Posted by William Charles on September 7, 2018

Published on September 7th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: JetBlue Stacking, Discover New Card Designs & More

  • A JetBlue stacking opportunity hiding in plain sight? by Frequent Miler. This was one of those hidden in plain sight type of deals, I think it was in the comments on a lot of our JetBlue posts.
  • Regal Cinemas now lets you use your free tickets to book tickets in advance on the app.


Deals expiring at the end of today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals expiring at end of tomorrow:

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How cute though that’s not a Bichon… 🙂

What is TPG offering them?

A deal with the devil…. not worth selling a soul IMO.

TPG is probably offering a percentage of the credit card affiliation commission checks. Remember that the banks put restrictions on TPG site content to suite their marketing and promotion plans.

Never let a natural or man made disaster go to waste must hawk a CSP



If the Doctor of Credit even joins TPG, I’ll know this hobby is dead. 🙂

In addition to the 10% rebates on the 2 JetBlue cards stacking, which I’ve known for a while and used successfully multiple times; in the 1st year that I held both cards (which I got when they both launched) I also got double-DOUBLE anniversary bonuses. Instead of just a single 5k bonus points from 1 card, I got the 5k anniversary points on BOTH cards. Additionally, for whatever reason (probably a technical glitch), I was also awarded a 2nd 5k bonus points for each card. So I received 20k points total on my 2 cards’ anniversaries.

Sadly, that was my experience on my 1st year card anniversaries, whereas for my 2nd year card anniversaries which just passed a couple months ago, I only received 5k points each for a total of 10k. Barclays OR JetBlue must have caught the technical glitch and fixed it.

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