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Complete List Of Places To Get Free FICO Scores

There is an updated version here.

Here are all of the ways to get a free FICO score, FICO scores are used in 90% of all lending decisions. If you want a FAKO score (the general name given to a score not used by lenders) then we suggest using one of the free credit monitoring sites (such as: Quizzle, Credit Karma or Credit Sesame). We also let you know the type of FICO score they offer.

Openly Available

Discover recently launched a new website called This offers everybody (no need to be a Discover cardholder) access to a free Experian FICO score. It’s updated the later of every thirty days or when you log in. More information here.

Credit Cards

A number of credit cards now offer free FICO scores for card holders. This is part of the FICO open access program. The following cards offer free scores:

American Express

More information link

American Express is currently doing a pilot program, FICO scores are available to some selected cardholders. It’s not possible to participate in this program unless you were chosen. This score is based on your Experian data, we’re currently unsure on the specific model they are using.

Bank of America

More information link

They will offer free FICO scores to cardholders “later this year”. Not sure what model or credit bureau they will be used.


More information link.

All Barclays cards come free FICO scores, they all use the same scoring model which is TransUnion Classic Risk Score 2008 (TU-08). These scores update at least every 60 day.


More information link 

Chase offer free FICO scores to their Chase Slate cardholders (and have no plans to roll this out to any other credit cards). This is an Experian classic 2008 model (EX-08) and is updated once monthly. If you don’t have access to the credit monitoring dashboard (which is where you can see your score) simply call the number on the back of your card to request it.


More information link

Citi uses the Equifax bankcard enhanced 2008 model. You’ll be able to access these free scores if you have a consumer Citi / AAdvantage credit card, there are two exclusions:

  • Business credit card holders will not have access to this score
  • Citi Prestige credit card holders will also not have access to this score


More information link.

First National Bank Omaha

More information link.

All of their cards  come with a free FICO score. They are offering an Experian Bankcard Enhanced FICO score 2008 ((EX-08 bankcard enhanced, range of 250-900). Click here to view all cards that FNBO offers (there are a lot more than this, as they offer a lot of co-branded cards not listed there).

Huntington Bank

More information link

They only offer one credit card: Huntington Voice (you can pick your own 3% cash back category) and this comes with a free Equifax FICO Score. It has a range of 300-850, meaning it is a classic score but we are unsure on which version it is (most likely 2008).

Only available in the following states: Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania & West Virginia.


More information link.

All of their cards come with a free FICO NextGen score based on Equifax data. This score is updated whenever PenFed requests a new score for risk analysis purposes.

Merrick Bank

More information link.

Both of the non secured credit cards offered by Merrick Bank come with a free monthly FICO score. Unfortunately you need to be invited to apply for one of these cards. The FICO score they offer is a TransUnion Bankcard Enhanced FICO 2008 score (TU-08 Bankcard enhanced,range of 250-900). Click here to view Merrick Bank credit cards.


More information link.

All PSECU credit cards come with a free FICO score. You must be a resident of Pennsylvania to become a member of this credit union. They offer a Experian Classic Risk Score 2004 (EX-04).


More information link.

Wells Fargo

More information link

All Wells Fargo cards come with a free FICO Bankcard Score 2 based on Experian data. Unlike the classic score, this FICO score has a range of 250-900 (classic is 300-850). Only available via the app currently. Wells Fargo deposit account holders receive access to their FICO 9 score as well.

Bank Accounts

DCU Checking

More information link.

If you have a DCU checking and you have either a DCU credit card or receive a direct deposit into your checking account you’ll receive a free Equifax Classic Risk Score 2008 (EQ-08). You need to be a member to apply for this checking account.

[Read: How To Join DCU Credit Union]

Partners 1st

This credit union offers a free TransUnion FICO score, we’re unsure of the exact type they offer. You must be a member to receive this score. Click here for more eligibility requirements.


More information link.

All of their checking accounts come with a free FICO NextGen score based on Equifax data. This score is updated whenever PenFed requests a new score for risk analysis purposes.

Save and Invest

More information link.

Save and Invest offers two different FICO scores: TransUnion Classic Risk Score 1998 (TU-98) and Equifax Classic Risk Score 2004 (Eq-04) to active military members and their spouses in partnership with myFICO.

Unitius Community Credit Union

More information link.

If you have a unitius checking account, are enrolled for estatements and have one of the following: Credit Card, Vehicle Loan, Personal Loan, Home Equity Loan/Line, or Mortgage Loan with Unitius you are eligible for a free Equifax Classic 2004 FICO score (EQ-04).

Auto Loan

Ally Auto

Ally Auto Financing now provides its customers with Experian Auto 2 FICO score, they only update this score quarterly rather than monthly though.

