Posted by Chuck on November 14, 2016
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Published on November 14th, 2016 | by Chuck


And…It’s Official: INK Preferred is Live and INK Plus Signup Links are Dead

The Chase INK Preferred card is now live with an official signup link and the 80,000 points bonus showing.

Direct Link


The INK Plus is still showing on some Chase pages but it errors out. (You can still get the INK Plus via referrals, though.)

And as expected, the INK Cash is still up and available for applications.

Reports indicate (1, 2) that 5/24 is being applied to the INK Preferred card, including for those who applied on November 3 with the leaked signup links.

Keep in mind that the online signup offer is the same as in-branch regarding the 80k bonus, but the branch offer does waive the annual fee for the first year so you might want to go into a branch instead.

Let us know if you got a pre-approval for this card in a Chase branch; unclear if those are showing yet.

Hat tip to edgar

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It looks like referral links still load for the Ink+. Didn’t try applying, but doesn’t error out like the other application pages.

The regular link (non-referral) is still working. I had the link saved before they took the page down but it still loads as well.

Doc I just got 10x miles on AA purchases with my citi AAdvantadge platinum card. Up to 5,000 miles until dec 31.

My referral link appears to be working for the 5x Chase Ink card, just had a friend get an instant approval off it today.


Just came back from local branch in East Hollywood (LA area).
Have over 19 Inquires in the past 24 months, my business is 3 months old.
Was pr-approved and after it went to pending my personal banker was requested to make a phone call which resulted approval of application.
Annual fee is waived for the first year.

Was it 19 inquires or 19 accounts? Big difference.

Cool! Gives me hope. Were you pre-approved before you went into the branch, or found out you were pre-approved after you asked your banker to check?

Hey Roman, What is your estimated annual revenue for your business and is it registered in a state ? I am in a similar scenario for my second start up.

I’m excited to know!

I have opened over 19 credit cards and they are all still opened and in good standing, not sure what do you meat by accounts?

Each of those would be a new account

I know that I was pre-approved before for Ink Cash because last time I asked him about it (it was 2 or 3 weeks ago).
Today he said that I was pre-approved for both Ink Cash card and New Ink Preferred card.

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