2017
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Published on March 30th, 2017 | by William Charles


New Sign Up Bonuses On The American Express Platinum Cards (Annual Fee’s Now Increased As Well)

The changes going into effect on the American Express Platinum cards (personal & business) have now gone into effect. As predicted the sign up bonuses have also been changed to 60,000 points.

platinum benefit

Let’s look at the new sign up bonuses:


Honestly, none of this is that interesting. The Mercedes-Benz is interesting solely because it hasn’t had it’s annual fee increased but the sign up bonus has been increased. That being said it did offer a bigger sign up bonus of 75,000 points last year. I was hoping we’d see a bigger incognito mode offer on the ‘vanilla’ Platinum card but unfortunately that isn’t the case. If American Express are planning on building hype around these offers, they are going to struggle.

Hat tip to Rapid Travel Chai

11 Responses to New Sign Up Bonuses On The American Express Platinum Cards (Annual Fee’s Now Increased As Well)

  1. Ha_Ka says:

    Still able to see the 75K/$5k bonus for regular platinum with $450 AF (InCognito method).

  2. C says:

    If I am riding out the final few months left on my Personal Platinum and open a Schwab Platinum, I’m still eligible for the Schwab bonus, right? Nothing screwy happens if I hold two products simultaneously for a few months?

  3. Reader reports M-B now up to $550, that deal didn’t last long.

  4. Phineas says:

    Anybody know if Amex will match to the higher signup bonus? I applied for the Schwab Plat 40k before the news broke that it would be going to 60k…

  5. Jian says:

    Greedy question: how many charge cards does Amex allow? I have 3 from Feb and wonder if I’ll push some boundaries by getting 4th and 5th. I know the credit card limit with Amex is 4 or 5. Thanks!

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