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Plastiq: Send Payments via ACH Instead of Check [Available To All Users]

Update 02/21/18: This is now available to all Plastiq users. Hat tip to reader Abey

Plastiq is sending out an offer to select users to be able to send payments via ACH instead of physical check.

Offer Link

While there are hundreds of payees in the Plastiq system which can be paid electronically via ACH, there are many payees not in the system who will be paid via check. Those invited to this new option will be able to send payments to your vendors via ACH instead of physical check by simply entering their routing and account numbers in the Plastiq system.

Whichever option is chosen, you’ll always be able to use your credit card to make the payment. The ACH payments option is to have the payment processed electronically to the payee, not that the funds will come from your account via ACH. It comes from you via credit or debit card, as always.

Invited users will see an option to add a routing/account number for the new payee within the regular Add New Recipient flow. Before processing the first payment, Plastiq will reach out to the payee via email to verify that the routing/account information is accurate.

Plastiq is a great way to rack up credit card spend for a 2.5% fee when paying vendors who don’t typically accept credit cards, such as a gardener, caterer, contractor, etc. Some people were confused as to how this new invite-only program work, hopefully this post clarifies.


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if only “hand-select” means a discount…

electronic payment is really the way to go, cheaper for Plastiq vs. check, and more certainty on payment delivery for the payer & payee without dependency on USPS.

got this email last week, the problem is I am locked in 1.75% & it doesn’t give me a way to change the current schedule.
Its only for new ones 2.99% 🙂 No thanks!

@Rrocky, why don’t you chat with them about this?, since i started with Plastiq (2015) i have made changes to my payment schedule and still kept my 1.5% MC promo that i got couple years ago, i was able to use AMEX and VISA while keeping the same rate, i did this 3 times until they told me they can’t do it anymore when i tried to add my AMEX Plat biz 3 months ago, i would suggest you to chat and ask.

Yeah, haven’t tried chatting to them , they were offline couple of times i tried.
Will surely do it & update you guys.

DP: I had a chat with Plastiq Rep. Here is what they had to say “ok. the ACH feature is still being rolled out and unfortunately, your account is not enabled yet. We should have full functionality for ACH addition within the next couple of weeks and will let you know as that happens”

Just tried to pay a student loan with my amex and was denied the ability to use amex but plastiq would take a different card. Looking at the terms it seems this payment should have gone through with my amex. Customer service was totally useless and didn’t seem at all interested in looking further into why amex wouldn’t allow student loan payments.

Got this email, and clicked on their button to set up ACH to a payee. However, when I click the button, it takes me to a login screen, then to a generic make payment screen, nothing about ACH anything

Anyone else experience this?

I’d LOVE to be able to pay my daycare provider via Plastiq and knock out some serious min spend, but they only take ACH, so this would be super useful

I haven’t received this email offer but when I tried the link I get the same thing as you, a generic login page and then the same old main home page to intiate a new payment, no signs of this ACH option.

yeah its damn weird 🙁

I wonder if this could work for a Direct Deposit / new checking account bonus requirement.

You can’t really pay yourself using Plastiq

And somehow meet minimum spend on a new card, perhaps?

I got the email and was told in the end that my account needs manual review and they will let me know soon.

Same here. I chatted them and they basically reiterated the same message and “flagged my account as interested”.

Manual review, add me to the list.

Mortgage still cant be done with Visa CC right?

Does plastiq can be used for pay tax? And out of topic, is that possible Doc write a blog to summarize tax refund bonus information this year? Last year at lease Gobank provides $25 bonus for $2000 tax deposit. This year I didn’t see any.

Your 2/21 update indicates that this is available to all users. Just wanted to notify you that this is incorrect.

I just checked and I don’t have this feature available. I reached out to customer service, and they indicated that they’re currently ROLLING OUT this feature to all customers, but it’s not yet available to everybody.

Are you sure it’s really available to all users ? I don’t see how to use ACH in my Plastiq account.

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