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Published on January 2nd, 2017 | by William Charles


My Predictions For 2017: New Chase Card, Increased Platinum Benefits & More

Last year I didn’t make any predictions, I think I was too lazy. This year I’m trying to be more pro-active (and I got jealous reading about other sites looking back at their predictions) so I thought I’d share some of my predictions for 2017. Most of these are related to credit cards as that’s what I feel most comfortable predicting.

My Predictions

Bank of America To Add New Rule

Chase has the 5/24 rule, Citibank has 1/24 family rule  & American Express has the once per lifetime rule. Bank of America must be experiencing a big flux of credit card applications in the last six – twelve months. Eventually they are going to realize a lot of those applications are extremely unprofitable customers and add some type of rule to deal with them.

Mobile Payments To Add Loyalty Programs & Increase Competition

Mobile payments are still relatively new, but another year means more and more people will have upgraded phones that are compatible. Last year saw almost everybody try to launch some sort of mobile payment platform (Chase Pay, Walmart Pay, Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay etc etc etc). This year will see those different platforms compete with each other for market share.

Samsung have already been aggressive in this, with the launch of their rewards program. I think we will see Android & Apple following suit this year and in addition card issuers will be offering more individual promotions for adding/using your card on the different platforms.

Additional Benefits To American Express Platinum

I think American Express will add additional benefits to their personal & business Platinum cards, most likely in Q1 of 2016. I’ve heard rumors of such a change, but not specifics and nothing is guaranteed. I originally thought they would have made changes to the airline credit, but given we are already a few days into 2017 without any changes I’m not sure that will be the case anymore.

Regardless of what they add, I don’t think the card will be competitive when compared to the Chase Sapphire Reserve unless you highly value centurion lounge access.

American Express Will Cut Back On AmEx Offers ‘Abuses’

AmEx offers can be insanely profitable if you get the right offer on enough cards. I suspect American Express will spend some time and resources trying to make ‘enhancements’ to their offers platform to discourage things like automatic Twitter enrollment and using the same offer across multiple cards.

New Premium Chase Business Card

With the success of the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the addition of the Chase Ink Preferred last year I think we will see Chase add a premium business credit card to compete with American Express’ Business Platinum card. Chase Ink Reserve anybody?

Chase To Restrict Bank Account Bonuses

Currently Chase allows you to churn their bank account bonuses (one per calendar year and not within 90 days of a closed account). I think they will restrict this further.

Other Sites Predictions

I’ll also list other sites that have made predictions here, that way you can easily see how they are doing as well.

If you’d like to be added to this list, please let me know in the comments (and it never hurts to link back to our predictions either – but not required). I’d also like to know what you think will happen in 2017, please share your own predictions in the comments below and later in the year we will see if you did better than me or not ;).

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Alright, Dr. Doom and Gloom …

I predict this site continues its slide into just another wannabe deal site going after affiliate $ for worthless Amazon & eBay “deals” and drifts further away from its original purpose.

Yeah, Jack, would be interested to hear some constructive feedback here. What is it, exactly, you want more of – what is that original purpose? Obviously, you’d like less Amazon and eBay deals. What else?

As for me, this site is fantastic. Looking forward to another year, DoC.

So much appreciation. I see Jack’s doing a ton of work trying to find all the deals to show everyone and not expecting anything in return. /s

I predict that we will continue to have losers go to travel/churner blogger websites, take all the free information, and leave acid/sour grape comments like they always have been~

But yeah, Thanks DOC! Wish you guys a happy new year!

Er, those losers are those who do the legwork and the bloggers are the slimebags who steal it and pass it off as their own. Of course, deals they like and use don’t get discussed. Bunch of greedy thieving hypocrites.

DoC is one of the rare few who aren’t feasting off the work of others and shilling for CC while passing themselves off as so-called travel experts.

You’re reading the wrong blogs. I would venture to say that a majority of bloggers are doing their own legwork, providing their own content, and trying to teach would be MSers to fish, rather than handing them a barrel of fish and a gun.

Hope you’re wrong about Amex offers.

The 2015 Small Business Saturday Amex Offer had some modest credits (20% up to $20 total IIRC) available on the primary cards only. So they have had the ability to throttle it for a while. Could it be that they are profitable in their current form?

