Posted by William Charles on February 23, 2018

Published on February 23rd, 2018 | by William Charles


Newegg: 10% Off Lowe’s Giftcards & 20% Off Regal

The Offers

Direct links below contain our affiliate link. Don’t forget you could go through a portal instead.

Our Verdict

You’ll want to stack these deals:

Lowe’s might be attractive for some people. Most people have gone off cinema gift cards due to MoviePass, but keep in mind these work for concession purchases as well.

Hat tip to DDG


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Same question for you — BA portal explicitly rules out paying cash back on gift card purchases at Newegg? (as do most of the other major portals. I asked same question to Danny — you overlooked my lone question there.)
What makes you think BA or any portal will pay out here? (My last two gc purchases at newegg via the TCB portal did NOT pay out. VSE though reliable as per usual)

Thanks! I was running low on my previous Lowes gcs

I thought about using Android Pay to get 5X with Freedom, but the Lowes is an e-card and the Newegg T&C says they don’t accept payments with electronic wallets for “digital orders.”

Is this a recent thing? Apple pay is working just fine for eGC at my end. I also paid with Apple pay for their last Nike eGC deal.

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