Recap: Expedia & United Agree To New Contract, Amazon Search Algorithm Change & More


Deals starting/expiring at the end of today or starting today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals starting/expiring at end of tomorrow:

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Jack Jones
Jack Jones

I wouldn’t go see Taylor Swift period; I go to a concert to hear music, If I wanted to hear politics I would watch the Sunday morning news shows.


I am hoping that I will always be able to book directly with United without having to rely on Expedia in any way.


Amazon’s search algorithm is junk these.

Never find what I want anymore.


Expedia also locked up Marriott.

Not sure what it means moving forward, as it rarely makes sense to not direct book –

but moving forward without loyalty it may. Hotels. Com is a Expedia company

Expedia will become exclusive distributor of Marriott’s wholesale rates in October 15th.

 “Marriott and travel technology company Expedia Group announced a deal that makes Expedia the exclusive distributor of Marriott’s wholesale rates and availability starting Oct. 15. “