Posted by William Charles on July 7, 2018

Published on July 7th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: Leaving Miles In Will, ExxonMobil Bungled Rewards & More


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ExxonMobil story was great. Wow, Plenti set a high bar after all…

+1! I received my card the other day as well and am truly glad that I didn’t do anything yet as I often wait to see what will happen with others 1st.

Yeah, that’s what I thought when I got the mailer. At first, I thought that it can’t be that they are that dumb and I must have mistyped the URL — but nope. They Are That Dumb.

Once I reported a detailed bug in the speedpass+ app and got the response that their “engineers” came to the conclusion that it’s impossible and I’d be lying — they didn’t elaborate why they think I’d be lying or what they think I’d gain from doing so.

Later I learned that exxon has a very hostile work environment for software engineers and anybody who is not a total dope and can get a job anywhere else will do so — which explains a lot.

The article on miles after death was a great reminder, I didn’t know some transferred if you left instructions in your will. However- do no do the part where they suggest using a credit card in a dead person’s name! Or at least do it knowing you’re committing fraud.

How is it fraud if the dead person is an authorized user on MY account? I am responsible for all transactions to my account.

If the credit card company finds out the AU is being used without the permission of the AU they can close the account. You cannot have a dead person’s permission anymore. Maybe they never find out (likely, people ad pets all the time) so you’re fine. But if you have anybody else involved in the estate and they pull the dead person’s credit report (common because you need to know what the person is responsible for) and they see that card being actively used in the deceased’s name they can turn you in to the credit card company. Might even do it on accident trying to figure out what the account is, might do it on purpose in an attempt to lock you out the estate or just to give you a headache because they never liked you anyway. Don’t give them a chance to tie you up with lawyers or get you in trouble with your credit card company because you wanted a free airplane flight, that’s just idiotic.

First of all, I do not believe that one needs an AU’s permission for the primary cardholder to use the AU card. Second, you can have AU card that is not tied to the AU’s SSN and does not show up on the AU’s credit report.
For the name on the card being used to pay to match the name on the freq flyer account, I could easily create a serve sub-account and get a card in that name without all the “repercussions” you list above.

The view from the wing article kept auto directing me to some amazon gift card scam on mobile. Funny how the Exxon link speaks of just that.

I tried to save a safe copy with, but it doesn’t work with that site. The gist of it is, the hotel rewards programs will pretty much all transfer points to heirs (Marriott will only transfer to spouse/partner, not other heirs), but for airlines, only United and Aeroplan will officially transfer miles to heirs. Alaska and American can unofficially be convinced to transfer to heirs. And Delta and Southwest won’t transfer for anybody, so you shouldn’t tell them the account owner died, just use the deceased’s login to use up the miles yourself. For those that will transfer, they’ll want to see a copy of the will and the death certificate.

Hey Doc, this is a pretty good article from I would have to agree that the Amex Platinum is the best luxury card, even though, I just cancelled my Amex Platinum Mercedes-Benz yesterday. I did get a retention offer $150 credit (Spend $1.5K in 3 months). The centurion lounges are pretty amazing compared to AA and Delta lounges.

Currently, I have the Citi Prestige. Do you think Citi will update the card to better compete with Amex Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve?

The best travel credit card if you want luxury perks – CNBC

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