Posted by William Charles on May 3, 2018

Published on May 3rd, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: Lufthansa Error Fare Lawsuit, Chocolate Expert & More

  • Lufthansa wins big against “Error Fares” by Wandering Aramean. My issue with airlines complaining about error fares is that when a consumer makes an error when booking in most cases they have to pay prohibitively expensive change fees to fix their errors. If airlines want some level of tolerance for their own mistakes, that same courtesy should be extended to consumers. If an airline cancels error fare tickets within 24 hours of booking for example, most people don’t complain too much. It’s when it takes them days or even weeks to cancel tickets after other plans have already been made. Also it’s kind of ridiculous that six months jail time or a fine of €250,000 might apply in this case. Large corporations regularly have consumer data breached and get away with zero penalty yet German courts are willing to give such a harsh penalty for posting error fares?
  • Is a 4th Chase United Card Coming? by Rapid Travel Chai. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a United card at the $150 annual fee price point, Chase seems to be pushing towards this mid priced annual fee. For example with the Chase Southwest Premium card.


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And that is why I will never live in Europe. The idea of punish a company for promoting an airlines flight price is insane. Freedom of speech is a basic right of a free society

doc. you have good taste in hotties. especially the chocolate kind. let me know how your date goes. hope you get to taste a ton of her chocolates.

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