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New Way To Bypass Chase 5/24

A reader (who wants to name anonymous, but is well over 5/24) shared a way they were able to bypass the Chase 5/24 rule on business card applications. The method is pretty simple, basically it seems that if your application is put through by a business relationship manager (BRM) they go through to a special business lending department and they do not deny based on 5/24.

It should be noted that not all branches have a business relationship manager, technically you’re also supposed to have business revenue of $500,000+ as well. That being said, readers have been able to get BRM’s to put their applications in even if they don’t meet this requirement.

It gets even better though, because if a BRM does put your application in then you’re also eligible for these bonuses:

Being a Chase Private Client used to by pass the 5/24 rule, but Chase removed this ability so I imagine this work around won’t last for ever. Let’s not ruin this for each other, try to be discreet in applying for these cards and please don’t waste time with the BRM or cause a scene if it’s not possible. As always, please share your data points and experiences in the comments below.

A few other things to note:

  • You can’t call regular reconsideration on these applications as only the specialized lending group can handle these applications

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So I was denied cuz of 5/24 after applying through a BRM. If I can’t call regular reconsideration, what do I do?

Awesome! I’m about due for a new cc.

Thanks for the tip!! You are the best DoC and you deserve lots and lots of ads revenue and I wish you never run out of toilet paper for the rest of your life.

I already contacted my branch and got my BRM’s phone number. I’ll be contacting her tomorrow.

Anyway a newbie business person such as myself could get thru to get a credit line even tho I currently have a poor credit score due to illness and identity theft??

This seems like a way to bypass the 5/24 restriction only. I’d assume you’d still have to qualify credit-wise.

So if you would get denied even if you were 0/24, you’re probably going to get denied with this route.

So it bypasses it for this application and since it’s a business card Chase shouldn’t count it as another card on 5/24, correct?

Might also be helpful to trim excess credit lines so that won’t be a factor in holding up an approval.

I was able to shift some credit in opening my Marriott Business from my two Inks. I have some personal cards with more credit than I may need so it was initially denied. They don’t move credit from personal to business to open a card.

Thx for this and all your great posts! How could I get a BRM?

Will Chase be a picky as say Hancock Whitney. Is there any proof of business required? Any insight on questions an applicant would be asked?

I can’t take advantage of this at the moment owing to below average credit.
However, I just wanted to say, Great Job Will!! for a) finding this and b) sharing it.

Is there a way to tell if a branch has a BRM? If so, how do we find his/her name?

Call the branch and ask whether there’s a BRM serving in the branch

You jumped to some big conclusions here on 1 data point. I emailed chuck about it.

Very nice.
Personally I don’t have a need for a new card at this moment, but nevertheless, thanks so much for this post!

We love you doc

Can you only apply business cards through BRM?
Either way, good job and thank you for this info.
Despite the plethora of travel blogs, you guys always manage to come through with unique info.

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