I hope the credit card companies don’t get any negative ideas from this post

So true. Making these negative ‘suggestions’ is almost like a self fulfilling prophecy. Might as well say “hey banks, fix these areas so you can save money. Stop benefitting some of your loyal customers so much.” There’s nothing wrong with simply publishing only positive predictions, and avoid anything that could hurt our hobby. It’s known that this site is eyed by those in companies most mentioned.

This is my favorite credit card/travel site like this. Thanks for keeping up with all the recent offers.

My predictions:
–not enough love for the good sites, like yours
–way too much love for the pimp sites
–more whining from entitled travel hackers whenever a deal closes
–less legroom in economy
–even worse service from US-based airline
–Trump will be in over his head and attack anybody saying so
–Trump’s idiot sycophants will continue raving about the emperor’s new clothes

Considering the CSR “cost” Chase $300M-$400M in profits last quarter I think any prediction of exciting news from Chase in 2017 is a pretty risky bet.

I’m not sure if they had a lower signup bonus and had to spend on marketing it would have been cheaper.

Jamie Dimon, Chase CEO, seems to think so. He’s the one that made the “lost profits” statement.

I thought that American Express allowed the same offer on multiple cards as long as each card has its own separate login

No separate login required. You just open up multiple tabs with the offer on each card to add it

I hope we see some positive changes to this year, not happy about the potential 1% total APR increase, as it will be months or years till wee see high CD rates.

My number one hope is that FNBO brings back some type of deal like their 6.5 (now 6.75%)apr amex with 1.5% cash back. Their bucksback visa was also nice with 11.24% APR.

Anyone know anything about the Bourns Employees FCU 4.99% visa? It looks like anyone can join the California Consumers Council which would grant eligibility into the CU.

They aren’t meant to be. I’m can’t remember where, I’m wanting to say the terms in each offer, it says one per person or household or something to that effect.

That said, by using tabs, or separate logins, you can circumvent that.

I believe DoC’s prediction is they will close the technical loopholes that allow the AmexOffer abuse.

My personal theory is that AmexOffers, at least frequently or in part, are likely financed by the end company – so Olive Garden for instance is willing to pay $10 for a customer who spends $50 or more. This is very similar business model to Groupon,, rewards dining portals, etc.

For that reason, I personally don’t think there’s much incentive for Amex to invest in closing the loophole, and there’s low risk there. And I bet the end company (like Olive Garden) doesn’t even get data that would let them know the terms are violated and the same “new” customer came twice.

I predict since the economy is strengthening and interest rates are on the rise we are going to see much less offers.
The existings ones will shrink and vanish.

Don’t worry, in a year or two the nuclear winter will be wonderful. And then credit card bonuses will seem quaint. 🙂

Well it begins already.
Chase has lowered one from 100k to 50k

I think we are entering easy money no regulations hot economy. Banks are going to make amazing profits and thus we would see BEST credit card offers we have seen in last many years. Also new prepaid cards will come to market which will rival bluebird/Redbird.

Happy Days are here again and party like its 1999!

I’ve only been visiting this site for about 6 months but I find much of the content to be very unbiased, which is nice. This is a great alternative to the TPG/BoardingArea type of blogs (which I also check out daily). I’ve gotten lots of value from the tons of deals you post! As others have said, please keep up the great work!

With interest rates going up we’ll see bank bonuses and prepaid reloadable cards to disappear, will see more interest earning checking accounts (free cash advance), rewards debit cards. Less credit card bonuses, more sweepstakes, more lotteries.

Your site will be accessed by paid subscription, reddit/churning will be killed by “how to get xxx travel credit” or “what is my next card/step”, Dansdeals will be bought by Diamond Exchange. Amazon will open its own University and transfer students between campuses by drones and give out course grades with Amazon credits. “Welcome to Amazon! We love you!”.:)

I think if the Personal plat combined the recent perks and gave both 5x on airfare, 1.5x on big purchases and 50% back on MR redemptions it’d be a keeper. That’d be 10% back on flights, 3% back on big purchases, double bonuses on all MR cards. You’d need to do some spending to make it worthwhile, but not that much.

I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and I love it! It’s the only one I check daily and sometimes more than once a day. Thanks for everything and keep up the great work!

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