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Published on June 12th, 2017 | by William Charles


OfficeMax & Office Depot To Open ‘Rewards Everything’ (2% On All Purchases Inc. Gift Cards) To Everybody On July 1st

OfficeMax/Depot has been testing a new rewards program called ‘Rewards Everything’ since February of last year. The rewards program is fairly simple, you earn 2% back on all purchases (including gift cards). Starting July 1st the program will be available to everybody and existing OfficeMax/Depot members will be automatically transferred to the new program.

At this stage it isn’t clear if they will be offering VIP status that is giving 3% cash back on all purchases when you spend $500 or more within a 365 day period during the testing stages. I think it’s more a matter of when not if they will make changes, fingers crossed it lasts. It’ll be a profitable time for those with Chase Ink Cash/Plus cards or really any card that earns at a high rate on office supply stores as you’ll be earning 5x/5% via your credit card and then an additional 2% in OfficeMax/Depot rewards.

Hat tip to Miles to Memories

44 Responses to OfficeMax & Office Depot To Open ‘Rewards Everything’ (2% On All Purchases Inc. Gift Cards) To Everybody On July 1st

  1. Justin says:

    This’ll end well.. I sadly now live 80 miles from the nearest OD/OM (lived next to one last year). Hey maybe I’m saving myself from a Chase FR though

  2. Preacher says:

    Oh boy. This has the potential to finally bankrupt OD/OM, once we the readers start milking this!

  3. SkydiverMedic says:

    I give it a month before they stop including gift cards. That said, it’s going to be a great month.

    • calwatch says:

      Probably ten days or less. I’m sure they have analyzed the heavy hitters when the program was in the test markets. If not, they sure will the day this opens and OMs are swept clean of VGC, MCGC, and even AGC (since the effective cost of MS goes down to 1.5% for a $200).

  4. joE says:

    And I just downgraded my INK Plus to the Cash….F me six ways to sunday!!

  5. Vic says:

    This’ll probably end faster than CVS leaving 5back..

    • Evan says:

      Yeah, at least they’ll exclude gcs. Why would they include them in the first place?

      • Because they want it to be 2% on EVERYTHING. As soon as you start to add exclusions it’s hard to stop and then consumers don’t value the program.

        • NinjaX says:

          no. its because they are stupid. plain and simple. they havent been paying attn to the landscape and if VGC are in fact included, they will feel it like CVS 5FB. The Plastiq and Visa situation wasnt random.

    • DSP says:

      Not much of an accomplishment considering CVS was in 5B for nearly 6 months.

  6. Mr Awesome says:

    Anyone know if it’s possible to buy Best Buy gift cards at OM/OD? If so do they qualify for this new rewards program?

  7. Lisa says:

    Last I looked, OD did not carry best buy gift cards (in my area)

  8. Dan says:

    I think you are overblowing this. Without any promotion you net around $7 per $200 in VGC, not including unloading fees…
    Will you be driving around OD/OM for 3.5% back?

    I will not.

    • Slidellian says:

      How are you coming up with a net $7 when buying a $200 VGC with no promotion?

    • $7 per $200 is a nice return IMO, plus you’re getting UR instead of straight cash back. If you’re doing one card per trip it isn’t worth it but a lot of people are already happily doing $200 GC without this extra 2% back.

  9. James says:

    This has potential to end WM MOs for good,

  10. Chris says:

    Instead of banning gift cards, as you could easily predict, seems like they would do better just capping the amount of spending on which you could get the 2%. Would be easy to code that into the system and avoid having to crawl back from how they roll it out.

  11. Charles says:

    Net profit is improved with the DE/SE/GE VGCs :
    $204.95 VGC x 2% = $4.10
    $204.95 x 5x (Ink Plus) = 1,025 points = $10.25
    $10.25 + $4.10 = $14.35
    $14.35 – $4.95 = $9.40 net -> 4.7% back
    WMT MO $.70 = $8.70 net -> 4.35% back

    • Wyle says:

      You can usually run 4×200 cards through a WMT MO, so its 17.5¢/VGC, which changes your 4.35% to 4.61%. (small nit, but we’ll take all we can squeeze out)

  12. Luis says:

    I live in one of the test markets and have been a VIP rewards member (3% on everything) for the last year. If DofC has any questions on the program I’d be happy to answer as best I can

  13. Mimi says:

    For those of us who have MS friendly OD/OM that’ll allow unlimited b2b transactions, it’ll be worth it. One issue I dread would be how quickly the racks get replenished. Hopefully it’s daily but I know that’s YMMV and wishful thinking ; )

    • Wyle says:

      In my area, its not actually OD/OM that manage the little GC kiosk. A rep from GiftCardMall is the one that comes in and restocks every so often. Sure doesn’t seem to be on a regular basis. All OD/OM does is refill some of the hangers from any overstock left inside the kiosk.

