Recap: Sinemia Issues, Chase Perks & More


Deals starting/expiring at the end of today or starting today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals starting/expiring at end of tomorrow:

Here are some of the most popular posts from yesterday:

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Thanks for the link, Doc! It is interesting that, for the last hour or so, that post has received quite a bit of viewing activity from the Chase interweb site. So, at the very least, they are curious but I would hope they do make some significant changes to offset the United devaluation.


They could be keenly aware of it & already have worked it out. We thought the all time high offers on the business card were good- welp, maybe Chase got access to more points in prep for the big devaluation.


One of the comments to the Chase-United article reports that United has already started its devaluation. Summer flights from Newark to Frankfurt have risen from 60,000 to 70,000.