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Published on March 8th, 2016 | by William Charles


Quizzle Switches To TransUnion From Equifax Without Informing Users

Quizzle is a free credit monitoring site that gives you a free credit score (VantageScore version three) and also informs of you any major changes to your credit (e.g new application or late payment). When they originally launched they offered this information based on your Experian credit report, in 2014 they changed to Equifax and notified users by e-mail of this change.

quizzle transunion

They are now using data based on your TransUnion credit report, but failed to let users know about this change (and there is no mention of it in any press releases or on their blog). There are a lot of other free credit monitoring sites, such as:

  • Credit Karma – provides information based on your on Equifax & TransUnion credit report
  • – provides information based on your Experian credit report
  • Credit Sesame – provides information based on your on TransUnion credit report
  • WisePiggy – provides information based on your on TransUnion credit report
  • Mint – provides information based on your on Equifax credit report
  • WalletHub – provides information based on your on TransUnion credit report

As you can see, the majority of these sites provide information based on your TransUnion report, this is because TransUnion is the cheapest provider of this information. It’s also probably why Quizzle didn’t announce this change, they know it’s largely seen as a negative (as it’s so easily to get the same information from other credit monitoring sites). As we’ve said before, I think the best combination of these sites is Credit Karma &, as then you have all three nationwide consumer reporting agencies covered.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that most credit card issuers now provide you with a free FICO score, FICO scores are used in 90% of lending decisions so it’s usually a better indication of your overall credit health than a VantageScore.

On the bright side, Quizzle will now update your score quarterly rather than only twice a year. Still this is a negative change and it’s a shame that Quizzle didn’t think that it was worth informing their users about.

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They are now nearly identical to except for the fact mybankrate updates every week rather than every quarter.

Quizzle has effectively become useless.


Useless – Unless you want to be solicited for a mortgage refinance?

I suspect Mint will be next to switch to TransUnion…

Matt S
Matt S

From what I can see, never gives me more than a FAKO Experian score. Any attempt to navigate my report takes me to an Experian pay for service ad. Unless I’m missing something, let’s add to the useless category.


i dont subscribe/pay for my monitoring so i find creditkarma and really useful. i specifically like the’s ‘credit inquiries’ tab so im able to check/verify my hard pulls, albeit monthly basis. it also shows 12/24 mos of inquiries and latest inquiry. creditkarma gives more info (i wish they add experian – esp. for inquiry tracking) like opened dates, quick view of utilizations, changes in limits, etc. credit inquiries also updates correctly (as well as wallethub – they both sent an email within like 3 hrs of Transunion inquiry). credit sesame’s inquiry update is unreliable. it’s a hit-or-miss. bottomline, if you don’t have a paid monitoring service, these 2 free services are quite helpful if you want a ‘quick-view’ of your 3 credit reports (weekly TU & EQ – creditkarma / monthly EX –


Hi Matt. offers two different scores. Both are available free to their subscribers. One of them is the Vantage 3.

My guess is that the guys here at DoC are recommending the Karma/ solution because that way you can see a single consistent model (V3) across all three bureaus.

But if a person doesn’t find that helpful (because they want to see the FICO 8 Classic score, for example) then they shouldn’t go that route.

You can also use the EX summary to infer a lot of helpful information about your EX report. For example, the other day I had paid off a big CC balance and I wanted to make sure that the payoff had registered at all three bureaus. shows me my total CC debt (as reported to EX) so I was able to see that the account must have reported as $0.

Matt S.
Matt S.

Please disregard my first comment, everyone. After reading the other comments, I realized that there are two scores offered by including Vantage Score, which doesn’t show up on the launch screen. When I maximize the details of that score, I see a summary report for Experian similar to what Credit Karma offers for Equifax and Transunion. That completely changes my outlook on My mistake, and thanks everyone!

Don L

Received email that Quizzle is closing down.

“Quizzle is closing shop on Novem‍ber 1‌6th to join the Bankrate team.

Your account will be accessible until Novem‍ber 1‌6th. After that, all current Quizzle services will be shut down. For your protection, all accounts and private information will be erased from existence, never to be seen again. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take any action.”

Want you to transition to the Bankrate product

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