Recap: Bus Lies, Secret Password & More


  • eGifter now has Vanilla Visa gift cards. Unfortunately maximum denomination is $100 and fee is $5.95.
  • I understand a property not honoring elite status given the change of ownership, but the fact the stays don’t count towards elite status even though they were booked when they were in the program doesn’t feel right to me.

Regular posting should commence over the next few days. Thanks to Chuck for keeping the blog updated in my absence. I did try to post via mobile (this Starbucks post took me way longer than I’d like to admit) before giving up.

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The Kimpton secret password is a really charming promotion.


Whew yeah that was a crap study about buses.

I’d second your suggestion to consider buses just the same though. Substantially cheaper, and after you consider time to get to an airport, buffer time to be early, time to deplane and get out of airport and then time to get from airport to city center, often comparable to if not faster than flying for shorter distances.