Posted by William Charles on May 26, 2018

Published on May 26th, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: Lyft Spending $100 Million On Hubs, Jabbrbox ‘Lounge’ & More

  • Just a heads up that there seems to be some issues with the app when activating, best to call in to activate currently.
  • Jabbrrbox: An airport lounge all to yourself by CNN Travel. $30 per hour seems exceptionally expensive, considering that even paid lounge access with no priority pass can usually be had for like $40 (or $27 with priority pass and no free passes) and that includes food & drinks.


  • Kimpton Secret Password Returns for Summer 2018: Three Words to Unlock Freebies by Mommy Points. Password is ‘out of office’ I wish people would just put that sort of thing in the title.
  • Lyft is spending $100M on new hubs for drivers by Curbed via Michael W Travels. I’m not surprised that Uber/Lyft are having driver retention issues given how poorly most drivers are paid. It’s a real issue considering they are sometimes spending upwards of $1,500 per driver on acquisition costs. I like that Lyft/Uber are seemingly placing more importance on drivers as the quality has definitely declined with the big push to make rides cheaper. On a more cynical note I imagine setting up these hubs is part of a long term plan for servicing autonomous vehicles as well.

Deals expiring at the end of today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals expiring at end of tomorrow:

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how is jabbrbox different than the old phone booths? Amazing the airports don’t already provide this service.

The thing is what viruses will they upload if I use their USB.

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