Hyundai & Kia

If you enroll in the “College Grad” programs offered by Hyundai Motor Finance or Kia Motors Finance then you can get free access to your FICO score which will be updated on a quarterly basis. You can find more about their college grad programs at the following links:

Through Adverse Action

If you are denied for credit or are given less than favorable terms, the lender must provide you with a notice of adverse action. This notice must contain the reason as to why you were denied or offered less than favorable terms, in most cases one of the reasons why you will be denied is because of your credit score. As such lenders must tell you the credit score they used and the range of that score. Because 90% of lenders use the FICO scoring algorithm the chances you’ll receive your FICO score is quite high. The type of score you receive will be dependent on what the lender used in their decision. It should be noted that this is a terrible way to check your score, as it requires you being denied for a loan or credit card before you can view your score.

By Applying For A Mortgage

When you apply for a mortgage, the lender must provide you with all the scores they used in the decision making process. Most lenders will pull all three of your credit reports (and scores) when you apply for a mortgage, meaning you’ll get a score from Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Obviously applying for a mortgage just to get your FICO score is pointless, you should fine out what your scores are before you apply for such a big loan and it’s one of the few times we suggest actually paying for and getting access to all three of your scores.

Through Your Student Loan

Sallie Mae offers a free TransUnion FICO score to borrowers who have a loan disbursed in the 2014-2015 academic year.


State Employees Credit Union of North Carolina

You must have an active lending relationship with SECU to qualify. The score is based on your Equifax credit score and is updated on a quarterly basis (around February 15th, May 15th, August 15th and November 15th). More information can be found here.  They use the FICO classic 2008 model. (EQ-08). Know of any that I missed? Let me know in the comments. This post was originally posted on the 18th of February, 2014. We keep this page regularly updated, which is why it has been reposted to the front page.

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Great summary, like always 😉
I wasn’t really aware that Citi offers a free Fico score. Just looked it up but it’s almost 2 months old which is quite useless. Although the good thing is that it’s an Equifax score, which seems to be quite uncommon to attain otherwise if you’re not a CU member.

What about including Capital One credit cards? For example, Capital One Quicksilver Rewards offers a free TransUnion score.


The CapitalOne Credit Tracker score is actually a FAKO.

Your free Credit Tracker score from TransUnion is a good reference point for your current credit standing. This informational/educational score is not used for credit or lending decisions.

Your Credit Tracker score is calculated based on the TransUnion New Account Model. The model utilizes information in your TransUnion credit report, which may include your bill pay history, amount of available credit, number and age of open accounts, recent credit activity, etc. Credit Tracker provides an educational score courtesy of TransUnion, one of three nationwide credit bureaus, and uses only credit report information from the TransUnion database.

Lenders use many scoring models to calculate your credit score. All these methods take into account key factors, including your history of on-time payments and credit report details, to measure how likely you are to repay a loan. Your Credit Tracker score is based on the TransUnion New Account Model and is intended for consumer informational purposes only.

Good work William.

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[…] decided to create it and then this blog grew organically from there (credit cards started offering free FICO scores, I didn’t like the biased information about secured credit cards […]

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US Bank also offers a free FICO score, although it launches a separate browser window that opens TransUnion’s CreditView Dashboard and requires separate credentials. It uses the VantageScore 3.0 model (0 – 850). I noticed that the score here for both me and my wife was about 35 points lower than those from Amex, BofA, Barclay, Citi and Discover. It is close to the FICO score that CapitalOne provides through the CreditWise site they also launch separately (but no separate credentials required there) and also uses the Vantage Score 3.0 model. At least these are closer than the FICO score from PenFed, which uses the Score NG 2 model from Equifax.

[…] previously possible to access your Experian FICO score for free (through Discover for everybody and other card issuers for their cardholders) and monitor your Experian credit report through Experian have now made both of these […]

BankAmerica uses the TransUnion Fico-8 score.

I am posting because I need some advice.

My son, who has Chase credit cards, receives their “FICO” score monthly and I look at it occasionally because he rents my home out of state and I want to see if he is doing alright with credit card use (yes, I have permission) because some day he will want to move out and spread his wings and maybe, even stop using our car, as well (smile goes here)! So, I try to monitor his credit score as he will need to use it for apartment hunting and car purchasing in the future.

According to Chase, he is at 748.

IN the breakdown, his utilization percentage is high and when I look at his actual use, it’s in the $16K range. That doesn’t make sense as he is an authorized user on very few of my accounts and I don’t have that kind of running balances on the few he does share with me (at one time AMEX would give the AU recognition for shared credit histories).

I am an AU on his BOA TR Visa, but I keep that balance very low or paid off because the CL stands at $1500 only.

Except for one balance with CHASE (not shared with me) that is a bit high but nowhere near $16K, there is no explanation for why his dollar utilization balances are so high. I have gone thru with banks on the phone in the past to remove him as an AU on my accounts. Do you think the credit bureau is just not efficient in that category when it comes to account monthly updates?

As for maybe he has other accounts I don’t know about, I can advise, not possible. His church teaches debt free lifestyle lessons and since he is one of the sound techs, he gets to listen in and he tells me he wants to go to all cash. This is repeated to me frequently. It will take time, of course.

There are very savvy peeps and analysts here who do more than just MS. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance for replies.

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