Posted by William Charles on January 8, 2015
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Published on January 8th, 2015 | by William Charles


RadPad (Pay You Rent With Debit/Credit Cards) Now Free For All Debit Card Transactions

We’ve written about RadPad before, which is a service that allows you to pay your rent using a debit or credit card. Previously RadPad was charging a fee of $4.95 to pay your rent with a debit card (on rents up to $5,000) and a 2.99% fee for credit cards. The $4.95 fee was waived on debit card transactions for your first month as well.

Last night people began receiving e-mails letting them know that RadPad was no longer charging this $4.95 fee on debit card transactions. Their website has also been updated and this $4.95 debit card fee is no longer mentioned.


Some people have been complaining about the amount of time it takes to verify your account and your landlord, but let’s hope this keeps fraud rates low so they can continue to offer this service. Just keep in mind that if your rent is due soon, it might not arrive in time so give yourself some leeway. You might also be interested in debit cards that earn rewards, some of which will work with this service.

Hat tip to reader David for letting us know about this.

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Can I use two VGC with pins as debit cards


Wow, Radpad made tons of sense for me, even with the debit fee. Fee free? Yes please!


I have the same question as Jason!

Harlan V.

Cool deal, thank you for posting!

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