Posted by William Charles on October 20, 2018

Published on October 20th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: Expedia Travel Packages, AmEx Revenue Boost & More


Deals expiring at the end of today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals expiring at end of tomorrow:

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Personally I’m not a fan of the bald thoughts blog. I always thought his attitude was unnecessarily elitist and disparaging towards budget travel. Now I find out that he is (was) a 200k/year finance guy. More reasons to not read his blog I guess.

Sorry you feel that way, Ray. It’s no secret that I love to spoil myself with travel in Business or First Class and stay at Five-Star resorts. But that only happens a couple times a year.

A majority of my flights are on Southwest Airlines and most of my hotel stays are at places like Residence Inn, Embassy Suites, and timeshares because I love the extra space for my family, free breakfast, and kitchen to save money on food.

My approach has always been to find ways to save so that families of every income class can afford to travel and create awesome memories.

Staples MCGC begins, not ends, tomorrow doesn’t it?

Probably should add the 1% Ally Bank bonus since 10/21 is the last day to apply.

I’m not familiar with Amex Platinum changes and which other cards it may have drawn users from, but part of Amex Gold changes (which are too new for Amex to have done analysis on the effects of them yet, I would think) is that they may draw from OTHER Amex cards. In my case, I shifted all my grocery spending from Everyday to Gold, so if they just look at Gold by itself, it looks my spending increased, but if they look at my grocery purchases over all Amex cards, they’ll see it’s the same as before. (My restaurant purchases did move some from other banks to Amex, though.)

Of course, Amex may get higher fees from the merchant when I use my Gold card than when I use my Everyday card, I’m not sure.

No. All Amex cards carry the same interchange fees unlike Master and Visa.

Yoni - 'Bear down'
Yoni - 'Bear down'

I wonder if it will remain a long term gain for Amex as Millennials have been accused of killing dining at chains – which tend to accept all cards.

Honestly how many place that peddle Avocado Toast and Sliders take Amex – exception is Square for card services – the problem I noticed too often with Square processing w/ CSR & Amex is they often don’t code as dining. I’m an older GenX.

I got the new Gold card -ATM we have Amex biz cards mainly and DW has a Pt atm. Finding the Grocery and Dining far less valuable than I thought I would (as seeing mobile pay not earning 4X which is disappointing (but plastic does).

– We rarely used Amex when eating out before but several times since getting Gold card I had to use Visa to pay – so Amex will have to convert more small businesses/and hipster/Millennials eatery’s/food carts -PDX is a bit of foodie haven.

Our local Kroger affiliate codes as superstore/warehouse.

With AF 2nd year T&C should be $195 hopefully will see improvement with acceptance.

I’m a Merchant Services Client with my Bank and Amex has gone way out of their way to try to get us to accept Amex.

They’ve sent several emails, called and told us the benefits of Amex acceptance, sent us free signage showing we accept Amex etc. Even a $50 Merchant Services Credit after our first Amex transaction…I’m assuming this is what they’re doing with all Merchant Services Clients.

AmEx can directly send you more AmEx-promoting materials, too.

Thanks buddy! It was a little scary making the move, but totally worth it. I hope that my story inspires others to build a plan and make important changes in their lives to place family and health first over the corporate life.

The most stressful thing people can do to themselves is get married and have kids. Your life and options are very constrained once you go that route.

HAHA somewhat true. But people who are married also live longer. I waited until my mid-30s to get married because I wanted to build my career and establish a solid financial base. When my Dad passed away at 75 and my boy was only 11 months old, I regretted waiting so long to start a family.

Right, and the least stressful thing is a bullet to the head. Yet tens of millions more go the marriage route than the suicide route each year. Why is that? Is there, perhaps, satisfaction or fulfillment that you wouldn’t otherwise obtain?

If your life is purely about how you can satisfy our most pressing desires immediately, marriage is not for you. But then, truly, life is not for you. If you’re more long-term and goal oriented, marriage and kids is the way to go. I say that as a married 25 year old with a second child on the way.

Long commutes are the worst and are linked to a myriad of health problems, but anyone making $200k can afford to live as close as they want.

You would think so, but pretty much anywhere in LA is an hour commute. My buddy lived in West LA and his commute of 5 miles was often more than an hour. My commute was more tolerable because I took the train. If I had to drive that every day, I would have left within the first 5 years.

Wow, your buddy should have just biked the 5 miles.

Seriously. Hard to date that way though. “Do you mind riding on the handlebars?” HAHA

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