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Chase INK Cash $500 In-Branch Offer Starting March 12 [Update Inside]

Important update: These offers will be available to business managed customers, these customers are managed by business relationship managers and as such most readers will NOT be eligible for these offers.

The Offer

  • Beginning March 12, the signup bonus on the Chase INK Cash will be $500 after spending $3,000 within three months.

This change is for branch applications only. The online offer will remain the same at $200 or $300.

[Image removed at the request of Chase]


Card Details

  • No annual fee

Card earns at the following rates:

  • 5% cash back on the first $25,000 spend in combined purchases at office supply stores and on cellular phone, landline, internet and cable TV services each account anniversary year
  • 2% cash back on the first $25,000 spend in combined purchases at gas stations & restaurants
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases

Our Verdict

The INK Cash is on-and-off at $300 in-branch, but a $500 offer is very rare for a no-annual-fee card. This is the first time I recall a public offer at that rate, though it’s limited to branch-only applications.

Note the picture above indicates that the $500 offer will be a targeted offer only available to Business Managed customers. I’m pretty sure (but not positive) this just means that you’ll need a dedicated business banker to get the offer for you; not all Chase bankers deal with business products.

Applying in-branch might sound like a drag, but the truth is that for many of use our only hope is to go to a branch and see if we got pre-approved for the card since the INK Preferred card is effected by 5/24. Check out these 23 things to know about Chase credit card before applying.

Also noted in the photo above is that the INK Preferred card will increase on March 12. We wrote about that in a dedicated post. Hopefully, if you go into a branch you’ll be pre-approved for at least one of these cards.

Huge thanks goes to D. who let us know about this. Please send us tips and info to or or both. Thanks.

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once this offer is available, will sm chase to see if chase may match for a 2-mo old acct that was previously opened online; any chance chase would match, doc?

Damn it. I just applied couple days ago!!(online)
Pics there anyway I can match the offer

I want to avoid paying the chase ink plus yearly fee. Can i downgrade my card to chase ink cash with no fee.. Apart from the threshold of 25000 any other drawbacks by doing the donwgrade ?

The biggest differences are the $50k spending limit instead of $25k, and the ability to transfer UR points to airlines. Of course, you can keep a single UR-earning card, even an AU card.

Some people have had luck calling to downgrade. I was told I had to re-apply, and then was promptly denied. After three tries I called and asked to be escalated to a team that could downgrade.

I guess I’ve never paid attention before. .. are these cease and desists new?

What cease & desist? They just politely asked us to remove the image, it didn’t add much so we removed it.

Imho, it added flavor, color, and the following: “these targeted offers are only available to Business Managed customers, and will not be on chase com, not in the Business Solutions Guide, or on the Business Placemat.”

Try to make it clear these are only available to business managed customers.

It is possible to submit an application for this by email. You request the paper application for the Ink Cash from your BRM. You fill it out. They send it in by secure fax to the specialty lending group. You don’t need to go into a branch if you use this method. This method also bypasses 5/24. You might suggest to your BRM that you want to do the paper application remotely (by email).

How do you contact your BRM by email?

I;ll probably go into. on the website it saids we have BRM in my local chase.

When there a few times and talked to the manger before, not sure if shes a BRM lol.
No idea about the CPC and if our branch has it, until recently

also when does these BRM offers expire?

Correct. My understanding is you become a BRM client after submitting a paper app. So it’s the chicken and the egg. Only non-BRM people would want this offer but they’re not eligible. And if they had a BRM, they wouldn’t need the offer.

The Chase Ink Business Cash Visa card $500 bonus after spending at least $3000 in the first 90 days from the account establishment date IS available when applying online. doesn’t mention anything about going into a branch.
You probably need to have a TIN (tax ID number), and a legitimate business, even if it’s only a part-time business pursuit to supplement other income.

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