  14. CM says:

    I think this might explain why they’ve recently been offering less enticing GC promotions than before.

    BTW, they do seem to have a limit of at most 3 swipes of the same number per cashier, e.g., a forth transaction with a rewards number at the same register/cashier would require an override.

  15. Zach says:

    Can the OD certificate be used to also buy VGC? If I am calculating this right this method would be effectively buying UR for 0.1 cents per point?!?

    4.95 GC fee + .69 MO fee – 4.10 2% back= 1.54/1025 UR = $0.001 per UR

    • Tyler Poland says:

      No the OD Cert can’t be used to buy any gift cards at all. But they sell plenty of everyday items that you could use in your home. Cleaning products, paper, soap, etc.

  16. NoonRadar says:

    Isn’t there a hard coded and/or velocity limit as far as dollar amount per transaction (and/or register)? If so anyone knows what it is? I’ve stumbled a couple of times on it, but it was a while and don’t remember the dollar amount per transaction.

    I also think there might be a limit per reward membership nr/account?

    • PeaceandPost says:

      the hardcode limits appear to be rather sporadic in my area. There’s one hardcode that seems consistent which is if you use your rewards phone number more than three times in three separate transactions at the same store then the computer will require manager override. And if you go to do even more transactions each transaction will require override afterwards. So if you don’t want to deal with override only do max 3 transactions per store (with your rewards #).

      On times when I haven’t needed to do separate transactions (i.e. when OD is not running a $10 or $15 off $300 sale) then I usually do max $2000 per store in one transaction. It seems to be 50/50 from store to store if that amount will require manager override. AND another 50/50 is some stores require the AML form be filled out at anything more than $1000 and some stores the form never pops up on the screen. All in all pretty sporadic.

  17. kt says:

    they currently have a “Reward+” account which doesn’t give any point on GC purchases.

  18. Luis says:

    The 2% is NOT automatically deducted at the register with purchase. You receive a certificate for future use which CANNOT be used on GCs of any kind.

    • meathead says:

      Thanks for the feedback. How exactly does the rewards program work? Are there other restrictions on the Rewards? Can it be used on Electronics- laptops, etc. Can they be used online or only in store?

  19. Ed says:

    I was liking the limited participation since some of us already receive rewards because we checked into it. Although, they recently lowered the instant discount on vgc promotions done to a level where you have to use the rewards to make up part of the difference. So, it hasn’t worked out that great unless you were receiving rewards many months ago. It’s a wash, basically, but even worse because it’s not as much instant savings, but instead rewards toward some OM purchases later (which some try to resell).

  20. Jeff says:

    So you can’t use the 2% rewards to cash out for cash or buy GCs? That devalues the program a lot IMO. Things are more expensive at OM than Walmart, BB, etc..

  21. Steve says:

    I just looked at the terms. Limited to $200 of 3rd party gc, $50 office max gc, and $75 in stamps per quarter. Not sure if $4 per qtr and not being able to spend it on gc is worth it.

  22. Mark says:

    More importantly they are not stupid like NinjaX wants to assert. Lighten up, Francis. Here is the fine print. Sorry team. Not viable.

    Is there a limit to the rewards I can earn? Members earn 2% back in rewards, without limits, on everything except the following:
    a. earn rewards on up to $200 dollars spent on 3rd party gift cards per quarter,
    b. up to $50 spent on Office Depot® OfficeMax® gift cards per quarter
    c. and up to $75 dollars spent on U.S. postage stamps per quarter.

  23. laptoptravel says:

    And Office Depot is NOT paying the 2% on VGC’s, per my most recent transaction details:

    “This Item Is Not Eligible For Rewards Due To: (1) Promotion Limits Being Exceeded, (2) Promotion Minimum Purchase Requirements Not Being Met, (3) Returns For Purchases Made With A Different Member Number On The Original Purchase. Refer To The Offer And/Or Program Terms And Conditions For Full Details.”

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