Posted by William Charles on August 14, 2018

Published on August 14th, 2018 | by William Charles


Starbucks Summer Game Boardwalk – Win One Of Three Million Prizes – Get Free Plays

I’ve added additional directions on getting free plays as apparently it wasn’t clear enough previously.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Starbucks has launched a summer game called Boardwalk. Basically it’s a virtual board game and you can receive plays two ways:
    • Make a purchase (before 2PM gets you one play and after 2PM gets two plays. Up to a maximum of three plays per day)
    • Submit the entry form (again you can do this once for before 2PM option and one again for after 2PM option for a maximum of three plays per day). This gives you free plays. You can also go to the form directly here

The Fine Print

  • Valid until 9/10/18
  • Keep in mind you need to pay taxes on prizes you win
  • Beverage credits expire daily

Our Verdict

For Starbucks fans you might as well get the three free plays every day, free drinks for 10 years is pretty good but even getting some bonus stars/free drinks is useful as well.

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Really? No mention of the free play method that we use every time a Starbucks game rolls around? How come?

Can you elaborate?

This time is strictly pay-to-play. You can’t even get free entries by mailing in a postcard.

Buy something after 2 PM local time for 2x entries.

Ummmm… you can play for free. Click on the link above and look around – it is pretty simple. I have gotten nine free plays so far

The daily sweepstake entries are free. You still need to make purchases to collect game pieces for the boardwalk.

I am getting three free plays a game on the boardwalk game, and I collect tickets from this. Are we talking about different things?

Click on Menu how to play and below that you will see a link called ‘To enter without making a purchase’ , that will take you to a form , fill the form and you will get an email with link to activate game play:

or use this link to get to form directly:

Thanks for this!

Sadly, grand prizes are not free at all (like most sweepstakes.) Good luck with the taxes on $18,337.95 if you win the grand prize, heck, winners all the way down to free drinks for 6 months will get a 1099.

the $18k should be stretched over 10 years. unless they load your account up with the number of stars for 10 years worth of drinks immediately, then you get taxed on what benefits you receive in a given year. lotto winners who take the annuity pay taxes spread over that time period, not all when they hit the jackpot

Waaah. Have some wine with your whine. No one is forcing you to play.

You can also dispute the tax liability amount. That’s just a made up number Starbucks uses to lower what they pay in taxes. You can file a form with the IRS to use a more accurate number.

What irs form number allows us to do this?

Where can I find the terms? Seems to me some sweepstakes do cover the tax for us.

“Beverage credits expire daily.” >>>>>>Epic Failure!

Epic comment. Not.

Pretty impressed that when they say free drinks for 10 years, they actually mean one drink per day for 10 years as opposed to a lesser gimmick.

In other words 3,650 Frappuccinos? I’d be dead very quickly.

You can get a skinny latte if you prefer

hmm, says I’m ineligible to play.

If I win ten years of drinks, i’ll buy doc one

What is the use/purpose of the Souvenirs?

Wondering that myself. I don’t see any mention of them in the official rules.

To make you feel better about losing.

Toad is right

I was able to play 3 times for free this morning. I wonder if the “before 2 and after 2” is truly hard-coded into the game.

Same, they are different “awards” and you can do both

After 2 gets you 2 plays, before 2 gets you 1 play. So you should get 3 plays every day (assuming you use them every day).

Edit: You can get the free plays at any time of the day. No need to get the “before 2” actually before 2 and the “after 2” actually after 2…thinking that might be what you meant.

For the grand prize, credit for “1 free beverage item”, can this credit be used for a food item like a sandwich? I know previous Starbucks games, you can redeem for food item, what about this one?

Anyone know what are the rare pieces this time?

Not sure if I was the only one who was fooled by this shitty company via the “obvious-a-trap” sniping game board. I was playing the game the day before yesterday and I clearly remember I was just waiting for any free drink card to come then I get the free drink for whatever long time. U know what, luckily I saw the card was a “10 years free” card (three is a win) and was about to get super excited, then suddenly it just fucking CHANGED to the only card that I don’t have any yet, i.e. “Duplicate Card” (three for a free spin) and thus don’t win anything!!! WTF??!! I just cannot believe this fucking annoying situation happened and happened to me. I’ll fight for this for sure and sue Starbucks for being so fucking coward and unfair. That was actually my second time caught them cheating on the game, first time was I got an email saying the “fish” I picked was 10 bonus starts BEFORE I even decide which fish to pick/click, after checking the email, I just randomly clicked a fish then indeed was 10 bonus stars, it kinda confirmed my assumption as well as their fact of cheating in the game. Luring customers to make more purchases and play those contrived games then use some algorithm to prevent customers from winning the biggest prizes. Nice algorithm!! Good job!! Starbucks ought to go fucking broke!!

Same happened here more than five times!!!! not only the “10 years” one, all other free drinks cards change. I’ve already collected 2 “10 years” cards, 2 “5years”, 1″1year””6month”and”3month”. all I need is one more card, no matter what, then i can win the free drink. There were 2 time “10 years free drink” card changed to “collect to spin again” card, “5year” “1year” and “3month” cards changed once for each. i’m getting really mad. I mean, it’s sweepstakes, it can be fake, never can win the free drinks, but their program sucks!!! Wondering who did the coding…. I can exactly see the moment the card changes to another one……. poor system…..

The rule is that generally there’s a handful of rare pieces and most pieces are common. They should display the common piece first and switch to rare rather than psych people out.

Same is here. Playing every day last few weeks and one card missing for all free drinks. They could do better.

My total haul was 115 stars and a 50% off frap coupon. I played basically every other day, when I remembered. Not bad. I got many 10 stars and one 25 star prize.

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