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[Expired] Staples: $5 off $200 Mastercard Gift Card [10/21-10/27]

Deal has expired, view more Staples deals here.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer  (next week’s ad page 6)

  • Purchase a $200 Mastercard gift card at Staples stores between Sunday, 10/21, and Saturday, 10/27, and get a $5 instant discount.

The Fine Print

  • Valid 10/21/18–10/27/18.
  • The Mastercard® Gift Card is issued by U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International.
  • Limit 1 per customer.

Our Verdict

In previous fee-free offers, the limit-1 per transaction wasn’t actually enforced. I’d guess that with this $5-off offer it will be enforced, we’ll see. (Update: I’ve seen conflicting data points on whether the system is enforcing a limit of one $5 discount per transaction when more than one card is purchased.) Deal is also slight worse than the fee-free deal since the fee on a $200 card is $6.95.

As always, this deal works better with an INK Cash/Plus card or with Amex SimplyCash. Alternatively, there’s a Bank Amerideals offer some have. There’s also an Amex Offer on business cards with 10% off for the daring. Probably some more stacks too, but I’m drawing a blank at the moment.


Tip of the hat to Milestomemories

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Are these able to be loaded onto bluebird at wal-mart?

Only if you are lucky!

I tried loading to bluebird twice early on and I couldn’t get the “change payment” method to work. I have either skipped on MCGCs or just paid for the MOs at grocery stores since.

I should buy one and give it another try at WM since the Staples in my area is right next door to the WM.

I have always bought MO @ WM but I did notice that you have to swipe the card before they enter the amount first or you won’t be shown the “change payment” option to switch it to credit. Might be helpful if you try to load @ WM

You could also use the MCGC as the last swipe (remaining balance due) when purchasing a wally’s MO. Easier to change payment since the clerk doesn’t have to do anything special. I usually use 3 VGC and one MCGC in the MO purchase.

+1. Best way if you have just a few MCs to bleed off, minimizes confusion & error behind the WM counter.

My WM actually asks if it’s VGC or MCGC just to speed up the process :p They’re kind of happy when I say Visa

veeRob or Michelle could you explain this technique to using MCGC at Wally’s (I assume Wally = Walmart)?

Just FYI, they usually still have to hit total at some time for the last card and if you don’t swipe before they hit total it will do the same thing if they put the amount in too soon on the first few cards

Shawn D can you explain the bluebird method using a MCGC?

I’ve never successfully done it. If I ever get it right I’ll let you know.

I don’t have an INK card but I noticed that my CSR has 4points/$1 bonus points at staples so happy days!

bought 2 $100 2 months ago, havnt been able to use it (store or online) pain in axx

Mostly likely too lazy to call the number to get card properly activated. (Yes it is a pain to activate but never have problem once it activated)
Also these one sell in store is activated upon purchased (unlike the one from, Bought the Gift card 45 mins earlier from Staples store and use it 10 mins ago to refill a laundry card, no problem at all

What a joke. $5 really? It used to come with $20 rebate.

It was a $20 (later $15, later a Staples GC) for $300 worth. Most people bought 2X$200, so it was effectively a $10 (or $7.50) rebate per $200 card. You also had to submit the rebate (which is pretty painless with Staples) and wait a few weeks. If the rebate was a Staples GC, you had to figure out how to use that. I much prefer an instant rebate. This one isn’t as good as recent ones (VGC, no fee at all), but I’ll probably go for it.

I will probably pop in just to see whether the a**hole store manager hides all the $200 MCGC or not.

And he/she should! You’re taking money out of his/her pockets with this deal. /sarcasm

On the fence with this With an Ink card, it’s 1000 Chase points for $2. That’s a good deal, and I like my Chase points, but these $200s are a PITA these days. Most of my Walmarts won’t play and it’s awkward at grocery stores. I think I’ll wait for totally free to do any volume.

Given the potential hacking problem with MC, it’s wise to liquidate quickly, which generally precludes doing volume.

@Gerald Only if you don’t know what you are doing. I have not had any problems liquidating USB MCGCs.

Anybody have good luck using these to buy MO at Publix?

@Barry – Yep. No problem at Publix. I am a ‘regular customer’ at my local.

How many cards can you swipe each time at publix?

I have not tested the limit of swipes, however each store has a limit of $2000 per day/per person. I do my 10 swipes and then move along to the next store.

Thank you Len! I will have to try it. These go as debit with the last 4? Cashiers don’t take issue with the swipes?

Not last 4 like most VGCs. PIN is on a card inside the package.

Len, Can I ask what city you are in?

TPA area

I see the savings as:

$206.95 – $5 – $6 (BOA A/Deal) – $10% BOA customer. Mix in split payment with two BOA cards and return is sweetened with extra BOA TR redemption points doubled with preferred status. Liquidate per preference.

Total worth return less than $15.

jan. uve been in the game long enough to know ur return numbers are too ridiculously low. or are u saying $15 per $200 x multiple runs which would make ur cashback worth it?

theres a difference between churners and MSers. churners will use ur formula. if ur both, ur returns are exponentially more.

NINJAX. you sound like an imbecile with your dumb “cool” language. Please cut it out as there are grownups here.

What is “$10% BOA customer”, and why split payment with two BOA cards? (I know about the 10% up to $6, but it sounds like you’re talking about an additional thing.)

I went to Walmart in NJ to load gift card to Gobank today but they said they no longer accept gift card debit to load money but it seems like people are still doing it. How is it possible? Only the Bluebird works?

YMMV. Policy varies from store to store. Each store manager decides on policy.

Information Booth
Information Booth

I went into my local Staples and tried to split tender… the clerk told me that can’t be done for GC’S. Does anybody know if that’s true? John 3:16

how many can you buy for one shot?

depends how cool the cashier is.

I do believe this is true. A friendly clerk allowed me to attempt a split tender, but it gave an error message to try another form of payment.

bruh. u should already know thats not true. YMMV based on wannabe FBI CIA cashier.

It’s a ymmv, I went same store bought gift cards, some said no split payment, another day another cashier split 3 payments for me at same store. I think they changed system and most cashiers do not know how, so simply said no. Kind like CVS, some said no, some said yes for split payment, I knew it could be done, but I never argued with the no cashiers.

anyone tried multiples yet? Does the promo only work for separate transactions? I can I buy 10 in one transaction and get 5 off each?

Tried it both ways. Can confirm separate transaction triggered discount on each, while multiples in one transaction still only triggered one discount.

bought 2 on a same transaction. got $-5 for each

Does multiple cards in one transaction still trigger the discount as in the past?

it did for me. bought 2

Multiple cards works

such a simple deal.. Use a Chase Ink for a 10.00 profit -1.95 leftover fee..=$8.05 profit. And you can get 7 at 1 shot as I did this AM. Big deal on nothing here. Its a quick money makes. Thanks Doc/

Bought multiple in one transaction, got the discount on all of them

I’m steering clear of this offer for two reasons:

1) MasterCard gift cards from Staples are notorious for getting hacked and it’s a huge pain to deal with the company to try to get your money back. It happened to me once.

2) As we start nearing the end of the year, I’m guessing gift card deals will be more plentiful due to people giving gift cards as gifts. I’m gonna hold out for some Visas with no fee.

well… u know OD has the visa sale rite now rite?

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